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  1. Cortex

    ASUS GTX 650 Ti Boost DC II OC 2048 MB

    Crysis 3, please :). Very High + (at least) FXAA, for single digit framerates on midrange cards :D. Other sites test C3 on Medium :shadedshu
  2. Cortex

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB

    Quote: Originally Posted by Aquinus View Post You make it sound like you can enable full power DP math on non-Titan GeForce chips. Let's get something perfectly clear. How many shaders and performance did this card have to dedicate to get that 1:3 DP math? Precisely? Zero. Of the 2688 shaders on...
  3. Cortex

    List Your Favorite GPU

    Company: TUL, AMD GPU: Tahiti, 7970 SKU: Reference one :p
  4. Cortex

    No New GPUs from AMD for the Bulk of 2013

    Seems like AMD is trying to kill Moore's law. First they slowed down CPU development with Bulldozer, now they stalling graphics cards market. Good job, AMD.
  5. Cortex

    No New GPUs from AMD for the Bulk of 2013

    AMD fails again. Could 2014 AMD Radeon "HD 8970" Fail Edition compete with nVidia's next high end chip (~30 percent faster than Titan). I think not.
  6. Cortex

    6 GB Standard Memory Amount for GeForce Titan

    $900, still no improvement in perf/USD, 2bad. Yawn. That's not how you popularize PC gaming. Tough times for nVidia, Tesla got a problem with Xeon Phi, Tegra 4 apparently sucks, next gen consoles use AMD hardware (although a mistake IMHO, absolute performance and perf/Watt wise), GeForce might...
  7. Cortex

    Intel SSD 335 Series Expanded with New 180 GB Model

    Decreasing endurance didn't helped :p. I'd take 330 instead.
  8. Cortex

    AMD "Richland" Desktop APU Lineup Detailed

    IGP still slower than 7750, Hybrid CFX slower than 8750. Impressive, AMD you have fastest IGP world has ever seen, too bad it's glued to slow power hungry Pile of <beep> processor. :D
  9. Cortex

    Apple Reports Record Results for Q1 FY2013

    There is another reason for high profits. It's failure of all PC/Notebook companies to deliver real good quality hardware. Most important, notebooks. An average PC notebook has 1366*768 ~200nits, ~300:1 (there are worse ones, as well, another lenovo, T430s or T430u scores less than 150:1)...
  10. Cortex

    Microsoft Grows Surface Family

    Remember Zune? I didn't think so. What we learned from all these years is that M$ cannot compete with Apple products. Especially with this silly price.
  11. Cortex

    Intel Intros Core i5-3439Y and Core i7-3689Y Dual-Core Processors with 13W TDP

    Prices Take an i3-3220 or one of low power i3-3xxx models (or i5/i3 standard or low voltage for notebooks/ultrabooks). -Underclock it -Undervolt it -(optional) turn off one core -(optional) turn off HT -Use single DDR3 module @1.35V (or 1.5V undervolted to 1.35V) -Save $150-250
  12. Cortex

    Arctic Leaks Bucket List of Socket LGA1150 Processor Model Numbers

    Think about this when you need to render something (video or raytracing), or play Crysis 3... And virtualization is violation of user's privacy. So, it is being dumber from user's point of view. It just means that hardware and software are owned by an Corporation (could be evil, what do you...
  13. Cortex

    EK Working on Radeon HD 7990 Full-Cover Water Block

    Make it single slot so that is posible to fit 7 of these with board like ASUS Z9PE D8 and four 1250+W PSU's :laugh:. For password cracking etc...
  14. Cortex

    Club3D HD 7870 jokerCard Tahiti LE 2048 MB

    It would be nice to include Far Cry 3 and maybe Hitman: Absolution in the next reviews :).
  15. Cortex

    Processor GFlops Compilation

    3930K@5GHz should score about 200GFLOPS with AVX support. This is just rubbish.
  16. Cortex

    AMD and Ubisoft Collaborate to Deliver the Ultimate Far Cry 3 PC Gaming Experience

    Not really, 7970GE is faster than GTX680 with HDAO (most demanding ambient occlusion technique) instead of SSAO on Techspot and Guru3D reviews. http://hardocp.com/article/2012/12/05/far_cry_3_video_card_performance_preview
  17. Cortex

    Probable Radeon HD 8000 Series GPU Specifications Surface

    You mean 256? 2560-2304=256.
  18. Cortex

    AOC Goes Slim with Its New 23-inch Virtually Borderless IPS Monitor

    50,000,000:1. Sure :shadedshu Nice monitor, BTW.
  19. Cortex

    Noctua Announces NF-A14 FLX, NF-A14 ULN and NF-A15 PWM 140 mm Fans

    Where's the active noise cancellation fan?
  20. Cortex

    AMD FirePro Server Graphics Redefining Supercomputing Performance

    http://www.top500.org/system/177996 Why so low efficiency? rpeak 1098TFLOPS rmax 421TFLOPS
  21. Cortex

    OnLive Builds Console-Quality Gaming Into LG Google TVs, No Console Required

    I hope not. A real PC Gamer will never give up on local system with MultiTFLOPS GPU. And kbd&mouse. Let the casual gamers play their Halos (i cant stand that game), Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Zumas... (again, for latter 3 cloud computing resources aren't needed, and for Halo, wonder will...
  22. Cortex

    Intels Xeon Phi looks to demote GPGPU

    Hopefully compute Maxwell (Tesla) will be a homogenous GPU - all shaders can execute 2 prim/clk FP32 or FP64 (or 2 SP or 1 DP). I think intel cannot match that kind of performance (up to 4xDPof GK110 [or 2x] - 2880 FP32 SP and 2880/3 FP64 SP), even with smaller production process. Also a special...
  23. Cortex

    NVIDIA to Pull Through 2013 with Kepler Refresh, "March of Maxwell" in 2014

    Hopefully this is true http://www.techpowerup.com/173851/NVIDIA-Kepler-Refresh-GPU-Family-Detailed.html GTX780 GTX770~8970 GTX760Ti>GTX680 GTX760~GTX670 ...