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  1. ViZioN207

    [FS][US] Gigabyte R9 290X

    Ran this in a crossfire setup as the 2nd card. Was never used for mining or overclocked. Feel free to PM me questions if you have any. Sold elsewhere. Heatware
  2. ViZioN207

    Broken screen or dying GPU?

    My mother carries her laptop around bag and who knows what she lays on top of it or what she hits with it. What do you guys think it is?
  3. ViZioN207

    [WTB][US] Hd 5870

    Card Purchased Must be a reference version. I prefer it to be XFX but it doesn't have to be. Doesn't need to have a warranty, but would like some background info on what you've used the card for. Willing to pay up to $150 with shipping and tracking included. I also have a OCZ Vertex...
  4. ViZioN207

    [FS][US] 4 2TB Western Digital Hard Drives

    SOLD I have four 2TB Western Digital WD Green WD20EARS for sale. Look to get $75 each or $275 for all 4. Shipping and Delivery confirmation Included via USPS to the continental 48 states. Paypal only. Heatware One of the drives is starting to fail (CRC Error) but still has a warranty on it...
  5. ViZioN207

    HDD raid cloning question

    I've looked around the forum and havent found a post that can help solve my problem. I have four 2TB WD20EARS drives in raid0. One of them is starting to fail and I need to replace it asap. Newegg and other websites dont sell this version of the hard drive anymore. And the ones that do want way...
  6. ViZioN207

    [WTB] Dead HD 5870 or Retention Bracket and Screws

    So im looking to buy a cheap dead HD 5870 for parts or just the parts themselves. I need the retention bracket and the 8 screws for the bottom plate. Not sure if anyone has them laying around after adding a water block to there gpu. PM me if you have them with a price. HEATWARE
  7. ViZioN207

    [WTB][US] 5850 Stock or Aftermarket Fan

    So the fan on my 5850 went today. Horrible screeching noise coming from it so im looking for another fan, or complete enclosure. Brand doesn't matter. But I'm also open to an aftermarket fan/heatsink for it. PM me with what you got and the price you're looking to get for it. Heatware This...
  8. ViZioN207

    2nd monitor artifacting

    So i just bought a 2nd monitor, and the video on it is artifacting up whenever you min/maximize any window or randomly while doing other things. I have a HIS HD 5850 but its loaded with a ASUS 5850 bios. Both monitors work fine on their own and i just install the 10.11 drivers today to see if it...
  9. ViZioN207

    [FS][US] ASUS Crosshair III AM3 Mobo, Cooler Master Case

    ASUS Crosshair III Formula AM3 AMD 790FX - SOLD "Kinda Broken" Westinghouse 19" LCD Monitor - $20 Buyer pays shipping ($14.50 - USPS Large Flat Rate Box) The backlights on the monitor dont work, and there is 1 dead pixel which is green towards the center of the screen. From doing research on...
  10. ViZioN207

    [FS][US] 2 (2 x 1GB) CORSAIR XMS2 DDR2 800

    SOLD Both Sets Bought both of these back in August 2007 and never used them because I was new to computers and they were the wrong kind. Been sitting in my closet ever since and figured someone could use them. Looking for $35 shipped for each of them or $60 shipped for both of them. Im always...
  11. ViZioN207

    BSOD Help

    SO im trying to render a video in sony vegas and after about 15-20 seconds of rendering my comp will bsod. When rendering it uses about 98% of my total cpu and im not doing anything else while its rendering. Both say hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe are causing the problem. Here are my 2 minidumps which...
  12. ViZioN207

    Help a semi-noob OC

    So im not a total noob at ocing, but I kinda am. The area that is most gray to me is setting the right voltage. For my cpu I used a tool (CPU Level Up) that asus provided on their website, to get it to 3.8Ghz. Pretty much im just wanting help or advice on ocing the ram, or if I even need to. My...