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    Cooler Master Showcases Portfolio of Mice and Keyboard Solutions at Computex

    I have the Masterkeys Pro S and it is the best RGB mechanical keyboard in my opinion. I don't think Raevenlord should be inserting his own opinions into techpowerup articles. This is a professional site not a personal blog.
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    Do you remember your most disappointing video card ever?

    GTX465 by far. So noisy and hot, a year later the card stopped working. When I removed the heatsink there's a black mess there. It has melted! :eek:
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    NVIDIA Claws Back Console Chips Business: Nintendo Switch Announced

    Apparently the dev kit used Tegra X1 chip and the real console will have X2. Also when undocked it runs at 720p to conserve battery and reduce temp. When docked (connected to TV) it runs at 1080p.
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    Cherry Announces the MX Board 9.0

    Shame it came too late. I just bought a new CM RGB keyboard last week. The whole keyboard looks good except for the right part. Looks like it will interfere with mouse movement. I hate ISO. I always buy US ANSI keyboard even it's harder to buy one here.
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    SSD vs HDD Failure

    http://www.zdnet.com/article/ssd-reliability-in-the-real-world-googles-experience/ The most important conclusion from this article: SSD age, not usage, affects reliability. 30-80 percent of SSDs develop at least one bad block and 2-7 percent develop at least one bad chip in the first four...
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    "The PCI Express specification language is more specific on currents than wattage limits, calling for a maximum of 5.5A over the +12V line and 3A over the +3.3V." "The highest power draw I measured with the RX 480 at stock settings showed 80-85 watts of power draw at over 7A on the +12V line and...
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    There are few reports of motherboard components dying right now. https://community.amd.com/thread/202410 http://www.overclock.net/t/1604421/various-amd-rx-480-review-thread/1800_100#post_25309056 Doesn't prove that the RX 480 causes the damage, but all buyers should be aware of the potential...
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    How come no one mentioned that RX480 fails the PCI-E specification?? If you don't want your motherboard fried, don't buy this card.
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    ASUS Readying a 144 Hz 4K Ultra HD Monitor

    Have you guys ever used high ppi display? If you like large displays, fine, just don't say it's pointless. To people who need to work, even 16:9 is too wide. I prefer 4:3 or 16:10.
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    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    Thanks for the reminder! Much better without the custom font.
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    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    I love TPU but I can't stand the new font. It's too light/thin and too "rounded" which is kind of cartoonish imo....doesn't look good on a professional tech site.
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    Corsair Also Announces the Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse with 10,000 dpi Sensor

    I have this but I couldn't bring myself to use it. The software sucks so bad...
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    TSMC Damaged by Earthquake, Could Impact AMD and NVIDIA GPU production

    Soil is soft in Tainan and it is close to the epicentre...
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    Intel Pushes CPU Microcode Update which Cripples Overclocking Non-K Skylake CPUs

    "Note that Intel paired this with a bug fix for the freezing during Prime95 - if you want the bug fix, you have to let them lock down your clock."
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    Roccat Announces the Ryos MK FX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Oh no, my K70 RGB just broke, I would have bought this if it has dedicated media keys :(
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Horus GK2000 Gaming Keyboard

    Aesthetics aside, the bezel is so thick it isn't practical at all... And if it has a scrollable volume wheel why not dedicated media keys too? Strange decisions...
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    G.Skill Announces RipJaws KM780R Series Gaming Keyboards

    There are no media/programmable/macro keys on Strafe. This is more like a K95 competitor. And tbh O-ring dampeners aren't that expensive.
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    *TPU's Gaming Headphone/Headset Thread*

    Got these for Christmas: I love bass!
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    Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Xornet II Gaming Mouse

    My favourite mouse got an update! :rockout: I hope they improved the mouse wheel though
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    Are you playing GTA V for PC yet?

    Yeah I've been playing it but there are still some great bugs (e.g. can't even buy the correct stock, this bug made me lost a lot of money and I am not happy) and the game is a bit more interesting than IV but still boring compared to VC and SA. Maybe Rockstar should try to make GTA a game and...
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    ASUS Announces ROG Sica Mouse and Whetstone Mousepad

    I don't like the mouse, but the mousepad looks really good.
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    EIZO Unveils a 23.8-Inch 4K UHD Monitor

    Always wanted 4K 24" monitor but at the moment they are very expensive and not in good quality, so I'm happy Eizo finally make one for the professionals. But I bet you'll have to sell your kidney to buy this monitor. I'll stick with EV2455 I bought last month..which is already expensive enough.
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    Samsung Introduces Industry's First 128-Gigabyte UFS for Smartphones

    Well, then don't buy the 128GB phone?o_O Many people put music, movies on their phones. After taking photos and videos you don't have much space left.
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    Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard

    It's not cheap. It costs 1450HKD (185USD) here .
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    Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard

    Ah I forgot the mention - the software/firmware is still very buggy at the moment. Lighting configuration is unintuitive, keyboard is not detected in bios/uefi, often slows down boot up for a minute, software often suddenly fail to detect the keyboard and you have to replug the keyboard to...