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    GPUZ should have something like this

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    The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

    And we didn't went to the moon And vaccines cause autism And the cure of cancer was discovered but Big Pharma is hiding it. And the earth is flat. Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere. I won't buy them.
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    Logitech G Announces New POWERPLAY Charging System and LIGHTSPEED Technology

    You need to be informed on how this mouse works. And comparing it with 1800s technology. Double facepalm And still saying you have to have the cable plugged it at all times. Triple facepalm. And ignoring the fact that you can only have a wireless mouse, run out of batteries in middle of computer...
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    Logitech G Announces New POWERPLAY Charging System and LIGHTSPEED Technology

    You can use the mouse at the same time it's charging. After it's charged, you can unplug the Powerplay and use like a regular wireless mouse with a pad.
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    VDDC not correct (1.3MegaVolts)

    Yes, it's clearly a GPU-Z bug. I always find HWiNFO very accurate for everything so I think it's correct. What I don't understand is why you have 0% GPU usage but 1549 MB are used (indicated by both GPUZ and HWiNFO).
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    No video signal with RX470@RX570 flash

    The 470 only has 1x8 connector
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    No screen connected = No boot

    What you mean by not boot Doesn't turn on at all Windows doesn't make the boot sound Not ping No remote access Maybe the computer is bootingwith the integrated video card and Windows is crashing for some reason.
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    $69 Gaming PC

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    CD Projekt Red: We Will Not Give In to the Demands of Thieves

    I am waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 I hope this won't affect it
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    Patent War Brewing Between Intel and Qualcomm-Microsoft over x86 Emulation

    What does Intel have to do with ARM makers? ARM CPUs can work without x86 emulation. If Win32 API will be replaced by UWP Political comments in a tech forum
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    Intel Rushes in a Six-core Mainstream Desktop Processor by September

    Microarchitecture is not the problem, the problem is that the current IC cannot be scaled more. We need quantum computers or something exotic to get better IPC (if there is a clock) Wat I think almost always was 2 generations per socket. Why is changing socket a rip after Skylake and Kaby. Or...
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    Free Game please

    Why you want a gift? As Qubit said there are free games on Steam, plus you can google "free games" Unless you want a specific game.
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    R9 290 Freezes and goes hot

    I think the OP means no video on monitor
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    Hibernate mode Vs Sleep Vs Hybrid sleep.

    I use regular sleep on my computers except the tablet which uses connected standby
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    Where do you cut if you are really on a budget for a new PC ?

    In my case, in everything just to have all stuff balanced but I would cheap on SSD, case and cooler
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    Upgraded to 1050Ti, a couple questions

    thanks for the replies I edited the OP with another query 3. GPU-Z says: GPU clock: 1291 MHz, Boost clock: 1392 MHz and default clocks are the same, but when in load, in the sensors tab, the GPU core clock is 1733 MHz, memory clock is normal. Other apps also say 1700 MHz approximately. What...
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    Upgraded to 1050Ti, a couple questions

    Finally I got a 1050Ti to replace my 750Ti and games like Prey or ME:A seem to be smooth but I have two questions. 1. GPU-Z says almost constantly VRel while on load. Sometimes Pwr, sometimes both. With my 750Ti it never said VRel, but it said VOP, is it the same thing? I have searched but...
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    Wifi names

    Long live Half-Life! I also love it :)
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    Wifi names

    Here the most "weird" names involve virus, infected, AIDS, etc... Generally the default provider SSID is kept unchanged, inclusing mine. WTF :roll:
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    Weird CMD windows popping up

    I have a similar issue in two computers (except I am not being kicked off games) but I am using insider builds as you said you will need to record your desktop until you get the window then play and stop to see the window name which will usually show the application name :)
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    Distorted screen and coloured pixels

    I suppose it's a laptop. brand and model? Are you sure it's overheating? Anyway it's best to use a stand with fans to cool a laptop during gaming or intensive tasks
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    This video got me thinking....what's the future for consumer GPUs?

    what's the future for consumer GPUs? More GPGPU features
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    How do you clean your monitor screen?

    Thank you I will get a new eyeglasses' cleaning cloth (instead of using the current one to clean my glasses)
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    WD Purple or Blue?

    Ratio of blue WD vs rest of drives in general purpose computers I have a 2 TB Blue WD for 1 year and more as gaming drive and 0 issues Generalization is bad