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    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti World Cyber Games Edition Graphics Card

    Ya'll need to learn to appreciate creativity. I would buy this (if there was a GTX 680 version). But then my other parts would have to match with it.
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    WLG | League of Legends LAN Circuit

    Calling ALL Summoners in Ontario, Canada and living in the Greater Toronto Area. There's only 3 weeks left until the registration closes. Please e-mail vGonzales@WorldLeagueGaming.com (Admin) with the necessary information. You can find the FULL details of the event on our Facebook page...
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    WLG | League of Legends LAN Circuit

    Any Summoners in ONTARIO and living in the GTA? Heed the Call Summoner! Register today and be part of World League Gaming's first League of Legends LAN Circuit Tournament! Full details on our Facebook page! FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/WorldLeagueGaming TWITTER...
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    Quick question about Single platter Hard Drives?

    Less heat, less noise, less power consumption, and longevity. Overall, more efficient and economical than multi-platter HDD's.
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    Video Card Questions

    Get a GTX 680. It's $100 more than a GTX 670 but... considering a 680 will and can last you more than three years. In a span of three years, $100 is nothing.
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    Asus680-DC2O_gets78c on Sleeping dogs.

    Quite High. I get anywhere between 70c - 75c (jumps up an down). And my GTX 670 is OC'ed pretty damn high. I'm using a Corsair 600T Black/White with Window panel. All I have for intake is a 200mm at 600rpm and a 120mm at 800 rpm. Extremely quiet, yet quite cool! :)
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    My IGN for DayZ is "vMG" I'm pretty stacked at the moment. I guess I can join the clubhouse TS. PM me the details! At the moment, I only play with 3 others, but not as active as I am. Would we all be friends in DayZ? Or we neutral or something?
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    Upgrading from HD 6870, what to save for?

    Just get my card, and you'll be happy... :)
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    24 Hour Clock

    Hmmm... it must be this MSI On-screen display thing... thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I think i got it.
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    24 Hour Clock

    Just happened a few hours ago. Some 24 hour clock is showing up in every game I play. It's a purple timer on the top left corner of my screen. Only shows up when I play a PC game. I first spotted it while playing Guild Wars 2. Any ideas how to remove? or what caused it?
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    temp too high for a new gtx 670?

    I have the Asus DCU2... I get up to 78c (GPU: 1056Mhz; MEM: 1803Mhz) MSI AB shows my turbo boost going up, nearly 1300Mhz on the GPU. I have to set fan speed to at least 80% to get down to 70c. This is perfectly normal and safe.
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    Guild Wars 2 Clubhouse

    Just pre-purchased yesterday. Can't wait for the 3-day head start!
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    New build, need advice

    Case: Antec Eleven Hundred GPU: Sapphire Dual-X 7970 OR Asus GTX670 DirectCU II PSU: Corsair AX650 (If you would consider buying a new one)
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    I.m thinking about getting a corsair h80 but i already have a h70.

    Highly dependent on room temperature. Otherwise, you'll see a max 3-5 degrees difference, but more on the lower side.
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    My First RIG Part 2

    Nice insults! An i5 3570k is only $60 more. And it's a far more superior CPU. (Or even an i5 2500K, only $50 more). An equivalent board in Z77 (Asus P8Z77-V Pro) is only $20 more from a 990X Sabertooth. So overall, $80 more for a system that's 100x better? Is saving $80 really worth the...
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    My First RIG Part 2

    I cringed when I saw a Sabertooth board and AMD FX 8...
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Someone PM me the COORDS of TPU base please?!
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    SLI with different cards

    What will work with an Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II? Could I SLI with any of the GTX 500 series cards?
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    There's really no point in overclocking that card. You're not going to see an improvement; perhaps 1-2 frames at the cost of more heat and power.
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    Lovin' my Sapphire HD7970 Toxic 6GB

    HD 8xxx will perform better than that Sapphire 6GB for half the price... and at 2GB. Hardly future proof. 6GB is the most pointless purchase for any standard consumer. Heaven benchmark doesn't make any card hot. Try running a very high-end game. You won't see 66c, especially at those clocks...
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Where can I find you guys? I'm still in Cherno.
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    there's some guys trying to kill me at the hospital where I am in Cherno. I killed some guy named SAM, now their friends want to kill me... hahaha! My COORDS are: 063 / 126
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    I am on US 1623 TPU server. I'm currently in CHERNO by the factory. If anyone would like to join me, come to the hospital, the one further north beside the small apartments.
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    I saved this TPU server as my filter. It's all I see and will ever join! Weeee!
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Ok so I just left the TPU server and I was in Cherno and found THREE survivors together by the hospital (the one across the street from those 3 mini apartments). I go on the roof of one of the buildings and see three dead bodies?! LOL! Jackpot!