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  1. Atomic77


    You know how microsoft said a while back that Windows 10 would be the last major windows OS and would keep getting updates. Well now theres a Windows 11 on the way and I believe we haven't heard the last of the windows OS yet. I think over time there will be at least a Windows 12 and maybe even...
  2. Atomic77


    Hello everybody. Im getting new DELL PC soon my Dad and Stepmom ordered it for me from costco. Even though I just got a hp laptop last summer. I am getting this to replace my aging desktop in my room along with a wireless printer. Specifications Brand Dell Computer Type All-in-One Features...
  3. Atomic77

    Your thoughts/opinions on Total Wireless

    Hi Y'all I have been using total wireless for quite a while now. I would like to hear others thoughts and opinions on it. I really like it. I have the $35 a month 6GB of data unlimited talk and text plan. I started on a Iphone 6 and now have a Iphone 8.
  4. Atomic77

    System Specs

    I think the site needs to allow for more than one computer in the system specs. I have been using my laptop more than my desktop now but right now I only have my desktop in the specs. anyway to include my laptop in my system specs?
  5. Atomic77

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    I just recently powered up my gaming life by getting a Nintendo Switch Lite. I had been without a game system for quite awhile other than my computer which is starting to show its age. My first Switch game is Pokémon Sword. It is. So cool.
  6. Atomic77

    What makes iPad a iPad why is it so special compared to other tablets.

    Ok what are your thoughts on this? What makes iPad a iPad.? Why is so special compared to other tablets.?
  7. Atomic77

    The future of the IPad Mini Line.

    I currently have a iPad Mini 2 and it has the latest IOS and I know it’s dated technology now but I love it to death. Apple however still has not said or shown much past the mini 4. So I don’t know if there will be any more minis. Does anybody have any more info or insight on this?
  8. Atomic77


    I might be getting a ipad. I don't know for sure yet but I maybe getting one for free from a friend who has hardly used hers. Other wise I have a bunch of christmas money saved up to get one on my own if the free one doesn't take place.
  9. Atomic77


    How come the Intel Core i5 4570 is not in the CPU database on this site?
  10. Atomic77

    OS BUILD 10586.71

    I am giving a heads up to anyone that hasn't noticed yet. I just had a Windows 10 update come through today and now the build is 10586.71. I don't know what this update does but it seems like everything is going smooth so far.
  11. Atomic77

    For your Information.

    By the way with the latest update to windows 10 we are now at OSBUILD 10586.29.
  12. Atomic77

    WINDOWS 12

    I know windows 10 just came out but it makes sense since they went from 8.1 to 10 that Windows 12 would be right around the corner give or take a year or 2. Does anyone here have any idea what it will be like and or what you would like to see in it if and when it starts being made.
  13. Atomic77

    Im a Windows 10 Now

    I never thought I would do this but I just got windows 10 installed and running today. I remember I posted a while back that I was a refusnik after just getting windows 8.1 last year preinstalled on this pc.
  14. Atomic77


    Tonight September 27, 2015 there was a Supermoon and a Total Lunar Eclipse It was also a blood moon. The next time this will happen is in 2033. I hope you all got to see it.
  15. Atomic77

    INTEL HD 4600

    My computer has a Intel HD 4600 which is a integrated video card. I am not really sure how good of a chip it is but so far It handels my games better then ATI Raedon HD3200 another integrated chip which was in my old pc.
  16. Atomic77

    Samsung Reveals Worlds Largest Hardrive 16TB

    http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/08/samsung-unveils-2-5-inch-16tb-ssd-the-worlds-largest-hard-drive/ Wow 16tb that is huge.
  17. Atomic77


    Diablo 3 is now getting to be good. Now that the 3.20 patch is live and not on PTR and with the expansion Reaper of Souls this game is one to check out.
  18. Atomic77

    Terrahertz Processors & Terrabyte RAM

    I wonder if Intel or AMD will ever develop a terahertz processor. It seems like the processor of computers has not changed a whole lot in the GHZ. and also ram has been in gigabytes forever. We all ready have several terabyte harddrives. anyone else have an opinion?
  19. Atomic77

    Computers: A flashback in time.

    Heres a look at my first computer I had after I graduated High School in 1997.
  20. Atomic77

    Macintosh Classic 2

    Does anyone here remember this? This was my very first computer I had when I was growing up.
  21. Atomic77

    The Sims 4

    Does anyone here like or play the Sims 4? It is a pretty awesome game dispite the fact it still as quite a bit of catching up to do in order to be anywhere near what the Sims 3 and 2 and the Original game had.
  22. Atomic77


    What is the points for I noticed I had 68 under my name. ???
  23. Atomic77

    Open Office

    I use the program called Open Office. It is a really good and free alternative to Microsoft Office. It does not take up a lot of drive space either. Anyone else have any opinions on it?
  24. Atomic77

    Logitech K120 USB Keyboard

    I just bought a usb keyboard the Logitech K120 to take the place of a wireless one that came with my computer that was starting to have issues. So far this new keyboard is pretty awesome. Does anyone else here have any thoughts or experience with this keyboard???
  25. Atomic77

    General Disscussion Forum

    I think we should have a general discussion forum right on techpowerup with out having to go to another forum or site to post and register for.