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  1. TheSchnitzelkiller

    How hot can you get?

    Had a pretty bad i5 3570k, before i delidded it a couple of minutes prime95 with small fft's did get it to TJmax (105c) before shutting down. My early 2011 macbook pro likes to get hot too (97c on both cores).
  2. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Corsair 100i vs Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Prestige (Able to get for the same price)

    Definitely get the eisberg 240. It's expandable, has a pump which is stronger than the h100i's and a alphacool made copper radiator, whereas the h100i uses a aluminium radiator. Only the fans are a bit loud.
  3. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Noctua Introduces Two New Fan Product Lines and Accessory Kits

    oohhh noctua fans without the ugly colors nice. :D
  4. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Gigabyte 780 GHZ - strange noise

    Could be Coil whine, not too uncommon with graphics cards. More about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coil_noise
  5. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Cooltek Introduces the UMX2 Midi-Tower PC Case

    wow. looks sleek
  6. TheSchnitzelkiller


    Awesome :clap: btw
  7. TheSchnitzelkiller

    In Win Announces the 904 Aluminum PC Case

    Awesome design :rolleyes: in win seem to make beautifull cases lately.
  8. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Power and Motherboard will sustain a 280X?? 750W too much for single gpu?

    nothing wrong with that seasonic psu you've got
  9. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Desktop speaker suggestions

    Teufel, an german brand also makes some high quality computer speakers, worth looking into, bit expensive tho.. http://www.trustedreviews.com/Teufel-Concept-E-400-and-Decoder-Station-5_Surround-Sound-System_review
  10. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Wooden ITX box

    Cool little build, subbed
  11. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Your PC ATM

    Looks badass :D What casefans are you using? arent those 38mm server fans insanely loud?
  12. TheSchnitzelkiller

    cpu fan/heatsink question

    Exuse me for that one, looked too fast :) If you're planning to move your system to a midi tower, i would defenetly go with the hyper 212 evo drdeathx mentioned, great cooler for the price.
  13. TheSchnitzelkiller

    cpu fan/heatsink question

    the Phanteks PH-TC90LS might also be an option for you, it cools quite decent and is relatively quiet. Phanteks PH-TC90LS 92mm PWM fan UFB (Updraft Float... http://www.phanteks.com/PH-TC90LS.htmlhttp://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/phanteks_phtc90ls/
  14. TheSchnitzelkiller

    Your PC ATM

    Had an old Thermaltake xaser iii laying around. I thought let's mod it into a decent case, this is the result: inverted atx, new paint, extra fan holes: everything togheter, still need to tidy up cables: done: temps are great with the reversed mobo layout, made the pictures...