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  1. gunsmoke

    What cpu is better?

    I have two c.p.u.s two try out for fast gameing on my old rig. 1) intel p4 550 3.4 Gig 800 fsb 1 mb case 2) intel p4 630 3.0 Gig 800 fsb 2 mb case I use them for playing old games on my old rig What is the best c.p.u. in them two ?
  2. gunsmoke

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Stealth Mouse for PC

    I just found this on my game store in the u.k. I no lots gamers like cod black ops on hear ;) http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/PC-Games-and-Downloads/Mice/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-Stealth-Mouse-for-PC/~r351324/
  3. gunsmoke

    How many Videocards are you running?

    Looking in the case gallery i see not meny gamers using tri-sli Would just like two see how many people are using 1) Single gfx 2) SLI 3) Tri-SLI 4) Quad-/SLI
  4. gunsmoke

    DM/TDM/CTF What do you like the most in FPS game play?

    when your playing them ?
  5. gunsmoke

    Find the oldest gamers .. am I too old for gaming ?

    Whats the oldest gamer on here iv been gameing from the age 7 For 29 years now about haft my life playing games :laugh:
  6. gunsmoke

    windows 7 Compatability mode problems...

    runing windows 7 on my set up, and what run just about any old program or game i throw at it for windows xp or 98 se under compatibility mode this piss me off big time, why the hell can new not run old i ask..????? on a old set up READ my set up i have, i no theres xp mode from ms two down...
  7. gunsmoke

    PRISM: Guard Shield v3 Free Full Game

    Free fps game was fun for about 50 mins shoting bad guys with guns its not a demo or any crap mmo full program of the game single player works with windows 7 ok http://news.bigdownload.com/2008/11/26/download-prism-guard-shield-v3-full-free-game/...
  8. gunsmoke

    soc 370 intel p3 only 30 pounds

    just see this on e.bay for olny 30 pounds lmao what the hell are e.bay sellers on no days drugs ?? Drink who would pay that http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/socket-370-intel-pentium-3-processor-/230536420850?pt=UK_Motherboards_CPUs&hash=item35ad0a9df2
  9. gunsmoke

    old arcade games mame32 club house

    im a lover of old school arcade games from the 70s 80s 90s im liveing my child hood days playing arcade games on mame32 runing on my p.c :rockout: streetfigther 2 afterburner outrun whats your all time arcade game from the past.?
  10. gunsmoke

    F.e.a.r v1.07 uk ping on my sever going mad ???

    I host f,e,a,r v1.07 uk on my set up on windows 7 32 bit and when a map reloads up with 16 players on it i see the gamers crying about lag and the ping there geting is about 1500+ and then goes dawn two about 200+ after about 2 mins ?? of game playing on the map i have 10 megabit broadband...
  11. gunsmoke

    Moving Arcade gaming seat home made.

    Just see this Project on youtube guys made a moveing Arcade gameing seat. out of some old pipes and p.c. set up in side it :rockout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44PU8cZSt_c&feature=related
  12. gunsmoke

    HIS HD 3870 Iceq3 GDDR4 512 MB this psu ??

    need advice on this set up with this gfx and psu. HIS HD 3870 Iceq3 GDDR4 512 MB p.s.u winpower 450 watts 12 volt rail 25 amps 5 volt rail 25 amps 3 volt rail 18 amps p.c is running a intel p4 550 3.4.Gig lga 775 some crap gigabyte mobo 2 ddr 2 512 ram one ide hd and one dvd...
  13. gunsmoke

    overclock gone up in smoke lol

    just seen this kid on you tube trying out a overclock on some nice set up all goes up in smoke awwww looks like he dont have a clue on p.c.s this kid..:nutkick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t__1dFBIIXg&feature=fvw
  14. gunsmoke

    ubisoft starforce windows 7

    Just got my hands on a old game by ubisoft called Silent hunter 3 and tryed running it on windows 7 32 bit. keeps asking me two reboot computer after the install and put the key code in with starfores DRM and hey windows 7 cant work with this so called crap drm starfores all microsoft says...
  15. gunsmoke

    free docwho game fast.;)

    Just found this free game by bbc channel on u.k t.v its a t.v show over in the u.k. and there now have a game on it for free http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/theadventuregames?ref=nf
  16. gunsmoke

    wtf would any of you pay this

    Just seen this old alienwere p.c on e.bay for 400 pounds u.k intel p4 and x850 gfx card Any takers on this lmao.....:roll: who in there right mind set would by this old crap The seller must be on drugs or drunk...
  17. gunsmoke

    godmode windows 7

    just seen this on the net works good get str8 2 all windows 7 setings in one click of a mouse http://www.pcworld.com/article/187470/windows_7_hack_playing_with_godmode.html just make a file and call it this...... GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} all setings in one...
  18. gunsmoke

    good tips on lapping cpu

  19. gunsmoke

    free quake 3 rip off game openarena

    found this rip off quake 3 game 2 day, its free 2 dawn load and play bit ov a kid,s game but free is good lol http://openarena.ws/download.php
  20. gunsmoke

    p.c.games with bugs cant play them.

    I,ve been playing p.c. games now from the past 10 years and am sick 2 death with bugs in p.c. games making then totally unplayable. For examply in call of duty the first game the troop a.i. in that game there just stand there, and dont do nowt one of the levels theres a car chase where your...
  21. gunsmoke

    coolermaster z600 are there any good ?

    was just finking about geting a coolermaster z600 i seen for 45 pounds in the shop, and was just finking out loud are there any good at cooling i hear there a Nightmare, 2 set up and are very hevy on the mb. any one have one and are there any good ...
  22. gunsmoke

    Hackers n cheats on line gaming ;(

    Hi, Just wanted 2 no whats you views on players hacking and cheating multiplayer games, i,ve been playing multipayer games now for just the past 4 mouths. i.e f.e.a.r v107/cod/cod4/quake 3/quake 4/terrorist takedown 2....and so on, and its come as a surprise 2 me the amount of people that...