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  1. Soylent Joe

    [WTB] 1155 Motherboard

    I'm looking for a solid, no issue socket 1155 motherboard in micro ATX or larger. I would like one with a good bios and basic overclocking capabilities so that I can milk a 2700k I've had collecting dust for a while. So preferably Z77 or Z68 chipsets. Please send me any solutions that you may...
  2. Soylent Joe

    [FS/FT][US] Corsair H100

    I bought this on June 9, 2012 and have been using it since. Moving into a smaller silent case for college so this needs to go. The cooler works fine. The fans have always been bonkers, so I put them on a fan controller to slow them down. I assume this is because they're 3-pin and not the 4-pin...
  3. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] 1155 Motherboard

    Somehow I messed up my Z68X while rebuilding my computer so I need a replacement. Link to Heatware feedback in my signature. RequirementsAt least 5 SATA connectors Onboard VGA, DVI and HDMI 4 memory slots USB 3.0 2 PCI slots It must work all the time Around $75 shipped to 31523
  4. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Galaxy GTX 670

    Gave up the vidya, became a :pimp:. Don't need this bad boy any more. Link to the exact card. F-f-f-flawless condition. Lazyass photo: Sold plus calculated, insured shipping to ConUS members only. Payment through the PayPal. Link to my pristine Heatwares in the sig. :toast:
  5. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] New Custom Mini-PC & Nintendo Wii Bundle

    I'm trying to recoup the load of dosh that I just spent on my monster 670. Link to my HW feedback is in the signature. I ship ConUS (from 31525) and accept payment through PayPal only. Nintendo Wii with 7 games, 2 controllers & extras - $99 + shipping Custom mATX PC - $199 + shipping
  6. Soylent Joe

    Can't keep a good install - Where's my problem?

    I've been struggling with this issue for about a week now. Really fed up with it so I've just been using the laptop, but I have to get it back up in order to play my games. It's kind of difficult to explain since there any different sides to the issue. Currently I have Win7 installed on my...
  7. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] $100 Apple App Store/iTunes gift card

    Asking $75 $65, I can only accept payment from US members via PayPal. Got this with the purchase of a MacBook and I don't need it. Link to Heatware feedback is in my sig.
  8. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Big Joe's 775 Combo

    Recently upgraded so I'd like to sell this stuff to help foot the bill. Everything is in great condition. I'd like to sell it as a combo, but I'll part out if most everything has a buyer. Only selling to members in the ConUS, prices include shipping. Payment through PP money send. Link to HW...
  9. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] Sandy Bridge CPU, motherboard, memory, Xigmatek bracket

    Looking for the best deal on any socket 1155 i5 or i7 processors you may have, along with a solid ATX 1155 motherboard and 8-16GB DDR3 1333+. Also going to need a Xigmatek Crossbow ACK-I5361 (not I5363). This bracket is almost impossible to find on the net. I'd like to spend about $150 on...
  10. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] iPad 3 64GB Wi-Fi + cases

    I'm trying to get rid of this thing. Figured I'd give it a couple days on here before moving to eBay since those fees will eat me alive. iPad 3rd Generation 64GB, Black, Wi-Fi in perfect condition with original box and paperwork Sync cable and AC adapter Otterbox Defender case with terrible...
  11. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] microATX LGA 775 motherboard

    Looking for a stable mATX 775 board. Must be able to take an E8400 and 4x 1GB DDR2 800. Under $70 shipped to 31523, the cheaper the better. Must not have any problems. Link to Heatware feedback in the sig. Thanks, SJ Edit 6/26/12: Back on the hunt for a board
  12. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] Cheap PCIe video card

    I'm looking for a video card under $35 shipped to 31523. It has to be PCIe x16 interface and have at least 512MB VRAM. Can't require 6-pin PCIe power. Must run stable since this is replacing my friend's flaky 9400GT. Link to Heatware feedback in the sig. Thanks, SJ
  13. Soylent Joe

    Blue screens after OS installation on Vertex 4

    Yesterday I got this drive and put it in my HP Pavilion DM4-2191us. There are two basic problems with the drive: The computer will always blue screen when you wake it from sleep (though not from hibernate). It won't do it any other time. Here is what it displays The read speed benchmark...
  14. Soylent Joe

    [FS/FT][US] [BNIB] SMC 10/100 24-Port Switch

    Selling a SMC EZ switch, model SMC-EZ1024DT. It's brand new in the box, anti-static sealing is still around the unit. Comes with the power cable and manuals. Asking $38 shipped ConUS only. I'll trade for an iPad smart cover.
  15. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Acer Iconia Tab A500 & extras

    Selling an Acer A500, AC charger, box, and 6ft. micro HDMI to HDMI cable. BELKIN CASE NO LONGER INCLUDED. The tablet was a floor model that was on display for about 6 months. Bought it back in October. Works completely fine. Only problem is that there are some heavy scratches in the very center...
  16. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Nikon D50

    Selling a Nikon D50 body, 18-55mm stock lens, lens cap, strap, 2GB Kodak SD card, extra battery (2 batteries total), and external AC battery charger. Camera was purchased in early 2006. Has served its duty well, still works perfectly. Shutter count ATM is 12,372. Some minor physical blemishes...
  17. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] [BNIB] WD Elements 1.5TB

    Selling a brand new in box WD Elements 1.5TB external 3.5" HDD. Bought it today, selling because I have too much hard drive space as it is. The model is WDBAAU0015HBK-NESN so you can look up to see what WD Caviar series drive it has in it. Asking $115 $105 shipped ConUS only. Link to Heatware...
  18. Soylent Joe

    Asus G73jh Video Card Replacement

    A few months back we bought a G73jh for $450. They stripped it of a 500GB drive and 2GB of memory, which should have been a warning sign to the fact that they sold us a broken notebook. The AMD Mobility HD 5870 is complete shit. Anytime you do anything graphics intensive such as gaming or a...
  19. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Flame Red Nintendo 3DS + Games & Accessories

    Selling my red 3DS which was bought on October 27 2011. Everything is in perfect condition and works fine. 3DS with docking station, AC charger, AR cards and 2GB SD card all in original box Power A Executive 3DS carrying case Silicone skin for 3DS Super Mario 3D Land The Legend of Zelda...
  20. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] Cheap DDR3 motherboard & CPU combo

    I'm looking to get a CPU + mobo for about $70 shipped to 31523. I'll pay a little more for a nicer board but the main priority here is price. Motherboard must support DDR3 (any speed) and have integrated video. CPU must come with some sort of cooler. I don't want anything dodgy, the board needs...
  21. Soylent Joe

    Laptop audio whine while charging

    My dad has an Asus G73Jh that we got off craigslist a few weeks back. The GPU is faulty and when it's under load the system shuts off, but that's a separate problem. We hooked it up to the TV to watch a movie with the video going through VGA and the audio going to the AV receiver via 3.5mm to...
  22. Soylent Joe

    [FS][US] Denon AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones

    Got these in the mail today and I can't say I've got any use for them. I love the Sony's I've been using. These cans have never been opened and I took them out of the shipping box just to snap a photo. All the info on them can be viewed here. They're $100 everywhere on the internet. Asking...
  23. Soylent Joe

    Joe needs some help with his Minecraft server

    Hello all. I decided yesterday to try to turn a spare rig into a MC server, but after fiddling for a while things just aren't working right. System & network specs I followed this guide exactly. Port 25565 has been forwarded on my router. All four Ethernet ports on the router are full, and...
  24. Soylent Joe

    $80-$100 headphones

    Hello all, I'd like to purchase a better set of cans today. They will be used for movie watching and video game playing, along with some music. I've been looking for a while and have narrowed it down to a handful of pairs, so here are my choices. I'm really leaning towards the V6's because...
  25. Soylent Joe

    [WTB][US] Radeon HD 5570/6570 (or Nvidia equiv.)

    I'm looking to buy a HD 5570/6570 (512MB or 1GB) or some other AMD/Nvidia card very much like them for about $45 shipped to 32174. This is for my bro and I'm already throwing in some money with his so the price can't be any more than that. The similar card has to be low profile and...