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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    Note the limit of 6GB of ram on the system.
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    Computer Builders, What's Your Testing Procedure?

    I doubt system builders do very much to your system besides running it for 24 hours with a test program, and that's if you're lucky. The end user is the one who will usually discover whether or not a system has problems, and usually the more time the user spends with the system, the better...
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    4ghz Club

    4.2 Ghz on Air. i7 Rampage II Extreme. Any opinions on the minimum voltage for > 4.0 Ghz? Sandra Si is pretty tough on processors. I'm think that a methodical approach to benchmarking is needed. It would take a day or two to complete. Start at 133 Mhz and continue up to 200 Mhz...
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    I just went from New York to San Jose in 90 ms. lol
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    True 750W PSU for $50 shipped

    Search around for some reviews. The reason that price is so cheap is because it's a shell shocker. Also note that there is ONLY a one year warranty on that supply.
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    Sometimes you get burned by "Open Box"

    Prices at local stores are too high and half the time the people working there haven't had time or money to checkout the latest technology. What's so great about letting minimum wage staff assemble a computer for you? Anyways, in terms of the original motherboard, why not RMA it to the...
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    Munki has a good point, sometimes when you're busy downloading, your ping times will drop, perhaps do to the protocol and the bandwidth you're using.
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    <50 ms times to game servers. lol You need to find a company that owns a pretty great network.
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    New rig ideas

    Preferably XFX or Asus for the 5870. If you can, the extra $40 for the XFX Black Edition.
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    AMD's HD5970 faster than Nvidia Fermi chip!

    One company is getting 20% yields, while the next company is getting 60-80% yields? And they're using the same fab? Hmm. Something doesn't make sense there. In any case, what % do you think you will gain from hooking up a second ATI card in crossfire? A 20% gain for a single card...
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    GPUZ dosent show OC

    Technically it's not overclocked. It's in sleep mode. :)
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    trying to run GTX 280 OCX SLI in 120HZ

    Your TV can only do the input frequency listed in the resolution table in your owners manual, most likely 60 Hz. The 120 Hz you are referring to is the monitors way of smoothing out motion, a different thing. Real 120 Hz computer monitors have just started to appear, and more will be...
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    Cons of using System Builder oem versions of Windows 7?

    At $100, the OEM version of Windows 7 makes more sense than the full or upgrade versions, unless you need technical support from Microsoft. What a joke needing a sticker on your computer in order to have a legal copy.
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    4ghz Club

    I got up to 4.2 Ghz on air, it would start but Windows wouldn't load. Haven't played around with the settings yet though.
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme 32 Megapixel high-res photo

    My apologies. It does seem like there is only one lan connection. However, you'll note that some networking modems, like mine, are coming with one plug in / many out. The first block is ps/2 and 2 usb. Reset button for bios. 1394 The second block. Bottom external SATA port. SPDIF and...
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme 32 Megapixel high-res photo

    Stupid comment. Too bad it's the first comment too.
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    The "I Like L4D 2" thread

    Lfd2 = Wow
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    ram timings

    Not enough information. However, you should realise that the timings are dependant on the frequency of the base clock being used, assuming you are talking about DDR3 ram. Usually your bios will automatically set those ram timings so that you don't have to worry about them.
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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    It's difficult to see the exact CPU voltage on that picture.
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    5850 - hdmi, refresh rate and overscan woes

    I'm just laughing here, because, Vsynch is one of those poorly understood options.
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    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    All you have to do is waterblock a 5970 and you'll be able to overclock it like there's no tommorow. The clocks were purposely set lower to keep the card within thermal limits for the "average" user.
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme Smiles for the Camera

    lol I was joking around that AMD doesn't get a nice board until they develop faster chips.
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme Smiles for the Camera

    No, no, no. You don't get a cool Red and Black theme until you're as fast as an i7. If AMD wants to zoom ahead, they can have one and then maybe Intel users will have to wait for one. :roll:
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme Smiles for the Camera

    Or you could buy an i7. :)