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    [FS/FT] MKmods Cleanin out the closet again sale

    I have one of the 4870 Sapphire Vapor X cards left (had a pair for my Qpack Mod) its the 1gig DDR5 card (SOLD) I am in the middle of organizing the closet so as I do I will post all the rest..
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    [FS/FT] Samsung 750gig F1 32mb Cache hdd

    SOLD This is an unused (been sitting in the closet) OEM. I was gonna use it to store stuff but I gave up on that idea. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10007193 Thanks guys this Hdd is sold...
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    Fan LED Mod

    Recently Greasemonkey sent me a couple fans and asked if I would mod them to be red instead of blue. I sent one back to him already but I figured you may want to see what it takes to do it so I will show the second one here Here is a shot of the front of it (before modding begins)...
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    [FS] XFX 5770s and AMD X2 250

    Im getting ready to start my new mod and have a few things to clear out.(ALL SOLD, Thanks viczulis and Greasemonkey) First is a pair of very nice (hardly used not modded ) XFX 5770s http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10011371 I have the origional boxes and havent...
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    GPUZ dosent show OC

    I noticed when I OC my 5770s GPUZ dosent show it.
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    Bayonetta, any good?

    I saw this today and the scenes look pretty cool. http://www.sega.com/platinumgames/bayonetta/index2.php It looks like there is gonna be a Demo next week. Has anyone been playing it on PS3 or X-Box yet?
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    OPAMP experts needed...

    I just picked up one of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829156012 One of the reviewers mentioned replacing the ft R/L OPAMPS with OPA627's made a big improvement. (The original ones are NJM4556A's) I use M-audio monitors some times and other times a set of Logitech...
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    Corsair 750 HX $127.99 AR Today only

    Corsair 750 HX $127.99 AR (Rebate Extended Thru Dec) This was pretty good its the best HX not the TX version (which is a good PS also) http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10010447 Its Silver rated and I have had very good luck with Corsair rebates being pretty speedy.
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    [WTB][US] I need a skt 939 mobo or AM2 Dual core CPU

    Im throwing a few comps together for Xmas presents and need a socket 939 mobo. (got the AM2 and the mobo) Thanks for all the PMs and help guys:respect:
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    Whats the deal, Junk PSs?

    I just went through my 3rd PS in the last 2 mos... First one was an OCZ 500 (died within a couple min) Replaced with a Seasonic 500 (died within a week) Had a big fight with Newegg and they replaced it with another Seasonic 500 (died after a month) Now I monitor my current pretty close and...
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    [FS] 2 XFX 4770s like new with all accs.

    I have a pair of XFX 4770s for sale. I have only used them a couple hours and they were never modded or OCd. They come with their original boxes and accessories, they have never been registered. SOLD I will send them anywhere (USA,EU etc) but shipping is extra. What ever way you like is...
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    Borderlands the game

    Someone mentioned this to me today and it looks pretty nice. Its rare for me to shell out $ for a game but I am gonna on this one http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/ First Update from lemode and mlee49 http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/games/borderlands Here are a few links/Tweeks to help...
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    [WTB] AM2 or AM2+ Quad

    I have a friend that wants me to build him a comp with a quad so I was wondering if anyone had an old AM2 quad they would like to sell... thanks
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    [FS/FT] 2 New VelociRaptor 74 gig Hdds

    BOTH SOLD I picked up 4 of these and was gonna run them in Raid0 but changed my mind and am going with 2 and a TB hdd.. I want $69 ea for them (shipping included) or will trade for a 7200rpm large hdd and $. They are the same dimensions as a laptop Hdd except thicker (wont work in a...
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    Frys(in store) 250gig F1 for $19

    This looked pretty cool if you have a Frys close to you SAMSUNG SPINPOINT F1 RAID CLASS http://www.frys.com/product/5830403?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
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    [FS] MKmods sale thread..

    Updated 6/23 I have a few things laying around I want to sell. They include shipping to the USA, if you are in Europe I would be happy to send them to you but shipping is a bit more.(PM for rate) First is I have 20 8" left hand sata cables, 10 in orange and 10 in blue. $3 each or $2.50 if you...
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    Anyone tried Swoopo?

    I was wandering around and came across this auction site and was wondering if anyone has tried it swoopo.com (I am way too chicken)
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    Z2300s $99 free shipping

    I have had a set of these for a while and really like them, This is a very good deal for them. I remember whining quite a while ago how some places were charging up to $80 just for the shipping (really heavy sub)...
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    [FS] OEM AMD AM3 810 Cpu

    I have a very slightly used AM3 CPU. SOLD I also have a new Crucial Red LED (all LEDS are red) 4 gig set of memory. I opened the box to make sure they worked (LEDS) and put back in pack. $40 shipped to the US and add $5 for Europe... ALSO SOLD, Thanks all
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    MicroFly/Qpack MODernize

    Oct 15: OK I have finally settled on the final design for this build. Due to my constant chatting and off topic romps this thread has gotten quite long so if you get bored easily skip to Page 53 and the final build will commence there A few years ago I began fiddling with comps. I entered my...
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    [FS] MKMods cleanin out the closet again sale

    ALL Sold, thanks Guys...
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    [FS/FT] 4 one gig Buffalo Firestix PC2-8500 (1066)

    Gone I set sent to kyle2020... 1 set sent to Odin Eidolon. Enjoy Guys I have 2 packs (2 sticks each) of excellent memory. I thought I was gonna begin OCing and decided to stick with building cases instead. I got them from Paulieg a while ago and havent used them. I would rather sell them but if...
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    [WTB][US] AMD SLI mobo

    I am trying to put together an inexpensive AMD/SLI comp for a kid I mentor. Anyone have a Nvida 5 or 7 series mobo laying around? PM me with what u got...Thanks GOT ONE, Thanks PP Mguire..
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    [WTB][US] Cheap mATX AM2 mobo

    I need an inexpensive mATX AM2 mobo that will run a X2 6000 for my backup comp, anyone got any laying around?