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  1. Knoxx29

    Water missing.

    Sup everyone. Weeks ago i noticed that the water level in my reservoir had gone down from 90% to 80%, last time i filled up the reservoir was in December last year when i changed the water and from that date till today 10% of water is gone in 6 months, now before someone say that probably there...
  2. Knoxx29


    Quick Question. Does anyone own a i7-8086K?
  3. Knoxx29

    EVGA Showcases New BIOS Interface With Robot Tuner and Auto-Stress Testing Capability At Computex 2018

    Many years ago Overclocking was a lot of fun when you had to find the right settings for your overclock to be stable tweaking here and there and bios settings were tricky and also way different than the one you get with today motherboards where there are a few preloaded OC Profiles and with a...
  4. Knoxx29

    Ram Overclock

    Hi Everyone. I have never been into learning how to overclock Ram and that makes of me a Noob/ inexperienced:laugh: let's go to the point My Ram is 3000MHz 15-15-15-35 2T 1.35V stock, i have overclocked it and it is running at 3466MHz 16-16-16-36 2T 1.35V, today i tried 3500MHz but it wont...
  5. Knoxx29

    [FS][EU] [FS] [EU] Evga X58 SLI + Xeon W3640 +Ram +CPU

    Evga X58 SLI + Xeon W3640 + Ram 350€ free shipping depending location.
  6. Knoxx29

    Old Hardware ( what can i do with it? )

    HP 9000 J7000 workstation Fully working: 4 x 440MHz PA-RISC 8500 CPU's (4-cores) (most CPU available in HP-UX 11i) 10 x 512MB Memory modules (5GB total) - expandable to 16GB 2 x 75GB 15k SCSI Disk drive 1 x DVD-ROM 1 x Visualize graphics card (15-pin) HP-UX 11i OS pre-loaded + 5 Install CD's...
  7. Knoxx29

    Steam or original CD?

    Hi people. Short question: Which is the fastest way when installing a game, directly from Steam or from the original CD, are there any pros and cons? Cheers.
  8. Knoxx29

    Windows XP

    Does anyone knows where i could get a free Windows XP Professional service pack 3 64 bit? I want to install Windows XP from USB. Thanks.
  9. Knoxx29

    Dual Power Supply.

    Hi Guys I am building a 2P Rig with an EVGA SR-2 motherboard but unfortunately i have found that the Power Supply i have has just 1x 8 pin connector for one CPU so no second connector for CPU 2 now i wanted to know if it is possible to run a power supply for the Rig and one second power supply...
  10. Knoxx29

    Ping Monitor

    Is there any Software that could show my Ping while Gaming online?
  11. Knoxx29

    Old Games running on Modern Computer.

    Is it possible that some old Games ( Year 2000/2002/2001) doesn't work run/work on Modern Computers?
  12. Knoxx29

    New Gaming Chair

    Hi Lads. Here is the deal: I have been using the same Gaming Chair for around 6 years+ now i am planning to buy a new one, that said there are 4 Chairs what i have found: # 1 EUR 139,99 instead EUR 209,99...
  13. Knoxx29

    Antifreezer + Destilliert Water

    Hi everyone. I have a question. A friend of mine told me that he has been using Antifreezer + Destilliert Water for almost 10 years on his Watercooled Machine and that he has never had a problem, Now my question is is it a good idea? Thanks in advance.
  14. Knoxx29

    Samsung 950 PRO Vs 960 EVO Vs 960 PRO MZ-V6P512BW

    Sup Guys. I was thinking to buy one of those weird SSD? :wtf: Here is what i have found: Samsung 950 PRO 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD Samsung 960 EVO MZ-V6E500BW Samsung 960 PRO MZ-V6P512BW Honestly i don't know if i will use it for OS or for Games that's why i need some advice.
  15. Knoxx29

    i7-7820X 8 Cores or i7-8700K 6 Cores?

    Hi everyone. Here is the deal. For January or February 2018 i want to upgrade my Machine ( CPU and Motherboard ) at the moment I'm undecided between i7-7820X and i7-8700K. All advice and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
  16. Knoxx29

    Overclocked Core i9-7980XE hits 6.1GHz and pulls 1000 watts

    Not bad at all for a 18 cores CPU;) We knew it was only a matter of time before someone doused Intel's flagship Core i9-7980XE (Skylake-X) processor in liquid nitrogen and cranked up the clockspeed, and right on cue, renowned overclocker der8auer posted a video showing the chip running at...
  17. Knoxx29

    DOOM ( Does anyone feel headache or nausea when playing? )

    Hi everyone. I have been playing Games for many years ( more than 20) and never felt sick due to a Game, i have bought DOOM months ago but just yesterday i decided to start playing it and for my surprise after 5 minutes i felt so sick that i threw up and have to stop playing, 10 minutes later i...
  18. Knoxx29

    [WTB] SR-2 Classified.

    Looking for an Evga SR-2 Classified.
  19. Knoxx29

    PCI slot question.

    Hi Lads. A quick silly question. What is the name of that bit at the end of the Slot? Thanks.
  20. Knoxx29

    New Graphic card

    Hi Lads. So, planning to upgrade Graphic Card and as always i am buying and Evga. Which one do you thing i should go for?:confused: Thanks. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING, 11G-P4-6393-KR, 11GB GDDR5X, iCX Cooler & LED 1556MHz Base Clock 1670MHz Boost Clock 348.5GT/s...
  21. Knoxx29

    Monitor ( need advice )

    Hi Lads. Before i do something stupid i need some quickly advice. A few minutes ago i was at Saturn buying a few Games and unfortunately i saw a Monitor and i wanted to buy it:kookoo: i was almost buying it without think twice, too much temptation but i decided to go away before it was too...
  22. Knoxx29

    Hibernate mode Vs Sleep Vs Hybrid sleep.

    Hi there. So, let's do this easy. I have never used none of those power mode, but for some reason i would like to give it a try. All advices are welcome.
  23. Knoxx29

    Looking for the biggest case. ( no thermaltake )

    Hi Lads. The title says it all. I am looking for the biggest case out there. P.s ( no Thermaltake or Lian Li ) Thanks in advance
  24. Knoxx29

    Georgia Tech researchers demo CPU 'on-die liquid cooling'

    This is a 2 years old article that i would like to share. In an effort to get water cooling tech as close to the heat sources as possible, Georgia Tech researchers made microfluidic passages in the chip die itself and pumped water though, to cool it down, reports PCPer. The results of the test...
  25. Knoxx29

    Jeff Bezos Wants to Bring Amazon Prime-Like Delivery to the Moon

    A lunar version of Amazon Prime may be on its way after Jeff Bezos revealed he wants to start a shipping route between the Earth and the moon, Bezos the founder of the online retail company, reportedly plans to start the Earth-to-moon delivery service by mid-2020 through his private space...