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    Flightcase Case

    Hey guys, A month ago I ordered a custom-made Case from those flightcase guys here. (Im from Austria;) ) I bought this one to transport my pc,some cables etc. Therefore its quite useful. Now my question: Has anyone of you guys ever had the idea to usre a flightcase as a pc Case ? In white/black...
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    G.Skill Launches Its New Sniper Memory Series Aimed at Gamers and Case Modders

    never saw those ones before. Looks really great so far.
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    Opinions on Google Chrome

    jap i agree with that. i run firefox and chrome as well. chrome as my standart browser app and firefox because i need some extentions there.
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    What does everyone use as a display?

    I got 2 Samsung Syncmaster 245B 24" screens in use.
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    Good defrag utility??

    Usually I go for defraggler, too
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    Modern Warfare 3 Teaser site launched.

    Haha ouh my god that discussionreminds my to the times we played wolfenstein 3d Awesome :D