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  1. [Ion]

    How to get computer to boot from SAS card

    Here's the situation I have: I have an IBM X3650 M2 computer; for those not familiar it's a dual-LGA1366 2U rackmount system. I'm trying to install an operating system on it--either Windows Server 2008 R2 or Linux Mint 17.2. The motherboard has a single onboard SAS port, and there's an LSI...
  2. [Ion]

    Radiator Fans

    I'm looking to buy three 120mm fans for the 360mm radiator I've put on my newest system. Currently I'm using a Lian Li 120mm fan and a pair of 120mm Cooler Master fans. My goal is high performance but fans that also respond well to a fan controller....being able to run at full speed most of...
  3. [Ion]

    World Community Grid 10th Birthday Challenge -- 16 November - 25 November!

    Alright guys, I know it hasn't been long since the last challenge, but it's almost time once more for another one! Coming up in less than two weeks is a challenge celebrating the tenth birthday of the World Community Grid project, which has enabled volunteers to put their computers to work...
  4. [Ion]

    Dual Xeon Cruncher Build

    So I'm finally getting around to putting together something else interesting (no, the endless i5 HP SFFs don't count) so I might as well do a build log. Parts are: - 2x Xeon X5672 (3.2GHz + turbo, quad-core + HT, LGA1366) - 6x2GB DDR3-10666 RAM. More than enough for what I'm working on here -...
  5. [Ion]

    WCG Announcement: 1 million years runtime!

    Congratulations guys on your contribution to this amazing milestone! A pleasure to see TPU's 3632 years contributed! :toast: :rockout: :toast: :rockout: :toast: :rockout: :toast: :respect: via Facebook
  6. [Ion]

    Strange issue with RAM usability

    I have an i7-920 system that is having some strange issues with the amount of RAM that is available. Specs are: i7-920 (OCed) EVGA X58 3x SLI 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 (OEM stuff) 3x Radeon HD7770 320GB HDD running Windows 7 Professional x64. When I open up the "System" window in Control Panel, it...
  7. [Ion]

    Ion gets a FX8

    So, what with the summer drawing to a close, I decided that now would be time to prepare for the cooler weather of fall. And I just so happen to have a $500 Tiger Direct gift card that I won in a computer assembly race back in May. Given Haswell's lackluster improvement, I decided to get an...
  8. [Ion]

    World Community Grid Summer Challenge

    Hey guys! It's that time again! I hear you guys asking, what time? Challenge time! :) In celebration of the 4th of July (for TPU's American members) and the Captain's (Chicken Patty) birthday, we have a midsummer team challenge. I know, I know, summer is hardly the best time for a...
  9. [Ion]

    Setting up a file server

    I've realized that it's impractical and insecure to keep my big files (movies, music, TV shows, pictures) on a single 1TB drive. Consequently, I'm looking to build a file server. Currently, I have a pair of 1TB Caviar Green drives. I'm determined to have either a RAID1 or RAID5 array so I...
  10. [Ion]

    Enough power?

    So, I'm thinking of getting a third GTX470 so I can run tri-SLI in the 3930k (because why not :rolleyes:)--do you guys think I'll be OK with a Corsair TX750 running it? My initial thought is yes, it should be fine--I had two GTX460s and a GTX470 briefly running on an Antec 650w, and I know that...
  11. [Ion]

    WC Loop Issues?

    Hey all! I put together a custom (well, from a kit) loop for my i7-3930k a couple week ago. I've noticed over the past few days that the tubing and/or water have a decidedly yellow-brown tint to them. Now, when I was putting things together, I noticed that the tubing was slightly yellowish...
  12. [Ion]

    Solid SSD Suggestions

    I'm looking to pick up a SSD for my i7 system to improve its real-world responsiveness. I think that since I also have a 500GB HDD for it, a 64GB SSD would be plenty (enough for Windows, Firefox, Office, Notepad++ and a game or two). I'm tempted by the Samsung 840 Pro 64GB, but it strikes me...
  13. [Ion]

    P9X79 Pro: "System Unstable"

    I'm having some weird issues with the i7-3930k/P9X79 Pro system that I have the honor of currently running. It happened when I shut it down and moved it so that I could move around some of my computers. Now whenever I boot it, it says "System Unstable. Multiplier may be locked to 12x" When...
  14. [Ion]

    WCG Game Giveaway

    I'm excited to announce the first giveaways for our February WCG Team Challenge! On Thursday, I'll pick three or four games from the donated list to hand out Friday. I'll pick games on Thursday morning; please refrain from posting in this thread until 10:00 AM EST Thursday. I realize that not...
  15. [Ion]

    World Community Grid February Team Challenge

    It's official now! I'm proud to announce a Team challenge for the last three weeks of February and first week of March. The competition will run from February 8th to March 8th. The requirements & rules: Post in this thread saying that you're joining the competition Crunch at least 25,000...
  16. [Ion]

    February World Community Grid Team Challenge Planning!

    Hey Team! I'm excited to announce that a new Team Challenge is in the works! This is my first time running a competition, so I'd like your input for the process! My current plan is to start the challenge either the first or second week of February (perhaps either the 6th or the 12th) and then...
  17. [Ion]

    Project: 24MB L2

    So, my new project should finally be coming together tonight. It's taken a bit longer than I was hoping for, but I'll be setting up a new Xeon DP setup. Here's what it will be: - 2x Intel Xeon E5420 (2.5GHz Yorkfield-12M) - Supermicro X7DAE (dual LGA771 board) - 8x1GB FB-DDR2 - Antec...
  18. [Ion]

    [FS][US] Ion's "I have too many CPUs"

    I have a bunch of LGA775 CPUs up for sale. From left to right: C2D E4300: $20 PentDC E5200: $35 C2D E8400: $55 - SOLD! C2D E6300: - SOLD! Pentium D 945: $10 - SOLD! C2D E7400: $45 Celeron DC E1600: $20 each (several available) C2D E6550: $35 - One sold locally, two more available! All prices...
  19. [Ion]

    [FS][US] AMD Never Settle Game Coupon

    I recently purchased an AMD Radeon HD7950 card, which came with the usual Never Settle Promo. I don't play video games, so I'm looking to recoup some of my costs. This coupon is good for: A free copy of Far Cry 3 A free copy of Sleeping Dogs A free copy of Hitman Absolution And a 20% off...
  20. [Ion]

    [WTB][US] HD7850 or HD7870

    I'm looking to buy a HD7850 or HD7870 for my crunching rigs. Heatware is under kpresler. Please send me your best price shipped to 27607--I expect prices to be at least 10% lower than Newegg.com or Amazon.com I'd love to do partial trades....I have various hard drives, DDR2 RAM, and Core 2...
  21. [Ion]

    Private Message Notifications

    One of the things that I really prefer about [H]ard|Forum compared to TPU is the way that PM notifications are handled. Here at TPU, we get an email telling us that we've received a PM, along with the title & user who sent it: At [H], however, we get the text of the PM right in the email...
  22. [Ion]

    [WTB][US] HD7950 or similar

    I'm looking to pick up a HD7950 to add to my fleet of WCG cards. Keep in mind that I can get a brand new one for $275 AR. I'd also be willing to consider a HD7870 or HD7970, but only if the price is remarkable. A Sapphire or Gigabyte card would be most preferred. Heat
  23. [Ion]

    Ion goes ITX

    Hey guys! I'm back with a new build! I'm building a ITX system--hopefully more powerful and more successful than my last one. Here's what I'm looking at using: - Cooler Master Elite 120 Case [on the way] - Antec 350w PSU (might use a Thermaltake TR-2 modular instead) [have both] - Core...
  24. [Ion]

    [WTB][US] Pentium Dual Core/Core i3 LGA1155 + G92 GPU

    I'm looking to build a SFF gaming system and I need a CPU. I'm most interested in either a Core i3 or a Pentium Dual Core G8* CPU. I'd consider a Celeron Dual Core, but it certainly wouldn't be my highest priority. PM me your price shipped to 27607 (realize that the Pentium G860 that I was...
  25. [Ion]

    Ion goes Bloomfield

    Hello Team! I'm soon going to be building my last planned cruncher of the year--a Core i7-920 system. Yes, it's four years old at this point, but it still packs quite a punch, especially overclocked. I don't have all of the parts yet, but everything has been purchased. Here's what I'll be...