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    VRM temps estimate?

    Hi everyone! Recently installed an Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV on my Gigabyte 1080, however the backplate was not enough to cool the VRM (Main screen would turn off after about 30min or so). So I got some smaller heatsinks to stick on and the system does look stable right now. Problem is, they...
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    Laptop with unlocked bios?

    Hi Tech people! :) Recently had a lot of trouble with my old Sony laptop and decided it might be time for a new. I was wondering if anyone here know if there is a specific brand that makes laptops with unlocked bios'es? I am not exactly planning to overclock it, but I do appreciate the control...
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    Is GPU thermal paste electrically conductive?

    Hi Tech folks! As the title states I have a question regarding the thermal paste used on GPU's. Reason being is I removed my GPU in order to reapply some silver arctic thermal paste as the temps were getting high on my Gigabyte 1080, when removing the cooler it came off with a snap and as such...
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    Question regarding vbios flash

    Hi everyone! I recently got a GTX 1080 from my friend, more specifically the Gigabyte 1080 D5X: http://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1080D5X-8GD#kf Now. It runs at the same clock speed as the original founders edition but does have the Windforce 3x cooler. So I was wondering if anyone...
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    Buy GTX 1080 on sale or wait for Vega?

    Hi everyone! I am in a bit of tough choice here. I know that there is no exact release date for AMD Vega yet (as far as I know). However, there is a Gigabyte GTX 1080 on sale at my local hardware store, 17% off. Do you think it would be a good idea to purchase with a 17% discount or hold back...
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    Hostednetwork for wifi-direct

    Hey'a all. Quick question for you all! I am familiar with using the netsh command in CMD to create a hotspot using the hostednetwork, however since my network adapter support wifi-direct I am considering using wifi direct which is supposed to be faster. My problem is, I can't seem to find a...
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    Installing windows 10 with preinstalled software and drivers?

    Heys. Does anyone here have experience with customizing a windows installation to automatically install drivers and certain basic program? Like certain computer manufactures have done, as in. Whenever you reinstall from the backup disc all the bloatware and old drivers comes with it. Only...
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    Lag spikes at desktop?

    Hi all! Lately, (about 3 weeks ago) I started to have some weird lag spikes on my laptop, even while it was just sitting at the desktop, or coming out of sleep. At first I though it was a driver because it was the only thing I recently updated as far as I can recall. The lag: The lag seems to...
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    channel interleaving causes black screen

    Hello. Does anyone know how enableing channel interleaving can cause a black screen on boot? I had another post on this a while back. But I only just found out that it was channel interleaving which caused it. To sum it all up - Whenever i use memory slot 3 or 4 with channel interleaving...
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    4gb +

    Hello, so I got 8GB of memory in total. On my old motherboard, I could only use the 8GB. but suddenly it failed to start. Everytime a ram module was in slot 3 or 4 the screen just stayed black. All modules work fine in the first 2 slots. So I got a new motherboard..But the issue is still...
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    Black screen after driver install

    Hi, so the whole day, and some yesterday :P I've been trying to figure out what causes this. Everything worked, Decent but had alot of random old stuff on my drive. So I did a reformat and fresh install of windows. Which went fine, installed all avalible updates from windows update and then...
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    HDD raid setup

    Hey, so I got 3 500GB drives, currently 2 of them are in raid and a single one where I installed windows. But im wondering what would give me the best performance. Install windows on the single drive, or on the raid drives along with the games? Or install games on the single drive.. I am...
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    Force 3D clock 5870

    Hey, So I have been trying to make my HIS 5870 run in 3D clock mode insted of 2D clock when im playing games. I've been using MSI afterburn to force constant voltages. But the problem is that im using dual screen. And everytime I play a youtube video it goes back into 2D clock and won't seems...
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    ATI 5870 and 3D gaming

    Hello. I was just wondering about ati's solution for 3D gaming. Because im looking for a 3D monitor and i was wondering about which one I want. I know about the IZ3D. But I guess that other 3D monitor from different vendors will work just fine? or does it have to be the IZ3D?
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    Help with Netopia 3347

    Hello, So I was trying to acces my router. However during that I wanted to reset it so that I could could get the right IP of it. But after I done so. pressed the reset button on the back of it. It lost all wireless connection, when I restart it the lights that indicate wireless connection...
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    5870 A bad DVI output?

    Hello, So I just got my 5870 and got it set into my system, At the beginning everything went fine. I installed drivers and everything. After that I plugged in my second monitor. And the problem is that the screen is very dark, Like the brightness i all down. But no matter what I try and change...
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    Sapphire 5870 1GB.. Or 2GB?

    Hello :p. So i've been looking at those 5870 cards, And I can't decide which one to get. Im playing at 1920x1080, with a second monitor at 1280x1024, Just to surf the net and other stuff meanwhile. However, im not sure if getting the 2 GB version will be any different from the 1GB on this...
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    3870 and GTA 4

    Hey, Anyone else every tried GTA 4 on this card? I got it in crossfire, But no matter if it crossfire or not, I got these odds lag only when I turn a car :wtf: I can move the mouse and have a stable fps of about 40-50 And the soon I use the key to turn (A and D in my case), It lags and freezes...
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    ATI 3870 loud fan?

    Hello :p, I Was just wondering what fan speed and temperture your 3870 card(s) are usally running at, because i have my fan speeds at about 50%, and the temperture gets to about 100C, and the fan get's really loud which I think is really annoying as the rest of my system are pretty silent, With...
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    AMD Phenom 965 temp monitor?

    Hello, I just got my amd phenom 965, I didn't rly want to OC it from the start, But I wanna see how far I can go with it, However, I need some way to monitor the temperture, the Amd overdrive, reports -250C, which is not right :p I also tried a program called "Core temp" But it says "0C" ...
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    Keybindings on Cm sentinel gaming mouse?

    Hello, So I got this mouse, (This is mostly a question for other owners of the mouse) http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/CoolerMaster/Storm_Sentinel_Advance It's all nice, But there is a little thing annoying me. Which is in games.. You can't bind the two side buttons? (Button 6 and 7) Do...
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    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R

    Hey, So I found this motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128375&Tpk=Gigabyte%20GA-EX58-UD3R To me it looks good for it's price. Im going to use a I7 920 with it, and might OC it abit, But not heavy OC'er. What do you think about it? :confused:
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    Ati 5870 Recommended System setup?

    Hey, So I guess the titel kind of explains it all.. What would be a good system to get the max out of the new 5800 series grapich cards? For slot intel socket 775. (If any..)
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    Dead bios?

    Hey, So it happens, After done some case modding with a fan to fit in, that I plugged back the power to the motherboard, and i though everything was good, The green light and so turns on, However, When I click on the power button nothing special really happens, It starts the fan's and that's...
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    Asus Rampage formula fan control?

    Hi, So I've got myself some fans and connected them to the motherboard and it runs fine. The thing is.. Theyre so noisy, and I can only seems to put them to 60% or higher speed, Im useing speedfan to control them, However theyre noisy when the Pc starts, and comes out of sleep mode, Like all...