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  1. fullinfusion

    Which New GPU Are You Buying?

    Where's the Vega 20? I tested one and umm :laugh:
  2. fullinfusion

    RTX 2080 Ti Specs Revealed! Expect Low Core Clocks

    nope why? comment pinch a nerve? Havent touched a drop in 3 months I'll head back to my REDRUM room for sanity o_O Kida of cool I can re-live these posts and up them to YT for a lol :D and unwatched now :roll:
  3. fullinfusion

    tried to sell TitanXpascal on ebay heres what happened..

    If I seen a Titan XP id expect a pascal... But MR Genius to the reg buyer a XP to me would e a titan X pascal... it don't take a genius but hey there's all sorts of bitches out there,,,, If I were the OP id say fuck them because it's an obvious scam
  4. fullinfusion

    The Turing line-up (NVIDIA 20xx) has been revealed

    couldn't give a shit really, it's all hype... kind of like how ryzen TR ripped intel a new asshole... I feel the same on this launch, but hey I may be wrong but whatever it don't fathom me like some do.
  5. fullinfusion

    RTX 2080 Ti Specs Revealed! Expect Low Core Clocks

    Bahh all hype, wait till launch and if the core is low it's probably a higher IPC boost so don't worrie Green guys, momma will cradle ya all if you feel down n out and need some cuddles :roll:J/K actually I'm hoping boost will be amazing as usual anyways anyone need a cuddle? :laugh: Steam...
  6. fullinfusion

    Gears of War 4 from Microsoft store what a disaster

    Not to sound Bias but you guy's are running Nvidia cards. Try a different driver. GOW4 from the play store I've owned since it came out and never had any issues.. It plays flawless tbh and 128gb of files lol, try 145GBish now :shadedshu:
  7. fullinfusion

    Vega owners club

    did you get the liquid metal or Kryonaut paste? Also send me a pic of the Die, I'm curious if its a molded or un-molded package :toast:
  8. fullinfusion

    Radeon RX580. Can't make blind flash.

    does the card have a dual bios switch? also @eidairaman1 what version of ati flash should he be using?
  9. fullinfusion

    OBS laggy when tabbed off second monitor

    your monitor from my google check isn't freesync compatible.. You can try turning Free sync on it if the driver supports it and also enable V-sync.. does the issue smooth out? V-sync and free sync will work together from what my testing shows but again it's up to the monitor if it can work.
  10. fullinfusion

    Powercolor red devil vega 56 issues

    @kimitza Indeed, the Red Devil is actually a reference PCB but its wider and thus different... in a weird kind of way. If any new, or different Bios's is installed Our testing shows it does kill or disable some display ports. So change ports beit DP or HDMI and see if that helps.
  11. fullinfusion

    Powercolor red devil vega 56 issues

    Surely not all three of the bios have been flashed. Two of them I can see being flashable but position 3 should be write-protected. Try this, run DDU in safe mode and restart. Once the system restarts open ddu again and this time run it in Windows and not in safe mode. Now reboot the system...
  12. fullinfusion

    Vega owners club

    Thermal Grizzly paste my friend, that's good for a 10c drop at the least. I used to use MX4 but my eyes were opened after TG was used. Tomorrow Nail polish to coat the transistors and CL metal for the copper cooler.. I know It will dry out but a few times will saturate it, the Gallium will...
  13. fullinfusion

    Melt Down Spectre update (have you)?

    hear hear same here, thank you!
  14. fullinfusion

    Melt Down Spectre update (have you)?

    Has any one deliberately refused like me to not update the Bios micro code bios updates and also M$ patches? Tell me if you did or not and the reason why. I have a new, actually a few bios updates and one I do see is to do with Samsung NVME SSD fixes but I still haven't updated.. I wished I...
  15. fullinfusion

    gtx1080 a good buy right now?

    A buddie of mine bought a water blocked Nvidia 1080 for $500 euro's and is really happy on the performance. His card boosts to 1996MHz with no OC at all and only run's in the mid 30's
  16. fullinfusion

    AMD Rolls Out Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.7.1

    Thanks guys for the support! It's only going to help AMD bring better performance to the table with newer drivers :toast::lovetpu:
  17. fullinfusion

    Vega owners club

    cool, yeah the stock cooler copper base is really thin and I wouldn't doubt it dry out really fast... Wait is you card not a reference?
  18. fullinfusion

    AMD Rolls Out Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.7.1

    Mr Genius :slap: Remember Nvidia slipped it in without anybody knowing? You own a Vega so you would be smart and click the box to send info to help the driver team.. remember AMD doesn't have a huge driver team like the green team does. That's where Vanguard comes in to help.. Wanna join and...
  19. fullinfusion

    Vega owners club

    Okay good, and yes gallium is what is being absorbed by the copper and what also keeps liquid metal in its liquid form. They say after time there will be enough gallium soaked into the copper that will stop any further absorption. So what are your plans on protecting the small little...
  20. fullinfusion

    Vega owners club

    Enjoy having the LM dry out on that cooler.. I sure hope there's no aluminum underneath that copper base :/
  21. fullinfusion

    Corsair Readies Hydro H100i Pro Cooler with Zero RPM Fan Mode

    Nice to see Corsair is changing it up a bit, but something tells me this is going to hold a premium price tag. I'm curious what the threshold temperature is set at, and if it can even be changed within the software.
  22. fullinfusion

    Just ordered a Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe PCI-E

    You can't use rapid mode on the nvme drive, that option is grayed out. It only works on regular Samsung ssd's.. to the OP @Rickkins goto the Samsung site, download the driver, install it and reboot.. install magician and it'll probably prompt you to update the firmware. After that you can leave...
  23. fullinfusion

    cpu stuck at 0.79 ghz

    Well keep in mind it's always best to install the chipset/Intel management engine from the manufacturer..
  24. fullinfusion

    cpu stuck at 0.79 ghz

    How about going to the Toshiba site, look up your laptop and see if there is a BIOS update or just reflash the BIOS.. nice and clean install of a BIOS will fix oddities alot of the time. Also what version of Windows are you running? 10 with 1803?
  25. fullinfusion

    ATI Winflash Not opening

    AMD /ATI owne's the software. Either Microsoft will undo what's stopping the program or you guys will need to wait for an internal leak of the updated version.