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  1. SaltyFish

    MAD CATZ Announces All-New Range of Products, Including Iconic R.A.T. Gaming Mice

    I'm cautiously optimistic on this. My R.A.T. 7 was the most comfortable mouse I've had. I understand the "even number" series seems to be a refresh of the older "odd numbering" series and was already a thing before the death and return of Mad Catz. Still, these seem to be a refresh of a refresh...
  2. SaltyFish

    PC Hardware to Get Pricier Stateside as 25% Import Tariffs Take Effect Late-August

    Holy crap, I had to do a double take there! I thought I had wandered into Reddit or 4chan; I don't think I've ever seen "T H I C C" used on TPU. As for the article, I think if sales in the US are high enough, hardware manufacturing could theoretically be increased in the other existing...
  3. SaltyFish

    Help me pick a smaller case for a watercooled PC!!!

    Maybe try the Thermaltake Core V21? It's a cube, and if you want "pizzaz", grab two of them and stack them like a Transformer or something.
  4. SaltyFish

    Chinese Company Begins Making x86 Processors Based on AMD "Zen" Architecture

    The timing is kinda weird though. AMD is in a pretty good spot in x86 duopoly right now. The amusing thing is that if it backfires, then that x86 duopoly/lack-of-competition that everyone's been complaining about can potentially be finally broken. Because VIA certainly hasn't been doing much.
  5. SaltyFish

    Leopold Debuts New Keyboards and Keycaps at Computex

    If only it had PS/2 connector and the old Windows 95 logo to complete the retro feel. Also, the "clit-mouse" making an appearance outside of laptops? Either Leopold felt TKL wasn't enough space saving or there's a market for laptop-esque feel on desktops that I wasn't aware of.
  6. SaltyFish

    Far Cry 5 Denuvo Protection Has Been Defeated

    Ah, Stardock... all the goodwill in the world couldn't save it from deciding to release Elemental: War of Magic in such an obviously messy state. More messed up than Aliens: Colonial Marines in my opinion, except that E:WoM was a indie turn-based strategy game and not a AAA first-person shooter...
  7. SaltyFish

    Far Cry 5 Denuvo Protection Has Been Defeated

    Is it wrong that I enjoyed Goldeneye 007 for the N64? :p At the risk of prodding the elephant in the room: Steam DRM is technically DRM, but it's crap DRM. It's trivial to bypass for pirates. The only reason Denuvo makes the news lately (as opposed to all the other forms of DRM) is precisely...
  8. SaltyFish

    Far Cry 5 Denuvo Protection Has Been Defeated

    Closest thing is a comparison between the Final Fantasy XV demo (DRM-free) and the retail (not DRM-free).
  9. SaltyFish

    Windows XP installations revived after 4 years. Hardware drivers question!

    AMD did release one more XP driver after that, though it's not widespread. It was targeted for NetCafes in China, which were likely to still have XP on their computers, but works fine for general consumers. It's notable because 14.4 had some driver crashing when attempting to run DirectX after...
  10. SaltyFish

    NVIDIA Officially Drops Driver Support for 32-bit Operating Systems

    You've missed the whine-fest then. Nvidia dropped XP support (both 32-bit and 64-bit) a while back (July 2016 if I recall). Vista was dropped two months before that. This is just for the other OSes.
  11. SaltyFish

    Dell Gaming Laptops Are Perfect for Cheating in PUBG

    Market research. Someone has done it. Congrats, Dell. As heretical as it may sound on this site, you can always play the XB1 version. No one ever complains about cheats/hacks for such games on consoles. Lack of mod ability provides a more level playing field, no?
  12. SaltyFish

    EIZO Announces the ColorEdge CG319X Monitor: 31.1", DCI-4K, HDR, 10-bit

    Eizo's old Foris FG2421 was one of the best gaming monitors when it came out (and still is). Rumor has it they were made from cast-offs of their professional line. That said, this CG319X is definitely a professional monitor with that built-in calibration and included light-shielding hood (and...
  13. SaltyFish

    EVGA Also Announces the Z10 Keyboards

    This looks like and could be a nice replacement for my CM Storm Trigger. Red backlighting, side macro buttons, and two extra USB ports if the last two pictures are any indication. Pretty much the same general layout. Makes me wonder if Cooler Master let go of their former designers (their...
  14. SaltyFish

    Facebook is watching you...download your data file.

    This has been going on for a while now. People are just talking about it now because it has reached the masses and had a major visible impact. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2012/apr/23/cookies-and-web-tracking-intro It's not just Facebook or Google; it's Doubleclick and Scorecard...
  15. SaltyFish

    European Comission Fines Capacitor Producers In €254 Million Over Cartel Fraud

    Eh, they were just smart enough to be the first one to snitch.
  16. SaltyFish

    Tested: Denuvo DRM has no performance impact on Final Fantasy 15

    The guy behind the Dark Souls DSFix mod ran a bunch of tests comparing scenes from the demo and the released game. Full article: https://www.pcgamer.com/denuvo-drm-performance-final-fantasy-15/
  17. SaltyFish

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Goes Mobile

    According to the MCV article on this, it was already ported to phones last month. They're just changing the language from Chinese to English. Either way, I've seen a lot of people play very fancy looking games on their phones. And with the tiny-sized high pixel density phone displays...
  18. SaltyFish

    ASUS Intros Pro Series C624BQH 24.1-inch Monitor

    There have been 16:10 displays, just none aimed at the consumer market (and thus, with reasonable prices). All the 16:10 displays lately have been for the professional market which costs a lot more. I do agree with the general 16:10 sentiment though. I wish that someone would make a 24" or even...
  19. SaltyFish

    Intel Plans $5 billion Investment in Israel Plant for Expanded 10 nm Production

    What? Why would they-? Intel just came clean about their 10nm problems. I guess it's the lure of getting to use free (read: someone else's) money.
  20. SaltyFish

    So how long did you get from your last mouse?

    The reasons for preferring wired mice have been repeated plenty of times elsewhere and I'm sure they apply here. But as for Logitech, I'm personally a sucker for the scroll-wheel's tilt-click on their mice. You tilt the scroll-wheel left or right for two extra buttons; it's so convenient. I'm...
  21. SaltyFish

    Square Enix Puts Final Fantasy XV Up for Pre-order and Releases Benchmark Tool

    There's a glitch that gives you control for some time.
  22. SaltyFish

    So how long did you get from your last mouse?

    My Logitech G600 has recently started developing that seemingly inevitable double-clicking issue. You know, the one where you click once but it registers as two rapid clicks. Apparently Logitech's mice are infamous for this problem (my old G5 suffered from the same fate) and my recent indulgence...
  23. SaltyFish

    Emulation vs. real console

    Hardware, as the original, is unbeatable for not only "perfect play" (it's the original source that emulation aims for) but also for nostalgia. There's a special feeling in loading in that floppy or cartridge and pressing the power button (more applicable if you're older like me I suppose). But...
  24. SaltyFish

    Razer Solves Wireless Gaming Mice' Biggest Put Off: Weight

    Apparently, every manufacturer under the sun is putting out their own wireless charging mouse like it's the new hotness or something. Corsair has their own version, but it's not quite the same. Corsair's Scimitar looks like a nice refinement of the MMO/phonepad mice (Razer Naga, Logitech G600...
  25. SaltyFish

    Razer Unveils Project Linda: Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept

    It looks fancy for the people who are into Razer stuff, but let's see much of that makes it to production. I still remember the paring down of Project Fiona (Edge tablet) from announcement to release.