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    AMD Showcases Graphics, Energy Efficient Computing and Die-Stacking Innovation

    Dear AMD CEO/CTO, put that HBM stacked memory on your AMD A10/6/8/4 APUs. The speed on that thing will FAR exceed the bandwidth that's on the motherboard (i.e Due to reflections, EMI/EMC, etc). Market it as 4GB Layer III cache or something...
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    Icy Dock Announces EZConvert Air MB382IP-3B

    About time!!!! I was looking for something like this in a project I'm working on!
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    Aerocool DeadSilence Series Fans Now Available

    http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/news/the-sound-of-silence-a.html It's probably based off acoustic engineering.
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    SK Hynix Developed the World's First Highest Density 128 GB DDR4 Module

    Well consumers (end-users) don't care but people who design these chips and put them in phones/computers do. Simple EE stuff: Since frequency is increasing, you need to lower the voltage to lower the overall power consumption. It's possible that problems can occur if you were to clock at...