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    [FS] 5.76 GHz 2600K + ASUS MIVE - CHEAP!

    Hello everyone! I'm selling my 2600K and MIVE, I don't need them anymore as I upgraded to Phenom II X4. :p This CPU has hit 5.76 GHz at -30 to -40c, benches 3D around 5.7 and 2D from 5.70-5.75 depending on the benchmark (ie, wPrime 1024M vs SuperPi)... The MIVE unfortunately has a corrupt...
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Hey guys :) Here is a 4th Generation iPod Touch 32GB in White that I have personally refurbished. Installed is a NON-OEM LCD and Digitizer, but I guarantee non-DOA on arrival. This iPod works flawlessly which is obvious in the picture. Overall condition: No scratches on rear camera, both...
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    [WTB] - ASUS or GIGABYTE AMD 890FX Motherboard

    Hai dere! I'm looking for an 890FX motherboard: Either UD5, UD7, Crosshair IV Formula/Extreme No M4A89TDs, they sux on LN2. I'm willing to pay up to $100 for UD5 or $110 CIVF, $110 UD7 or CIVE. (Shipped price, USA) Thanks, Sam
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    [WTB] 790/890GX Motherboard

    Looking for 790/890GX motherboard Need a quick offer, willing to pay $65 shipped. I'm going out of town the 10th so it will need to be shipped quicker than UPS Ground :toast: Newegg has MSI 890GX for $75, if nobody has one I'll go that route. Thanks a bunch! Sam :D
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    [FS] 1100T 6.5-6.6 GHz LN2 working CHEAP, + 955 BE 5.1 GHz air dead

    1100T in full working condition CPU only Should do close to 6.6 CPU-Z on LN2, I got 5.53 with conservative voltage. Benches 3D 6.1-6.2 GHz. 4 GHz on water @ 1.44v. YMMV. Asking $135 shipped, priced to sell, if interested lower though please offer DEAD 955 BE Pristine condition, looks mint...
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    [FS][US] Gigabyte 890GX, AMD Phenom II 565BE, RipjawsX CPU+MB+RAM for sale :D

    Heatware Here we have: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H Rev 1.0 (currently shown with black heatsink bracket, I will swap it back to the blue one before selling...) AMD Phenom II X2 565BE (does 4.1 Ghz on air, also unlocks to X3, great clocker!), 2x2GB (4GB) of GSkill RipjawsX DDR3-1600 6-8-6 1.5v. I must...
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    [FS/FT][US] BeepBeep's FS Thread - AMD/ATI stuff CHEAP + STT 2200 C8

    Welcome to BeepBeep2's FS/FT thread. Heatware Payment by USPS money order ONLY. Ship USPS Priority Flat Rate, lower 48. However, PM me for PayPal. I prefer money order greatly over PayPal, if you check my heatware I've paid Easy Rhino through money order as well. Items listed here will be...
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    [FS] ASUS ATI HD4870X2 2GB and ASUS HD4850 TOP

    Hey guys, I've got two GPU's here... Here I've got an ASUS HD4870X2 TOP 2GB, only installed twice for testing and a few '06 runs. It's in mint condition, then I've got my ASUS HD4850 TOP 512MB. Continental US48 only, but contact me if you are abroad. USPS Money Order or PayPal Direct...
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    [FS] BeepBeep's Blowout Sale - AMD 965BE C3 and DDR3-2200 CL8 Elpida Hypers

    4GB (2x2GB) Super Talent DDR3-2200 CAS 8 These ARE Elpida Hyper MGH-E, rare sticks. Shipping: US Continental 48 Only, but contact me for possible arrangements abroad. Payment: USPS Money Order / PayPal Direct Transfer only, Money Order preferred. $170 shipped. Decided to...
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    [FS] Phenom II 965BE - Lapped to 1000 grit

    Continental US48 only, but contact me if abroad. USPS Money Order or PayPal Direct Transfer only. Here's a 965BE, was in my rig for a year or so now. Hit 4.5ghz valid, ran 4.1 from day to day. CPU_NB topped out at 3100 for 1M, it's a star in that department. $150 shipped USPS Priority Mail.
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    [WTB] ASUS 790FX M3A79-T/M4A79 Deluxe

    I'm looking for one of these boards, I recently bought 4GB of D9GMH and they don't like Gigabyte very well :rolleyes: I've got a Gigabyte 790X-UD4P (DDR2) here, and a Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H (DDR3) here as well, which can possibly be traded upon a request. (I'm not planning on it yet, so I'll...
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    Super Talent Speed DDR3-2200 CL8 Review @ TechReaction

    http://www.techreaction.net/2010/06/30/blog-super-talent-speed-series-ddr3-2200-review/ ;) "I wrote it all by myself" :laugh:
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    [FS] 2x2GB Super Talent Elpida Hyper 2200 Cas 8-8-8-24 (Dirt Cheap!)

    I need this kit gone...fast. Current price is $190 shipped, will take $185 if it's an absolute must. I bought these for $200+ shipping new... They are in new condition, and only 5 days old. Does 1730 6-6-6-18 1T @ 1.71v. Payment in PayPal Direct Transfer (No Credit...) or Money Order...