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  1. SaltyFish

    Do you let your HDD go to sleep during operation?

    Yes, they did. I'm pretty sure that's partly the reason WD folded their Green line onto their Blue line (the other being the latter was in an awkward middle position that WD hadn't been expanding in a while anyway). There exist programs to change the sleep timer if the head parking happens too...
  2. SaltyFish

    What are some of your PC building pet peeves?

    SATA cable connectors that are either too loose or too clingy. Sure you don't have to do it often but when you're upgrading/updating the storage on your servers, it's a royal pain in the butt. I always thought this was the inevitable result of continual cost cutting. Having to use SATA cables...
  3. SaltyFish

    SOULCALIBUR VI Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

    So Bamco didn't kill it off after all... wonder where the game will fit in the series timeline. Soulcalibur V's time skip (and absence of long-time favourite characters) was not well received.
  4. SaltyFish

    OFFICIAL Strategy Gaming Thread

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/722060/Dominions_5__Warriors_of_the_Faith/ Dominions 5 is out now.
  5. SaltyFish

    Researchers Find Glaring Intel ME Security Flaws, Company Outs Detection Tool

    So... everything from Core 2 to Broadwell is out of luck. It seems like it affects all iterations of Intel ME but only the recent CPUs are getting a fix, no?
  6. SaltyFish

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

    The is the Bioware Neverwinter Nights, not Cryptic's Neverwinter MMO (or the AOL one for that matter). Fancy graphics effects will be added. Compatibility with old mods will be retained. So cheers to that. Maybe one day we'll even get a Neverwinter Nights 3, but until then... No release date at...
  7. SaltyFish

    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    That has more to do with the way Apple sets up its business model extending back from the Mac days. They have full control of their market. They make their own OS and they are the only ones who make devices running it. As such, there isn't a flood of iOS smartphones and tablets because no one...
  8. SaltyFish

    Microsoft Xbox One X Falls Short of Expectations in Japan - Again

    In other news, water is wet. That's what we non-devs often forget. Tastes aren't universal. Is that really a surprise? At least Square Enix knows! Each of the console manufacturers know their own home market and so do well there (it'd be embarrassing and difficult to stay in business if they...
  9. SaltyFish

    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    Well, that's one way of stimulating the PC hardware market. I get the feeling that Wintel will "accidentally" not block updates of Windows Secure Boot and screw people with older motherboards. The graphics card thing probably isn't an common issue though; I don't see people shoving in 7+ year...
  10. SaltyFish

    Has anyone here ever done anything daft with hardware??

    I try to loot CRTs for retro-gaming. The nice ones are getting hard to come by and CRT giveaways don't happen since shipping is prohibitively expensive due to their massive weight. @phill Can it run Crysis? :P
  11. SaltyFish

    Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates Under Gambling Scrutiny

    Are children really the main market for Star Wars? Like that recent Star Wars Titan XP? When I think "target audience of Star Wars", I don't think of children but rather of socially-stunted middle-aged men (like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons) I'm aware that there's been a broadening of the...
  12. SaltyFish

    Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Launch Date: February 13, 2018

    That's the least of my worries. More worried about how the re-vamp will turn out. The last time Koei did a re-vamp of DW (Dynasty Warriors 6) it didn't work out so well. Dynasty Warriors has always had local multiplayer on PC ever since Dynasty Warriors 4, its first PC release. I still have...
  13. SaltyFish

    Razer Phone - Would you buy one?

    I'm sure the frame-rate kiddies will eat it up. Regardless, this seems like a repeat of Razer's earlier Project Fiona tablet.
  14. SaltyFish

    Sharkoon Announces the PureWriter, Kailh Mechanical Keyboard with Number Block

    It looks like one of those old scissor switch keyboards from a decade back before chiclet keyboards became all the rage. Looks nice and I'd give it a try if I see it in stores. Wish it had programmable keys and non-blue backlighting, but interesting nonetheless.
  15. SaltyFish

    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Red is less painful for the eyes in dark/low-light conditions (when you're most likely to use the back light). It's why submarine and emergency lighting tends to be of a warmer/redder colour. Blue light tends to be painfully glaring in the dark since your eyes dilate in the dark to better pick...
  16. SaltyFish

    Please advise Router with most features with Torrent Download support.

    I'm pretty sure stuff like emulation and torrenting has always been a wink-wink nudge-nudge affair that's okay on the site as long as you kept specific details out. We had this not too long ago. Though I'll admit the OP was not doing a good enough job keeping details on the down low.
  17. SaltyFish

    Do y'all think Consoles are the Future?

    And "high end games" is what? Fancy effects that can make a $700 GPU sweat? I hate developers use pretty graphics as a form of turd polishing. I hate consumers (gamers) even more for buying into it. In olden times, developers had to be careful and creative when making games due to hardware...
  18. SaltyFish

    Google unintentionally recommends the best sites to watch pirate content

    Both are basically content that some people would prefer not to be accessible. Ultimately, people who are smart and/or are determined enough will still find their desired content. So this whole incident is just a minor embarrassment akin to walking into a tree.
  19. SaltyFish

    Do y'all think Consoles are the Future?

    Consoles have historically been more accessible (plug-n-play), but lately they've been trying too much to be PCs and picking up most of its downsides (patching ability means pushing out half-assed games to be fixed later on consoles now just like on PCs) with little of its upsides to show for...
  20. SaltyFish

    Google unintentionally recommends the best sites to watch pirate content

    To appease content creators/publishers and their profit margins? Also, to play Devil's Advocate and to invoke the modern quasi-equivalent of Godwin's Law, replace "pirate content" with "child pornography"...
  21. SaltyFish

    NVIDIA Adds DirectX 12 Support to GeForce "Fermi" Architecture

    At that rate, Vulkan support for XP isn't far behind! On a more serious note, it's nice to see hardware that's been out of production for more than five years get a feature boost. It understandably doesn't happen often (poor return on investment). Now to find a decent DX12 game that can run on...
  22. SaltyFish

    Tt eSports Announces the Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse

    I too can only normally get about 6 buttons comfortably, 7 or 8 with mild effort. I get easily access 9 buttons and the last 3 with some effort if I palm-grip but that's not my preferred grip style (and it's hard to palm-grip on such a large mouse!). The side buttons seem to be made for MMORPGs...
  23. SaltyFish

    Tt eSports Announces the Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse

    The Logitech G600's side pad is not that bad (certainly better than the Razer Naga), but it seems mostly made for palm-gripping. The contours on the pad make the upper half of the pad hard to reach when claw-gripping. The Corsair Scimitar (Pro) seems to have the most accessible side buttons...
  24. SaltyFish

    European Commission Fines Google in €2.42 billion for Antitrust Violations

    That pretty much sums this up. Remember the whole thing with the other monopolistic American company called Microsoft? Or that other one called Steam? (Yes, I just said Steam is a monopoly. No, I don't know why people seem to worship Steam and think they can do no wrong. Microsoft gets flak all...
  25. SaltyFish

    How much are you willing to spend on a keyboard?

    Enjoying my CM Storm Trigger. You can splurge on a good keyboard. You'll be using it most of the time when you use your computer. Keyboards are timeless; you can pass it onto a future computer down the line and unlike graphics cards it won't become obsolete. Some people still use a IBM Model M...