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  1. Cleorina

    New GeForce 400 Series Member Named GeForce GTX 465, Clock Speeds Surface

    Wow nice... but sorry nvidia... i going ATI now... your GTX out so late and very hot... Im very happy with my 5870 now... XD :roll:
  2. Cleorina

    Is this Normal for Core i5??

    Guys what if i upgrade to I7 860 or 870... Will it more faster in OC then my i5 750? Max i can get is 4.5Ghz... By the way dose HT + your performance in gaming?
  3. Cleorina

    Is this Normal for Core i5??

    Ic... Thanks alot for the info Guys...:respect:
  4. Cleorina

    Is this Normal for Core i5??

    Guys i know Core i5 750 have max multiplier buy 21... why my Core i5 750 run at 3131Mhz at 23 Multiplier??? i have a bad processor or mobo? Now i run at Stock Speed for now... U can see the pic of my CPUID here...
  5. Cleorina

    GeForce GTX 480 Supports 4-way SLI?

    Wow... 4 Way SLI... Cool... My next Room Heater upgrade...
  6. Cleorina

    NVIDIA CUDA Emulator for every PC

    How to use it?
  7. Cleorina

    XFX Abandons GeForce GTX 400 Series

    U right dude....:rockout:
  8. Cleorina

    XFX GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 Pictured

    Wow... this will be my next upgrade GTX480... but not 512SP?
  9. Cleorina

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Reference Design Card Final Design Pictured

    Wow:roll: 300W:banghead: is that over kill if 2 or 3 way sli..?
  10. Cleorina

    [Case Gallery] Obsidian - Faster

    Wow... like your rig... 10/10 for me
  11. Cleorina

    GeForce GTX 480 has 480 CUDA Cores?

    512SP? Cool:roll: but 298W:banghead:
  12. Cleorina

    Intel Lets Loose Core i7 980X Performance Evaluations

    Wow... Cool i was hope it run on LGA1156:banghead:
  13. Cleorina

    GeForce 196.78 Beta Driver Runs GeForce GTX 470

    This will be my next Upgrade GTX480:roll:
  14. Cleorina

    NVIDIA Blames OEMs for GeForce 300 Rebranding

    I know that:roll: The new GT400 i see Nvidia go for old tech... like 8800GTS with 384-bit so that make GT500 a 448-Bit like GTX260:banghead:
  15. Cleorina

    NVIDIA Blames OEMs for GeForce 300 Rebranding

    i don't care what Nvidia name it... as long the card far good then old card... Hahahaha
  16. Cleorina

    GeForce 196.75 Drivers Overheat GPUs on Some Applications

    I did have prob with this driver with my GTX260... all my game have the same prob but not make my card run hot...
  17. Cleorina

    NVIDIA GeForce 196.75 WHQL Drivers Released

    I got prob with this driver... the image dont look so good and blur... izit because this driver have prob in SLI... i did try all game, all show same prob... i try downgrade to 196.21 all are good with this driver....
  18. Cleorina

    XFX Preps Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition 4GB Eyefinity6 Graphics Accelerator

    Nice card... hope i can see what inside that bad boy card...
  19. Cleorina

    GeForce GTX 480 PCB and Cooling Assembly Pictured

    Wow... this soon be my next upgrade for GC... I hope it can beat 5970 with just this one card...