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    New Crysis Trailer - Featuring a NUKE!

    to be honest im not super impressed, DX10 has way to much playing room.
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    More Impressive Crysis Screenshots

    I duno, i expected more from them, DX10 has so much growing room, i hope this inspires other game companies to release better games, and code them correctly, so they can utalize all these dual and quad core CPUs.
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    More ASUS XG Station details pop up

    Nice for car audio and Video, you could do alot with that.
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    Fujitsu Introduces World's First 2.5 inc SATA-II HDD

    Yea, just buy the Iphone, I wonder if main stream computer companies will offer these.
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    Commodore brand to return with new gaming PC's

    umm.. Is this a joke, the only reason i see for them to bring it back is its appealing name
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    Xbox Live Hits 6 Million Users

    well hats off to M$.
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    Man spends year searching for the actual source of a Windows XP wallpaper

    It says you live in canada lamoafo, a bit far away, any hoot, wuts at the end of the path?
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    Intel Research Chip Advances 'Era Of Tera'

    Damn.:eek: Is the beginning of the end.:confused:
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    ?? How do I PW protect Folders in windows

    Sup, i was wondering if anyone knew how to password protect a "Folder" in windows or do i need a 3rd party software, if so recommendations would be great. Thanks
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    Sound Blaster X-Fi™ Fatal1ty

    i have had the worst luck trying to get my sound cards hocked up to a recever, i have a problem with getting the sub out put to work when i use mutli channel in. I bet you can turn up the volume all the way, and make sure its selected to use digital out only. Other than that try updating...
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    TPU's F@H Team

    Took a hard hit the electricity bill. +im more into building subwoofer encousures.
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    AMD Overclockers Club

    Just a suggestion for the stats page, you should have people enter what there stock speeds are aswell as overclocked speeds of CPU, GPU, and ram, that way you can see what clocks speeds do better on different systems.
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    AMD Overclockers Club

    I will join this when i get home from work.
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    Halo 3 advertisement to air on December 4th

    ooooooohhh, well christmas time, ......
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    [Case Gallery] UPDATE "eh not too many mods"

    OH thats a bit harsh, i like the comp, pretty close to the specs of mine, i bet it kicks ass.
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    100Gbit ethernet will hit the market in 2010

    Hence the reason there going to start to incorperate it in 2010, alot can advance in 3 years. One example were i used to live in the majove dessert, they are all ready running fiber in mass tracking devlopments.
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    Dual-rail PSU: Yes or no?

    I would deffintly go with a dual rail PSU, personly i think they are more stable.
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    radeon x1900gt on newegg $195.99

    Can you please send me a link to were you got that card brand new at for that listed price of 165$.
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    New Halo 3 Alpha screenshots reveal several new game features

    Those grafics look like crap, there the same just refreshed with higher resaluition. psssh
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    NVIDIA G80 does not play HDCP content at dual-link resolutions

    no 1080p is not good enough, and good job on AMD(ATI) part for incorperating dual like 1080p HD play back.
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    New games require the latest version of DirectX 9.0C

    when i go to install it asks me for a directory, can sum one please copy past the directory were supposed to install the file to.
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    DL link to latest v. DX9

    nvm i found it : http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=19085
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    DL link to latest v. DX9

    Could some one please give me a link to a free DL cite were i can get DX9.0 latest version. I know there was a news artical sum time about it but i cant find it. Thnx.
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    Building a new PC advice

    i agree, i would head in ther direction of the c2d, there extremly competitive. Also why not go with a G80 card.
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    Frck an A look at what I found

    anyway back on topic, I know fo sho that the brown wire=Ground, yellow prob 12.4, 14.4V, what ever the rating is, and the other i dont know, but don think they matter, just get a 9V batter and start testing it out. When your done with that then you will have figured out the 2 u need for power...