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    does PHYSX really needed now?

    SO TOTALLY mess ? better something else right ?
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    3870 x2 pictured

    so different with 7950GX2
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    does PHYSX really needed now?

    does we really need physx now? or better got the XIFI GAMERS fatality which they said, its 15%more compare to ONBOARD?
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    Better 3870/3850/2900xt/8800gt reviews @ VR-zone

    seems that 8800 is more STABLE speed overall does it need to add like PHYSX CARD ?
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    3870 over my 2600?

    yes, on that games, 8800 is better
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    7950gx2 SLI (quad 7950) or 8800GTX or 1950xtx sli

    which system is awesome ?
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    7950gx2 or x1950xtx ?

    better have 7950gx2 or x1950xtx? any idea ?
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    HOW to SAVE games of HELLGATE london?

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    HOW to SAVE games of HELLGATE london?

    ANY one knows how to save the games ? no option, just EXIT, return to the games, and OPTION, but inside option , no SAVE button. any help ?
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    8800GT 512MB for £129.09 in the frickin UK!!!

    yup but OUT of STOCK
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    which is better oc the AMD BLACK or CORE2

    sure amd64 black with biostar tforce 570 can overclock very well
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    which is better oc the AMD BLACK or CORE2

    I Mean oc the black to 3.6ghz vs core2 up to 3ghz which one is better ? because getting oc core2 up to 3.5 or 4 is almost RARE
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    is 7900GS sli can beat the 8800gt?

    thanks so better put ONE SINGLE AND POWERFULL
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    which is better oc the AMD BLACK or CORE2

    which performa is still better amd black @ 3.6ghz or core2 duo @ 3 ghz
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    any new driver for 8600mobile gt for dell?

    any new and overclockable driver for 8600m gt ? i tried new one and cant't overclock ordinary driver can;t do with laptop right ? any link bro ?
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    is 7900GS sli can beat the 8800gt?

    can the 7900gs sli beat the 8800gts ? any info ?
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    x850 Platinum ARTIFACTS

    I just keep wondering, what makes artifact ? is it the overclocking of core or mem ? or to high gpu voltage they put ? or... what make it artifact ?
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    8800GT owners: have you any problem with your card?

    wow ! 91 degree is hot enoough how high is the core of 8800gt can go without a heat problem ?
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    Will the new 8800GTS beat the 8800GT?

    the new 8800gts 640mb 112sp 320bit will surely (from the specs) beat the 8800GT just depend on the speed of core and ram thats it, i think.
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    How to overclock DELL 1520 processor and graphics

    does anyone have a way to overclock DELL LAPTOP 1520 ? the processor core2duo and also the 8600GT with the newest driver from dell coudn;t be overclock. only with old driver it can.
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    Hellgate: London, anyone going to buy?

    so, is it really bad games? i just about to buy, its NICE DEMO on NET