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    [FS][US] HD 3870 and intel e6750

    i have an Hd 3870 and an intel e6750 which where both bough brand new and have only been used in my rig which i recently upgraded. ati Hd3870 60$ with shipping obo. intel e6750 60$ with shipping obo. http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=67934&eval=634375
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    got a new cpu need help overclocking

    so i just bought a q9650 to replace my old cpu but im having trouble overclocking it with my mobo which is an asus pr5 x38. my main problem is that for some reason the vcor voltage i set does not work. for example i set it to run at 1.3 but when i boot up cpuz it shows my vocre alternating...
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    [WTB] Intel Core 2 Duo E8xxx or Intel Core 2 Quad Q9xxx

    wtb Intel Core 2 duo E8xxx or Intel Core 2 quad q9xxx i have an ati hd3870 im willing to trade with some cash or just strait cash if that is preferred.
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    new graphics card

    ok so i need to get a new graphics card that will be able to run battlefield 3 on all high settings at 1680-1050 resolution. i cant spend over 200$. so i was thinking of either getting this car HIS H687FN1GD Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI... or getting this car ZOTAC AMP! ZT-50402-10L...
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    computer crash help

    ok so today i was watching a movie on hulu when the screen froze and my computer crashed. when i turned it back on the screen wouldn't not even turn on so i rest the cmos this let me go to the bios i tried running the default setting but each time it reloads i get and error message saying"...
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    partition help

    Hi i have a laptop with 2 partitions on it and i would to make the partition with the OS on it bigger. Its only 75 GB how do i move free space from one partition to the other?
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    asus laptop hdmi conection

    hi i have an asus laptop with an hdmi port on it and i was wondering what i need to do to hook it up to a tv. bc i tried and nothing appers on the tv. the laptop in question is an asus u30j with an intel and nvidea chipset.
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    External hard drive alternative

    i need to transfer 30 gb from my desktop to my laptop but i don’t have an external hard drive is there an other way to transfer that to the laptop.
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    How to transfer an entire iTunes library to a new computer??

    I just got a new laptop for college next year and I would like to transfer my current iTunes library to which my iPod touch is currently synced to on my home desktop to the new laptop. I can transfer the music fine but in the new library none of my music is organized bc there are allot of song...
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    sound card crippling windows 7

    my AUZEN AZT-XPCINE 7.1 Channels PCI Interface X-Plosion 7.1 Cinema does not seem to work in my windows 7 (64bit) system without crippling other applications. The sound works, but my task bar does not and I cannot start most applications- so it is a very fatal error. are there diffrent drivers i...
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    windows 7 uprage

    i have a windows 7 upgrade disk that i am trying to install. But i don’t want to install it on my main drive i want to install it on a new velocity raptor drive i got. I have windows vista installed on my main drive so is there a way i can install it on my new drive without having to install...
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    Hd5870 When????

    When is ATI's new gpu coming out for some reason i though it was supposed to be 2day. do yuo guys know what kind of specs it has?
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    itunes buring a cd???

    ok im trying to burn a playlist on itunes and each time i try i get and error saying disc burner or software not found what do i need to do. i have burned stuff with my cd burner before but never using itunes
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    [FT][US] x38 asus maximus formula special edition

    i want to trade my asus maximus formula special edition for a gtx 260 with 216 Stream Processors. This is a really good board but i don’t have a water cooling setup for it so that’s why im getting rid of. ive used it for about 2 days so it's brand new. it is an rma board that i got from asus so...
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    which sound card should i get

    Should i get an Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional or ASUS Xonar D2 7.1 Channels. i have a logitech G51 and an asus supremefx 2sound card which is all messed up in 5.1 mode also there is a big difference in the sound quality from xp to vista really weird. i like to listen...
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    virus need help

    omg i left the room for one minute and i was on yahoo news when i came back my avast thing had gone off telling me a virus was found then this spyware shit came up. i never installed any spyware shit it keeps popping up with messages telling me im infected im so pissed off how the hell can i get...
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    xfire not working

    i can not get xfire to connect on my vista partion it works fine on xp but not on vista. it used to wok on vista but then it just stopped one days it's been a good 2 weeks since it stopped working ive tried reinstalling it and it still dose not work. Also i have it allowed in the windows fire...
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    hd 3870 sound

    how do i enable my gpu to send sound to my projector down stairs i have an hdmi cable and dvi to hdmi adaptor and i get a pictur on the projector but no sound
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    is my card dying

    2 day i noticed that i was getting weird pixels artifacting what can i do to fix this it their something wrong with my screen or graphics card? wasn't sure if screen shot showed the artifacts so i took a picture too
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    where to find an Xbox 360 Jasper

    where can i get an xbox 360 Jasper? i looked on newegg but it seems that people are saying that they are not jasper's
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    what is a good 5.1 sound system

    ok so im geting a new projector http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824157039 and it has Optical Cable out. so i would like a 5.1 system that i can plug the Optical Cable in but i cant find one. i dont really know anything about sound systems so maby it wont even work. also...
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    Acronis® Migrate Easy 7.0

    Has anyone heard anything about this progam http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/migrateeasy/ , is it reliable dose it work well. because I am thinking of buying a 1tb drive and transferring my old 256 bg to it. Then partion the 1 tb drive and install windows vista 64 onto it
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    ram speed

    ok basically i have the option of running my ram at 1104mhz 5,5,5,15 2t 5:6 or at 920mhz 4,4,4,12 2t 1:1 which will be faster? and can some one explain to me what the fbs:dram thing is and what it dose. is it faster to have it in 1:1 or 5:6 ? also what is t1 and t2 ?
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    new ram

    my ram died today and im getting some new one help me decide what to get im running xp 32 bit what should i get also im going to rma my crucial ballistix ram which runs at 1000. but i don’t think cricial still makes my ram so will they give me my money back or send me the equivalent to what i...
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    converting music ?

    ok quick question about converting music i want to convert my mp3's to aac so that i get better music quality but my question is if i have an mp3 that is 96kbps will converting it to 256kbps aac actual improve the quality or is that not possible because it is already such low quality. for...