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    Game servers

    +1 Nuclear Fallout is the pinnacle
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    Who plays Combat Arms?

    If you are going to play a free fps then you might as well play quake live. It's the pinnacle and if you're getting shit on then you're more than likely getting stomped by someone better.
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    C++ programming

    it's the portability that is the problem more than the speed. if you're using the STL already you might as well just use cin.get(); or cin.sync(); cin.ignore();
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    COD 2012: it's Treyarch's turn aka Black Ops 2

    the only COD i'd buy is if they literally just re-released COD1 or 2.
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    ePSXe and modern hardware?

    If you ever want to play when not at your computer and have a reasonably fast Android phone, you can buy fpsece. It started off a little slow at launch but my Droid X pretty much runs everything at more than full speed now. I've beaten FFT and FF9 on it so far. It's even multi-threaded for dual...
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    ePSXe and modern hardware?

    Try a different GPU plugin or playing with the plugin settings. It's almost always the GPU plugin with a problem like this.
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    BF3 Config Utility

    Post AA is FXAA, the console command controls the ingame setting.
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    Email got hacked what to do?

    Look into using something like gmail, it has a security feature where it won't let a different computer log into your account. Instead it will text you (or call if you want) a code to confirm it's really you. edit: oops, 10 days old post. :(
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    Little Alt Code Utility

    You might up causing some page faults as a result of trying to trim the working set, worrisome if you're counting precious milliseconds :) What I was getting at is that the seemingly large working set of .NET programs isn't worth playing with. The OS will reclaim the uneeded memory for other...
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    Little Alt Code Utility

    You can call SetProcessWorkingSetSize() to try and go lower yet, but it's pointless really, you will likely damage performance if anything in trying. It's best to leave the runtime and OS to their own devices really, .NET programs using a "lot" of memory is well known and stripping the...
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    C++ small tutorial

    it doesn't have to be the same function. the return is used for the argument. this is C++/CLI (.NET), not native C++
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    Dark Souls PC Petition climbing fast

    If it's in the cards then it's in the cards, something as flaky as an online petition isn't convincing anyone. I would like to play it but these things are a waste of effort.
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    Dark Souls PC Petition climbing fast

    yeah and how many signatures are bogus? petitions do horse shit, waste of time.
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    Game Developer Choice Awards for RAGE hijacked by Advisory Commitee negligence

    Skyrim's engine is a fucking abomination and MegaTexture is a neat idea but it alone can't carry RAGE on it's back for tech. Crysis 2 and BF3 I agree with completely in tech. No idea where BF3 is for audio...
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    C++ programming book

    C++ Primer Plus
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    Heavy HDD activity when gaming

    In the future you can just open the windows resource monitor and see what's bombing the HD. It has a list of all processes and what they're doing CPU, HD, and Network wise
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    I ate my first ban for spawn camping. I ran to an enemy flag, sat in a corner, and shot people as they spawned infront of me. Body count was into the double digits and I still didn't get the fucking flag because people spawning on it kept halting the capture. I guess I was supposed to...
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Deferred AA is really heavy on performance, post AA seems considerably cheaper and the quality is really nice even on low. SSAO looks very similar too to HBAO and is cheaper as well. I've found you can get like 95% of the quality with considerably higher performance just by playing a bit with...
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    Battlefield 3 Coming to Steam! (Unconfirmed)

    I copy / pasted a key into origin and then it completely saturated my pipe for the entire download, 5+mb/s start to finish. You don't even need to touch origin to play the game, it'll just sit hidden away after launching. I don't get what the whining is about, besides logging in once and...
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    IEstarter 0.21 by hoax32

    what happens if i patch the code as it's running? and what's with the fake load screen
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    I was going to guess CPU bound but then I saw your CPU... On 64 player caspain, my GPU usage can drop to like 55%, I'm CPU bound as shit on a q6600 and 1ghz overclock. Trying to hold for ivy bridge... I imagine drivers and retail will improve it a bit, but 64 player might be a bit too painful...
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    Steve Jobs No More

    Not a fan of Apple stuff but he was genius in his own right... and kind of a jerk
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    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    sotc is absolutely ridiculous in regard to what it managed on the PS2. per object motion blur, pseudo hdr-ish effects, etc etc. shit is crazy. also i still have this technical document about the making of sotc: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10565193/making_of_sotc.pdf
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    The RAGE Megathread

    my gtx 260 apparently completely obliterates this game, the gpu usage is low to the point where it'd probably be over 100 fps almost always at none / 2x aa... and i wish it could since i have a 120hz monitor. since it's capped at 60 i just left it on 8x and it's still never once dipped under...
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    Crysis out on console

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yOMUHkqR6QY well, it looks like crysis. not sure what else you're expecting.