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  1. TheMailMan78

    [FS/FT][US] (SOLD) 16GB of DDR4 2666 for Sale.

    I got two sticks of ADATA XPG "Spectrix" D40 DDR4 RGB RAM for sale. Each stick is 8GB DDR4 2666, PC4-21300 Here is my Heat.. http://www.heatware.com/u/71698/to Asking $140.00 for both sticks. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal Only.
  2. TheMailMan78

    Microsoft Edge Link Problem

    For some reason clicking links in Microsoft Edge has stopped working. I can go to google type something in. Hit search and the second I click a link it freezes up and or "Page must be recovered". Every other browser works fine. I just did a new build and SEVERAL fresh OS installs and its the...
  3. TheMailMan78

    New W1zzard Vega Review

    I know this will probably not happen but, with all the newest revelations about Vega and AMD's bait and switch tactics with its new flagship GPU's I feel like W1zzards conclusion and price performance ratios are no longer accurate. Benches aside I feel like the reviews should be modified with...
  4. TheMailMan78

    Xbox X Discussion Thread

    This is what the title says! I just pre-ordered mine yesterday. Even got a hold of the "Project Scorpio" edition. Anyway I would like to keep this first post updated with all the latest goodies. Please feel free to contribute anything topic related! Right now I'm looking for what games are...
  5. TheMailMan78

    EA SUCKS. Everything about EA sucks.

    Ok first off let me start by saying I pretty much value my own decisions. By that I mean I don't expect sympathy when I make bad decisions. You have seen me take on countless threads because people made piss poor decisions. Well I made one myself by buying Battlefront two years ago. I tried like...
  6. TheMailMan78

    Console Question

    It just dawned on me that I have a PS3 and an Xbox One and I remember a few years back they said both would be able to fold/crunch on their downtime. Does anyone know if they followed through with it and if so how do I get them started. They just sit there when my kids are not playing and they...
  7. TheMailMan78

    [FS] Core i7 2600K 3.4GHz 8Mb Cache 1155 SR00C, Z68A-GD65 G3 MOBO & Cooler Master (SOLD)

    I have a relatively new Mobo and i7 2600k for sale. The CPU has never been delided, under water or LN. Its has some mild OC on it but, I would say 99.9% of the time it ran at stock clocks. Zero suicide runs. I'm asking $200 bucks for EVERYTHING SHIPPED. US only. If you are out of the US, you...
  8. TheMailMan78

    [FS] Seasonic X-Series PSU for sale! Primo! (SOLD)

    Its been a while since I sold anything on TPU but I have a Seasonic X-Series - X650 in primo condition for sale that's never been under overclock strains or anything. Its rated 80 PLUS Gold and its a Seasonic. What more do you need to know? I have all the original packaging and its been behind a...
  9. TheMailMan78

    Should I replace my 780ti with this?

    I got the upgrade itch. Radeon R9 Fury https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202186&cm_re=R9_FURY_X-_-14-202-186-_-Product
  10. TheMailMan78

    Diablo 3 Discussion

    I did a search on TPU and I couldn't find a Diablo 3 thread.......so in the sprit of TPU I made one......of course if someone has made one already......I guess just merge or.....NECRO THE THREAD! With that out of the way who on here is stoked for the new Necro DLC. I've been playing season 9...
  11. TheMailMan78

    Sound Bar Needed

    I was at Best Buy the other day and saw this baby.... https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/speakers/home_theater/soundtouch-300-soundbar/buy.html#EcommerceArea&v=soundtouch_300_pkg_st_300_am_300 Now 1,400 bones is a lot of cash but it was the best I have ever heard. With that being said what...
  12. TheMailMan78

    New Xbox One S owner. Need advice

    Well I picked up an XboxOne S this Xmas for its 4k blu-ray player. Got it with 6 games and a 30 dollar gift code all for 250. With that being said I haven't owned a console like this since the original Xbox. I got all the Gears of War games with it along with Assassin's Creed Syndicate. What...
  13. TheMailMan78

    Hey WCG Intellectuals

    Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. Not gonna go into a who carp load of emo stuff but, my old man has been fighting skin cancer for years. Still is thank G-d but, I realized yesterday death might be finally getting the balls to try and take him. I don't fold and I don't do the...
  14. TheMailMan78

    Anti-Virus Exploit

    Just read this a few minutes ago and thought it was a good read. The whole article is at the bottom. "Researchers from data exfiltration prevention company enSilo found six common security issues affecting over 15 products when they studied how software vendors use ‘hooking’ to inject code into...
  15. TheMailMan78

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    I found this info rooting around the web and thought since it seems inevitable that we will see a new BF this year we might as well get the discussion started. Anyway I like the idea of fighting on the US mainland. Its about time they brought it back home like they did in BF2.
  16. TheMailMan78

    Note to GPU manufactures and Game developers.

    Dear GPU manufactures and Game developers, Ever get the feeling people are just not spending money keeping up with the latest hardware? Have you spent MILLIONS developing a game to only end up selling it for 5 bucks the next quarter? Well I have a solution for you! MAKE A NEW X-WING or TIE...
  17. TheMailMan78

    OFFICIAL Killing Floor 2 (Discussion)

    Since we can no longer have Clubhouses here is a "Discussion Thread" for Killing Floor 2. I picked this game up yesterday and even though its "early access" its pretty awesome. It has FAR more depth than the first one and some of the new maps are down right gorgeous. If you love zombies and gibs...
  18. TheMailMan78

    New Bitdefender 2016 Release and Issue

    Today Bitdefender released its latest version of its anti-virus suit. Bitdefender 2016. They have introduced a cool new module to help keep people safe from ransomware. You can even set what documents you want to protect in particular which in itself is awesome. The firewall has also been...
  19. TheMailMan78

    The Science behind internet trolls.

    Apparently internet trolls are sadists and psychopaths according to the study below. http://www.livescience.com/48128-internet-trolls-sadistic-personalities.html Sounds to me whoever wrote this story and did this study got seriously butt hurt online. lol
  20. TheMailMan78

    Beware of Fake Steam

    Just read this and thought you guys might want to pass it on to your less informed friends.... http://www.cybernewsalerts.com/2015/04/hackers-are-hiding-malware-in-fake.html
  21. TheMailMan78

    Corporate Security Solution

    The company I current work for just found some malware on their servers. Personally I wasn't surprised as they do everything pennywise and dollar stupid. Anyway as any kneejerk reaction goes they want to make everything over secure.....which has made my life a pain working remotely. I'm not a...
  22. TheMailMan78

    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    Since GTA V is right around the corner and a lot of TPU regulars are going to be balls deep in the FPS multiplayer I figured we should go ahead and get the party started a little early. This thread like the Battlefield "discussion" thread is for GTA talk. TPU will have a "clan" of sorts. A bunch...
  23. TheMailMan78

    TheMailMans got a new toy!

    So I have been needing a laptop lately do to light photoshop and Illustrator work on the road. Ive been shopping around and hadn't had much luck in the sub 300 dollar market. My wife found a deal online and bought me this for Xmas... http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.MMLAA.013 Spec...
  24. TheMailMan78

    Bitdefenders New Hardware?

    Just saw this today and to me it just seems like a glorified router. Any thoughts on this? http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2472670,00.asp
  25. TheMailMan78

    Diablo 3 Upgrading and Feedback.

    Ill be honest I have a small addiction to Diablo 3. What sucks is I'm not very good at it. SO with that being said I am starting a thread to gain feedback on what I should do to make my avatar better. Please feel free to post you own with the same kind of questions. NO FLAMING PLEASE...