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    Swiftech Apogee GTX - supposed to be bowed?

    i bought one of these blocks s/h off ebay, looked at the base, and it looked warped. so i measured it with a square and it looked about .5mm out all over. So i blagged £10 back off the seller, and was happy. Now i was going to have the base surface-ground and re-polished (i am an engineer by...
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    really good ram for £120?

    hi, following on from my earlier thread, i need a decent replacement for the pc8500 OCZ stuff that came out of that PC. im wondering what would make most sense - 2 gb for speed, or 4gb for long term? here is some of the stuff i was considering...
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    Problem... maybe memory

    havent been here for a long time.... anyway, i built a system for my cousin a while back, it has a asus p5k premium mobo, and ocz ram (can find out full specs, but cant remember them off my head) with watercooled cpu, gpu and northbridge. it started bluescreening and generally being...
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    will a 320/640mb 8800GTS block fit the 512mb 8800GTS?

    ok, im back with another question. i have the "old" GTS block, but now that i want a 512mb version that is far faster, will my block fit it also? thanks in advance :) (im asking this question for someone im building a rig for, and he is deffo getting the 512mb version whatever the extra cost)
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    are cards like this usually doomed?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BFG-8800GTS-640mb-OC-SPARE-REPAIR_W0QQitemZ320190002708QQihZ011QQcategoryZ3762QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ive seen a few cards saying the same problem, i was just wondering if the card itself is knackered, or is it just a bios reflash it needs? it would be a...
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    8800 GTS / GT and power supply query

    hi, all, its been a long time ;) anyways, i NEED to replace my now venerable X800GT02 with a new card, for obvious reasons. the thing is, my power supply is a crap generic 500w one, it has a connector for PCI-E, but theres no way im plugging a 8800 into it :laugh: so im confused, some...
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    question on cooling an 8800gts

    hi guys, im building a system for my cousin, watercooled. it is having triplefan radiator (maybe more), probably 1/2 in tubing, an overclocked core2duo, etc. im using a 8800gts but waterblocks are very expensive for it and i was wondering whether i could get away with using a universal GPU...
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    My Eheim pump has started making a racket?

    hi guys, not been here for a long time. anyway, the past week my waterpump started giving my trouble- it makes nasty vibrating noises, that dont go away when the pump is not touching anything. last night i dismantled it out of the PC and cleaned it up, put it back in and the noise is twice as...
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    Selling my watercooled rig... will break it up

    i want to sell my rig (in signature) just the tower, with xp and all software, like office 2003. i will sell the watercooled case seperately, if someone wants, and i will break up all the other parts too. to see the computer, look in the mod gallery for munkul's watercooled beast. any buyer of...
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    i am the best (at fixing the internet) !!! :)

    once again, i am the best! fixed my grandmother's wireless internet, and am using it now to sing my own praises. we had 3 people, including a BT engineer, trying to fix her mysterious problem, and after 4 hours,ive fixed it! bring it on!!! (suffice to saythat it involved complex and...
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    opteron 144 runs very hot

    my brother's CPU runs at 60deg at load, it has a gigabyte G-power pro, AS5 it runs at 2.7ghz at 1.45v is this how hot they should run? the stepping is CACJE im worried because my athlon 3200+ runs 32deg max, same setup, 1.45v and 2.4ghz
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    NFS: Carbon Looks previous-gen?

    bought this game on saturday and love it for the muscle cars. if it wasnt for the dodge charger (Dukes of Hazzard, anyone?) it would be a suck ass game. they change the whole game from being a boring generic racer to a fast, precision-demanding challenge. one of my biggest gripes with this...
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    how do i make a relay for my water pump?

    having had watercooling for about a month now, i am now getting tired of remembering to plug in the pump (240v) every time my PC gets switched on, so i want to make, or buy, a relay system that would turn on the pump at the same time as my pc switch is pushed. any help please?
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    [Case Gallery] Munkul's watercooled Beast.....?

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: athlon venice core 2.4ghz @1.45v, ASRock 939-dual-SATA2 motherboard, saphire radeon x800gto2, hitachi deskstar T7K500 250gb hard disk, samsung spinpoint 160 gb ide disk, raidmax ninja case, modified terratec mystify watercooling with asetek black...
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    FS: modded X800GTO2 (uk)

    im selling this card fully unlocked with 16 pipes, however the max stable overclock i can get is 420mhz gpu. it has samsung memory, and i have re-applied TIM to the stock heatsink. it is the blue PCB with no PCI-E power plug. £100 shipped to uk
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    No Temperature reading x800gto2

    How come atitool doesnt read my temperature of my x800gto2? im running the 0.25 beta.