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  1. mudogramx

    USB coming from sleep

    I have a Razer Lachesis Mouse, Razer Lycosa Keyboard, non-USB powered external drive, and a thermaltake lanparty mouse pad. The strange thing is that the mousepad fires right up (has LEDs). I'm not sure if mouse and keyboard use OHCI but its worth checking into. Thanks!
  2. mudogramx

    USB coming from sleep

    Periodically when I wake my computer from sleep my USB devices do not work. In most cases even when they do it takes 15 seconds or so, but not always. Sometimes they begin to work if I unplug then plug them back in. My computer goes into an S3 power state for sleep. This has been the...
  3. mudogramx

    I recently built a rig for a customer with a Gigabyte GZ-X2 case. Its a good choice for the...

    I recently built a rig for a customer with a Gigabyte GZ-X2 case. Its a good choice for the price IMHO, albeit the doors are a bit flimsy.
  4. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    Surprisingly no. The only time the paint chipped is when I scraped a sharp metal edge across it during the build. Other than that it hasn't scratched. I used Rust-Oleum metallic paint.
  5. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    Thanks! I didn't use primer. I used a coat of black followed by blue metallic. In retrospect primer would have been a good idea, but this is my first time doing anything like this. The results are quite good notwithstanding.
  6. mudogramx

    Should be a pretty fast system.

    This new build bends the old comp over a table...and it isn't a gentleman about it.
  7. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    OK here are the pics as promised. I apologize for the lighting in some of the pics. I have an old digicam. Before: After: Door with window. I just painted it a higher gloss black. Inside of door behind mobo tray. I painted it midnight blue to match the chassis. Notice the hints...
  8. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    The tower offered more room to work in, was better looking, and I didn't like the fact that everything had to be shoehorned into the lanbox, which is retrospect is kind of a given. I also had to rig a few things (spacers shorted the board out, had reappropriate with questionable...
  9. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    I finished the build yesterday. I just need to cleanup the wiring here and there. The blasted cpu power plug is too short so I had to pull it over my 4850. Thats kind of an eyesore. The fan cables were a bit on the short side too. I plan on getting extensions in future for a final cleanup...
  10. mudogramx

    Eeek! - No post!

    It could be something as simple as your motherboard shorting out. I had to yank the spacers in my lanbox and replace them because no matter what I did my system would not boot with them installed. Installed the system, no boot, pulled the board from the case and it ran. It almost drove me...
  11. mudogramx

    Mudo's CM 690 mod

    I switched my components from a CM 690 to a Thermaltake Lanbox Lite, but I really miss having a tower after using the lanbox for a couple months. Before I switch back I'm going to do some mods to the tower. The project logs on here have been inspiring for sure. The parts are in my sig...
  12. mudogramx

    [Case Gallery] HELIOS

    I think thats the cleanest 690 I've ever seen. Nice work!
  13. mudogramx

    Optical Drive Question

    Hmm its probably just an older chipset I'm assuming. I ordered the wrong part to begin with. I wanted to get an IHAS220-06 with Lightscribe. It was the same price. I got click happy and thought that was what I ordered. :slap:
  14. mudogramx

    Optical Drive Question

    Cool thanks
  15. mudogramx

    Optical Drive Question

    I just did a build for a customer. They wanted Windows XP so they got XP. Everything installed beautifully except I've noticed one oddity. When I go to My Computer, the optical drive is listed as a DVD-RAM drive. I haven't finished installing all of the software so I have yet to test its...
  16. mudogramx

    My First Build

    You could pick up a really cheap celeron as long as its lga775 to do the BIOS update. Some can be had for as little as $40 in the states. Otherwise you'll need to find someone with a lga775 cpu whos willing to loan you theirs so you can update. You can flash to an old BIOS just as easily as...
  17. mudogramx

    Whats your graphics card history???

    ATI Rage LT Pro 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000 Nvidia Geforce 2 MX400 PowerVR Kyro 2<---yes I was one of maybe 5 people who had this card ATI Radeon 9000 Nvidia Geforce 6800GT ATI Radeon X1600 Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS G80 version ATI Radeon 4850
  18. mudogramx

    I saw this & I had to ROFLMAO

    Nope, just really clueless resellers. I'm pretty sure standard PC video cards work on Macs now as long as one of Apple's machines have the same card, ie there is a kext file for that particular gpu.
  19. mudogramx

    The Next Title in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Series, Should Arrive in 2010

    I wouldn't want to develop for ancient hardware either. No offense, but Nintendo's products are almost all novelty these days.
  20. mudogramx

    Dell Expands XPS One with 24 inch Screen

    Sexy machine, but I like the iMac better. Plus, what average computer user needs a quad core? If you're going quad core at least get a decent gpu or just drop a cheaper dual core in it and save some cash.
  21. mudogramx

    Little Big Planet

  22. mudogramx

    Need a new game, need suggestions..

    Oblivion. Oldie but still awesome.
  23. mudogramx

    Beaver corpse as a case

    She also made laser keyboard enabled possum. http://www.yourpsychogirlfriend.com/possum/ XD
  24. mudogramx

    Logitech Sofware for Mac?

    Try USB Overdrive. http://www.senlick.com/html/01.01.html
  25. mudogramx

    PNY GTX260 $214.99 after MIR