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    [FS/FT] TB13's FS/FT Thread!

    Don't like a price? Have a reasonable offer? Shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out! Core i7 960 - Got this recently and decided to run a Xeon instead. Overclocks nicely, I am currently running it at 3.8GHz with 1.24v with HT on, but it could go much higher with a better cooler. $150...
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    [FS] TB13's FS thread

    Foxconn S775 Mini-ITX mobo, Pentium 4 3.2GHz, 1GB kingston DDR2 - Bought this for a little project, but never got around to putting it all together. The board is brand new with the exception of turning it on to make sure it wasn't DOA. $50 OBO. Nvidia 8800GT 512mb and PNY 8800GT 512mb -both...
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    Where can I find one of these?

    So I am trying to run a 771 CPU in a 775 board and I need one of these little sticker things to do it. Does anyone know what it is or where I could find one?
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    [WTB] 2x GTX 480 water blocks

    Looking to buy 2 GTX 480 water blocks. Hit me up with what you have or if you see some somewhere else for sale.
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    [FS/FT] TB13's FS/FT Thread

    I am downgrading and downsizing my rig because I rarely game anymore. Letting everything go cheap so get it while you can! s939 setup - Opteron 170, MSI K8N Neo4/SLI, 2GB XMS Pro RAM. Setup is beastly, the CPU will run at 3.1GHz and the ram will take DDR500 with ease. Only issue there is is the...
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    [FS/FT] Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra SLI 939 combo and EVGA GTX 570

    Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra SLI, AMD Athlon 4200+, 2GB Corsair XMS DDR. I recently got this in a trade from a friend who upgraded his system, it all works great, it has never been overclocked and all of the caps on the board look fantastic. Looking for $100 + half of shipping. Next up is an EVGA...
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    GTS 450 repair?

    Hi guys, I broke a few small components off of the back of my GTS 450's PCB a while back and it no longer works. I have some decent soldering skills and I have confidence in myself that I can repair it, but I have no idea what parts to buy, here is a picture of the damage. The missing parts...
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    [FS/FT] Evga gtx 670 ftw 2gb

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell or trade my 670 FTW 2GB. For a trade I am looking for a reference 7970, if you want to buy it I am looking for $310 OBO. Payment Info and Shipping: 1. I accept PayPal or Amazon Payments (I prefer PayPal at the moment). 2. I will ship within 24 hours of receiving...
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    [FS/FT] GTX 480 with HeatKiller WB, BioStar T68K+

    Hey guys, I have some stuff I need to sell, check it out! First off is my EVGA GTX 480 with a HeatKiler WB and a modified EK backplare, this card is amazing, I just need some thing with a little more vram for the 2560x1440 monitor I am going to pick up. The waterblock keeps the temps low and it...
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    [FS] BioStar T68K+ Motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2, 775 BTX board and Celeron CPU

    ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z, BioStar T68K+ Motherboard, 775 BTX board and Celeron CPU I have a BioStar TZ68K+ 1155 board I am looking to sell. Its in perfect working condition, I am just looking to get a board that supports SLI. Looking for $65 OBO + half of shipping. Product Link...
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    [WTB] GTX 480 full cover waterblock

    Title says it all, I need a block for my GTX 480, let me know what you guys have or if you have seen one for sale else ware!
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    [FS/FT] Core 2 Duo Combo, Core 2 Duo E4300

    *Core 2 Duo E6600 (Lapped), Intel DQ965GF, 3GB DDR2 Perfect working condition, board comes with i/o shield, CPU is lapped, 3GB of ram. $50 shipped for the combo, not splitting up ATM. *Core 2 Duo E4300 Perfect working condition, 1.8GHz, 2m cache. Looking for $20 shipped. Payment...
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    [WTB] Celeron G530

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a Celeron G530. Looking to spend about $30. PM me with offers. Heat is in my signature.
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    [FS/FT] ASRock Z77E-ITX

    So I bought this board and originaly wanted to build an ITX setup, but I decided that ITX just isn't for me. The board is 2 weeks old and works fantastic and looks new. It will come in its original box with all accessories. I am looking to sell it for Sold shipped or trade it for a M-ATX Z77...
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    [FS/FT] Dell 1440x900 17in monitor, BFG 680i, E6600

    Got my backup system for sale that I bought and used for a few days while my new stuff was in the mail. Check it out. First is a 17in Dell Monitor that is 1440x900. It is has fantastic colors and is perfect for a side monitor. Sold locally Second is my BFG 680i. I got this board almost brand...
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    [FS/FT] i7 920, EVGA E760 Classified, 6GB DDR3

    I am looking to sell or trade my current setup so I can build a 1155 system. All parts are in perfect working order and fantastic cosmetic condition. The 920 is a D0 revision and I have never tried to overclock it so I can't tell you how good of an overclocker it is. Here is a link to the...
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    [FS] TB13's stuff for sale

    * Zotac GTX 295 Works great, just replaced the tim with Artic MX-2 today. Looking to get $140 + shipping. * Corsair H40 Works perfectly, but is a tad noisy, although with a side panel on your case you cannot hear it. Kept my i7 920 temps in check very well with a single fan. It has maybe 48...
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    [FS/FT] GTX 480 $160, Core 2 Duo E6320 $25

    Gtx 480 $160 All is sold Heatware Payment Info: 1. I only accept PayPal. 2. I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. 3. I will ship US48, you pay shipping, non-negotiable. 4. Everything works (unless stated otherwise), nothing will be DOA. 5. I will hold items, but only if your offer...