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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.3.0 Released

    Not sure if this matters, but the previous version is showing 3584.
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.3.0 Released

    How is GPUZ detecting SPs? I have 64 flashed with 56 BIOS and it reads 4096 cores, while it's 3584. Even the built-in OpenCL says 56 CUs.
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    Reference GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PCB Compared with TITAN X Pascal

    IThome? :eek: EDIT: Thx. EDIT2: Nevermind.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Specifications Leaked, Inbound for Holiday 2016?

    This was posted one month ago on reddit then -> wccf -> oc3d -> techpowerup.
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    TechPowerUp Releases GPU-Z 1.10.0

    Nah I never said it's not coming. And GTX 1050 will launch later.
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    TechPowerUp Releases GPU-Z 1.10.0

    Of course it exists.
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    Official Statement from AMD on the PCI-Express Overcurrent Issue

    You don't always see Wizzard making a news post.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Specifications Revealed

    @btarunr Are ROPs and bus width confirmed?
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    More Polaris10 and Polaris11 Specifications Revealed

    Yes, that's actually why I didn't post this leak. However those specs were for mobile chips as I was told.
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    More Polaris10 and Polaris11 Specifications Revealed

    Interesting, I heard the exact same specs. @btarunr were you told different GPU codenames as well? ;)
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    AMD Releases CodeXL 2.0 as Open Source Through GPUOpen

    it looks better on my monitor ;)
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    AMD "Fiji XT" SKU Name Revealed, ATI Rage Legacy Reborn?

    Sounds interesting, is this confirmed? Also what would happen to both Hawaiis?
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.9 Released

    Fine here EDIT: Nevermind, I thought you meant 290X
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    GeForce GTX 660 OEM Specifications Surface, Blueprint to the Retail Version?

    NVIDIA posted wrong spec, the one you mention is the updated one. They posted 6GHz clock, 2x6pin connectors and no boost clock.
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    AeroCool Readies XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Editions

    White is only refreshed model (new window). I own XPredator White. It took me quite a while to find a good case, but I'm glad I choose this one, it looks bad ass. They also added more racks for hard drives and there are less USB connectors on the front panel.