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  1. I see SPY!

    Hard-Disks keep breaking down?

    Hey guys, I'm having quite a problem here and could use some new ideas. I have had the desktop listed on my avatar for nearly 3 years: -C2D e7200; -P5Q-Pro motherboard (no modded bios); -2x2gb DDR2; -ATI 4850; -A single SATA2 hard-drive; -a couple of 120mm fans. All this powered up by a Corsair...
  2. I see SPY!

    P5Q-Pro not restarting after changing BIOS settings

    Hello all. I've been a visitor in this forum for some time, but unfortunately what made me register is a problem I'm having. For that, I apologize. I hope this is a good place to put the thread... So, let me try to explain it as well as I can: My computer is having a problem that prevents...