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  1. steelkane

    MicroCenter Sells Graphics Cards at MSRP - If You Also Buy Other Components

    yep, went there today and picked up a Zotac 1080Ti for $981, only 1 per customer per month, they check ur ID and log u in the system
  2. steelkane

    MicroCenter Sells Graphics Cards at MSRP - If You Also Buy Other Components

    And all cards wanted by miners say (See store for current price) under the price
  3. steelkane

    ADATA Shows off XPG Storm RGB M.2 SSD Heatsink

  4. steelkane

    AMD FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Benchmarks Surface, Great Performance At A Price

    Just a toy for the bigboys or ppl who have the cash to burn, I just don't see it lasting too long before it burns out.
  5. steelkane

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    I refreshed the page,, SURPRISE,, Wow Looks Awesome, case gallery layout Rocks just not able to sort the post anymore or didn't see the option,, Still looks great,,Thanks for the Revamp
  6. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

  7. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] Project Colmec, Smart Desk

    Nice work,, only your photos with your watermarks are in the way and really take away from the images your trying to show. I would take all the pictures again in daylight at different angles.
  8. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] 331

    Funny,, Thanks
  9. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] 331

    I would like to see a video or more pics, looks really sharp, hope to see more soon
  10. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    After building with this case,, their is some things they need to improve on..
  11. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    Back with More pix & some benchmark Screen shots
  12. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    when I get them running, the nvidia maximus configuration will be first,, what benchmarks would u like to see.
  13. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    power is key for stability, 10 year warranty, 17gage power cord that plugs straight into the wall outlet with built in protection, was made for the sr-x, I'm not seeing any other options,as for calculating how much power is needed, in the long run , more watts means less
  14. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    corsair h80i's are silent, but can get loud under load with the internal speed controller
  15. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    A few shots of the board, cpu's & memory
  16. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    the evga psu was made for the sr-x, the cableing fits the connectors on the board perfect & also comes with a 10 year warranty, I first look at enermax, but for this build evga 1500w fit the bill, as for ssd's i would never trust ocz, samsung's are good but for stability intel ssd's
  17. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

    evga sr-x version 19 bios 2x 2687w cpu's 96gb g-skill ddr3 2133 memory 2x corsair h80i coolers evga 1500w psu 2x 520 240gb intel ssd drives raid 0 for os 2x 3tb sata3 hdd quadro k5000 telsa c2075 nvidia maximus configuration xigmatek elysium Black blu-ray reader blu-ray burner the...
  18. steelkane

    Duplexity XXeon

  19. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] Spider-man car Pc case mods

    how else would he get his new flat screen tv home & do the shopping for Aunt May
  20. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] Element copper By watermod

    Nice work on this build,, It shows time and thought was put into it,, When I'm not able to build right now, it's good to see this type of work in the gallery. Hope to see more
  21. steelkane

    [Case Gallery] TJ 07 - A little taste of luxury...

    The elbows make it look mechanical & the gold & carbon fiber give it an elegant look,, 10 here for a Nobel Build
  22. steelkane

    New Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse Puts You in Control

    Ya just like the wheel,, that wasn't use by anyone else
  23. steelkane

    Princeton Intros Newer 19-inch and 24-inch Widescreen Monitors

    1920x1080 resolution stop with the new because it's not new
  24. steelkane

    I-O Data Announces New, 27-inch Monitor with a VA Panel

    Nice looking VA Panel,, maybe someday companies will have a higher MAX res with 1920x1080 being Recommended
  25. steelkane

    Windows 8 Consumer preview up for grabs

    The 4 corners of windows is different,, but I use windowblinds and like the different start menu buttons,, Maybe they could keep the start button & have it go to the metro, I do like the new office style explorer view with tabs & the copy animation that shows what speed your transferring at. I...