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  1. {JNT}Raptor

    SSD & Win 7 (superfetch, Prefetch etc?)

    Nice little app for you here. SSD Tweaker Hope it helps. :)
  2. {JNT}Raptor

    Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

    If you wanna unlock the cores....sure...give it a run.....but...as long as you can get your CPU up to around 3.8-4Ghz......you shouldn't be bothered by any bottleneck. Dual CPU at a high clock's will serve you better than a lower clocked Quad.....FPS wise anyways. Hope it helps.
  3. {JNT}Raptor

    PSU going down?

    $$'s on the PSU.....all your symptoms point at bad and or dirty power. And given the fact that almost no one here on a tech board has even heard of your PSU....ya....time to grab a better one.......power to your gear is no joke and should be taken MOST seriously....it plugs into...
  4. {JNT}Raptor

    Game freezes in most games

    How old is the PSU and what are it's specs?....Link to it if possible. Try uninstalling the video drivers and reinstall them. Test your memory with an app like Memtest. I've seen more system freezes from a bad sound driver than anything else.....you may want to look in that direction as well...
  5. {JNT}Raptor

    SLI of GTX295 or GTX480 (Single) ?

    Good strong single card will give you it's performance right out of the box.....no need to have to wait for updated SLI profiles for newer released games....some games like SLI...some do not. Hope it helps. :)
  6. {JNT}Raptor

    Release 270.61 WHQL-Certified Drivers are available for download

    Popped them in.....they work with MSI afterburner....so all's good there..........haven't noticed any diff yet....but will run them through the paces this weekend. Thanks for the post.
  7. {JNT}Raptor

    Blue screens with windows 7

    VSSVC.exe is the Windows Volume Shadow Copy service....if it's causing the crash....as mentioned already....OS is corrupt.....check your HD and memory out before reinstalling your OS....any overclocking going on should be reset to stock.....along with voltages as well. Memory or Hard drive is...
  8. {JNT}Raptor

    Big issues after installing new video card, help please.

    Sounds like a bad SATA port on the mobo....or on it's way out......switch the port and reboot....no need to reinstall yet. Hope it helps. :)
  9. {JNT}Raptor

    PC freeze in game with no detectable reason

    Borked Audio drivers can also cause lockups and freezes....try updating your audio drivers....I've seen it many times before. Hope it helps. :)
  10. {JNT}Raptor

    GTX 580 destroyed helpppp ...!

    WTF is this....he comes here to ask for help.....he thinks of something else he can do after he posts......and you think you have the right to call him names?.....Christ.....is this a help forum or not.....he just did something very few would try to do and he succeeded.....give him some...
  11. {JNT}Raptor

    ughhh! BSOD on boot

    Looks like a DX error....you should uninstall your Vid driver....reinstall the latest DX version...then reinstall your Vid driver...that should fix it unless you have hardware damage. Hope it helps.
  12. {JNT}Raptor

    New Samsung 2011 Monitors 750 2D and 950 3D

    I like Samsung....had a 22inch Sammy that treated me very well.....but this one....no tilt....no swivel....no height adjustments.....and pricey I bet.....they can keep this one. Thanks for the mini review with links though. :)
  13. {JNT}Raptor

    Overvolting Gtx 570

    +1 Peeps need to stop messing with the power throttle...It's there for a reason obviously.
  14. {JNT}Raptor

    my AMD personaly record-x6 1100T

    Well done.....don't pay attention to the naysayers with nothing better to do than crap on your thread. 5ghz on air is sweet....even if it is only for a screen shot. :toast: Once again.....well done. :)
  15. {JNT}Raptor

    Gtx 580 oc

    E-Leet to do your voltage and precision to OC....MSI Afterburner has both abilities in one app.....much better if you ask me...and works on non MSI cards as well. :toast: Hope it helps. :)
  16. {JNT}Raptor

    Gtx 580 oc

    Max voltage is 1.150v unless you flash your card to unlock the full 1.250v limit. I've done bench runs with 1.150 on the standard cooler in my low temp basement with no issues.....with your better cooler you shouldn't have any Issues. Hope it helps. :)
  17. {JNT}Raptor

    Gtx 580 oc

    Older versions of furmark do not power down the card....I use version 1.0 of Furmark the card does not throttle.......temps will blow up on you with no throttling....be mindful and don't leave the PC unattended or you may come back to a fried card......and use MSI Afterburner for your...
  18. {JNT}Raptor

    Should i buy x2 570 or single 580

    Good choice....no having to wait for SLI profiles to be updated for newer games....full power out of the box......I think you'll love it.....I know I love mine. :toast:
  19. {JNT}Raptor

    Is my laptop infected?

    Check your internet settings/Lan settings to make sure a worm hasn't set you up with a proxy server....alot of malware is doing that...that way..you can surf all you want...but none of your software will update.....the redirecting and no updates is a giveaway. Hope it helps. :)
  20. {JNT}Raptor

    Permantly disable 5xx series throttling?

    I haven't seen or heard of a permanent fix....and I've been looking. :( :banghead:
  21. {JNT}Raptor

    Is it worth it to buy a more expensive PSU for less watts?

    Is it worth it to buy a more expensive PSU for less watts? Your PSU plugs into everything of worth in your rig....why on earth would you want to chintz on it....rule of thumb is to buy the best PSU you can reasonably afford. And as most here have stated....yes...a higher Quality PSU can...
  22. {JNT}Raptor

    CPU drivers LOST IN SPACE

    AMD Dual Core Optimizer Most peeps report success.....good luck. :)
  23. {JNT}Raptor

    Weird Start up and Crash

    My bad....I had gotten you and Cratzky mixed up. Sorry bro. :toast:
  24. {JNT}Raptor

    Weird Start up and Crash

    1st thing I'd say do.....is remove those beta drivers your using and try a certified release set........there may be a reason Nvidia pulled them from their site. Just a thought. Hope it helps. :)
  25. {JNT}Raptor

    MAXXMEM Benchmark Results Thread

    Got some new memory to play with. :) User Name- {JNT}Raptor Intel/AMD- Intel RAM- 3x2gb Triple Channel Patriot Sector 7 PC3-16000 @ 1.68v's CPU- I7 920 BOARD- ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 OPERATING SYSTEM- Win 7 64bit RAM TIMINGS- 27-9-11-9 1T RAM SPEED- 2008 Mhz MEM COPY (MB/sec)- 20610 MEM READ...