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  1. ace80

    Different memory speed readings between bios and software monitoring?

    Hi guys, just had to setup my old 775 rig because my Asus p8p67 pro decided to blow its vrm's the other day and take my i5 2500k with it :cry: So back to a Asus P5Q3 deluxe and an e8600 for now :D (forgotten how much fun it is to oc properly!) Anyhows, this is what i currently set in bios...
  2. ace80

    Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1 questions

    Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0 questions Hi to all, If anyone on this forum has said mobo or even the Rev 3.0 version im sure your aware of there being two download pages on the asus site, one just saying P8P67 pro and the other P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1, and the confusion this has led to. Apparently the...
  3. ace80

    I just got a new monitor!!

    Since both my 3870's died i've not done much pc gaming (mostly 360) as my x1800's don't cut it. I had a 26" lcd 720p t.v. and an old 17" lcd monitor. I sold the telly to my brother and bought this baby instead - http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/Monitors/24inchMonitors/LG/W2486L.html...
  4. ace80

    Will I be able to RMA my memory?

    For the past few days i've been having random lockups, usually after an hour or so into use. So i began the trouble shooting process. I started with the mem and removed 1 stick, about an hour passes then lockup, replaced the stick with the 1 i took out and it ran for the rest of the night. A...
  5. ace80

    Help deciding on water cooling parts

    I'm just about to take the plunge and water cool my pc. My budget is around £160 (excluding shipping and fittings etc). For the cpu block its a toss up between the Swiftech apogee GTZ or DTek Fusion V2 - both around £45. As for the Reservior i've decided to go for EK multioption Res 400mm...
  6. ace80

    Just set up Raid 0, a little help please

    Just got my Asus P5Q3 Deluxe back up and running and am gonna reinstall XP and also Vista for dual boot. Using Drive xpert on the mobo i've already got 2 40gig drives setup in raid0 then a 250gig drive by itself. Now what would be the best way to utillize this setup? First time Raid user :o
  7. ace80

    A little help deciding which DDR3 to buy

    A few days ago i received a new Asus P5Q3 Deluxe Wi-Fi and some OCZ PC3 14400(1800mhz) Platinum series to go with it. Unfortunatly for me most OCZ kits are not compatible with this mobo, i can only run them at 800mhz no matter what i do. This is a common problem posted all over the web. :mad...
  8. ace80

    Asus Blitz Formula Xfire sadness

    Thanks to erocker i received a HIS 3870 today to pair with mine. Both cards run great individually and in crossfire(although the score increase is less than i hoped), they run in 8x/8x configuration and the board does not have pcix 2.0 slots (i can live with this till i next upgrade). However...
  9. ace80

    Using a older gen ATI card as a physX card?

    I remember a while back people were talking about using older cards e.g. Xthousand series cards as PhysX cards, with a simple bios update. Does anybody know if this will ever actually happen or if this rumour has already been laid to rest? I have 2 x1800 gto's laying around gathering dust, just...
  10. ace80

    Ebuyer(uk) has good deals on mem at mo

    Some good deals here all pc2 6400 2x1gb kits, cheapest £39.99 inc vat! http://www.ebuyer.com/cat/Memory---Desktop/subcat/DDR2-6400-2GB
  11. ace80

    Few questions regarding an RMA

    I recently rma'd my asus commando mobo to scan computers. Firstly i could not get over 480fsb which i was dissapointed with but was not my reason for rma. The issues were: High pitch squealing noise (worse the higher the oc) Anything over 400fsb resulted in harddrive not always being...
  12. ace80

    A new x1950pro from Sapphire?

    I just saw this newly listed Sapphire x1950pro on microdirect - http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductID=17481&source=MDnewsletter Now it says it has 1Gb Gddr3 in the description then further down 256mb then again 1Gb:confused: I know Wizz reviewed a dual gpu sapphire x1950 a...
  13. ace80

    Found new hardware always on startup?

    After playing around with many a different fsb's, mem ratios and wot not, my comp now recognizes new hardware upon startup, everytime no matter what spec i run it at stock or oc'd. This has never happened before, oh yeah i should mention i haven't recently plugged anything in for it to...
  14. ace80

    My new ocz pc9200 reapers are here!!

    They literally just got here. Can't wait to get them going, hope i don't have any problems. Expect lots of benchmarks soon;) Few pics for your pleasure. They're bloody massive!!
  15. ace80

    2 exactly the same cards 2 very different results

    Firstly i'll refer to card 1 as my His x1800gto that i got ages ago, card 2 is exactly the same that i got a couple of weeks ago. Card 1 has origonal bios modded to 16p stock iceq3 cooler, i can max out atitool on voltages to attain clocks of 756/819 fully stable with good temps. Card 2 has...
  16. ace80

    Please help me choose a power supply

    Ok, i've narrowed my search down to these two power supplies, both cost the same after vat & postage and their specs are more or less the same. What would you guys go for and why? Anybody here have either of these two that could post experiences with them. Thermaltake Toughpower 850w...
  17. ace80

    New build major problem booting up!!

    Specs on left have been running fine for 2 days, have oc'd cpu to 3.2 but decided to return to stock until new ram arrives. Comp was running fine this morning at default, but now i have returned back from work things have gone tits up! Turn pc on, greeted by bios screen, can even go into bios...
  18. ace80

    New system in few weeks, what you guys think?

    Just came into some money and have already spent it:laugh: Purchases were: Cpu - Core 2 Duo E6420 Mobo - Asus Commando Ram - OCZ pc8500 Reaper HPC 2x1Gb Cooler - Coolit Eliminator Also got some Arctic Cooling MX-1 I'm very excited :D All other components will be used from current...
  19. ace80

    Ati tool voltage range

    Wizz is there any chance the voltage range could be extended for vgpu(say 1.6-1.65v) or is there a limiting factor before a hard mod is required?
  20. ace80

    [WTB] His x1800gto turbo iceq3

    As the title says anyone have a His x1800gto iceq3 edition they would like to part ways with? I currently have one and would like to crossfire these babies as i wont be upgrading gpu till atleast next year. I'm located in England and have a paypal account. Name your price;) i really would...
  21. ace80

    major atitool problem!!BSOD!!

    Been running atitool 0.26 since it was out with no problems whatsoever, turned comp off couple of hours ago to go out, got back switched it on, booting up as normal but upon reaching desktop when loading atitool it bsod's on me:wtf: Couple of troubleshooting reboots later i confirm its...
  22. ace80

    Would you trust my cpu temps?

    I'm currently running my p4 631 3Ghz @ 4.8Ghz fully stable. My idle temps are 35°C, mobo 23°C (cold air being ducted from window to cpu). While running orthos temps get upto and level out at 69-70°C, a tad too high for my liking, as i'm sure the safe level is 65°C(correct if wrong). Thing is...
  23. ace80

    Whats your highest oc on memory?

    Regardless of timings, whats the most anyones got out of their memory? Here's a pic of my cheap DDR2 pc4300 533mhz successfully booting into windows @ pc7100 900mhz Does anyone think this is crazy:eek:
  24. ace80

    Changing to AHCI mode

    I Have a single Sata hard drive and have been using it in ide mode for as long as i can remember, i know about AHCI mode but just never bothered with it, however yesterday i thought i'd try it out and after installing the drivers and a few reboots it seems to be working fine. Thing is when i...
  25. ace80

    Need help buying an old pci card

    A few weeks ago i decided to strip down my gf's old comp to use as a mediacentre pc in the front room. Everything works fine albeit a tad slow opening apps but when it gets there watching t.v. is fine. Currently using a external usb digital receiver and onboard vid(intel extreme graphics - 945g...