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  1. Atomic77


    I always update my pc when ever it says theres a update available. ive done that on every pc or laptop ive ever owned.
  2. Atomic77


    You know how microsoft said a while back that Windows 10 would be the last major windows OS and would keep getting updates. Well now theres a Windows 11 on the way and I believe we haven't heard the last of the windows OS yet. I think over time there will be at least a Windows 12 and maybe even...
  3. Atomic77

    Windows 11 Free Upgrade for Windows 10 Users Only by 1H-2022

    I hope they do a really good job testing it so that it doesn't mess people up.
  4. Atomic77

    Windows 11 ISO Leaks to the Web, New Start Screen, Mac-like Centered Dock, Rounded Edges

    Whats a TPM? It looks like from the system check that my almost year old HP Laptop will be able to take windows 11. I suppose my newer DELL AIO will probably be able to get it as well.
  5. Atomic77

    Windows 11 ISO Leaks to the Web, New Start Screen, Mac-like Centered Dock, Rounded Edges

    hmm that figures Microsoft would do something like this. I have a feeling that before long there will be a Windows 12.
  6. Atomic77

    Unpopular opinion: GPU shortage is actually a good time

    Truth is PC will always be more powerful then console. PC can do more while console is just mainly for games.
  7. Atomic77

    I believe my PC is the Antichrist and I am willing to pay anyone that helps fix it

    I may get attacked for posting here as im not a builder but im thinking that it could be the PSU. is it the correct wattage for all those componants? It was worth asking.
  8. Atomic77

    Should I be worried about this?

    As Bob Marley says in the song 3 birds on a tree. Don't worry about a thing. every little thing is going to be all right.
  9. Atomic77

    Desktop software

    Why not use a theme or windows wallpaper you can have just about what ever you want on it.
  10. Atomic77

    Windows update 20H2

    I think having the weather thing on the taskbar is kinda cool.
  11. Atomic77

    Microsoft Windows Longhorn (Vista beta & RC)

    I think I got on Vista right at the end of its life cycle. I had a store bought Gateway Computer Tower with Vista on it as far as I can remember.
  12. Atomic77

    Microsoft Windows Longhorn (Vista beta & RC)

    Windows Vista was a interesting operating system. I actually had a computer using it a long time ago.
  13. Atomic77

    Windows update 20H2

    My Dell has 21H1 but my HP laptop is at 20H2.
  14. Atomic77

    Going from Intel to AMD

    Well hmm lets see here. It seems like in my lifetime all my computers with Intel Inside seemed to perform better than then the ones that did not. I am not stupid and yes I do know that there are different ones.
  15. Atomic77

    Going from Intel to AMD

    Hmm Why switch to AMD? isn't like the Intel Core i7 like one of the best processors around today? My DELL is intel core i7 while my almost year old HP Laptop is AMD Ryzen 5.
  16. Atomic77

    Question about having two cpu's

    Wow that maybe the reason why I haven't seen it or heard of it. :laugh:
  17. Atomic77

    Question about having two cpu's

    @Toothless I didn't always use Dell. I've had mostly HP I once had a Packard Bell and a Gateway and a Emachine in my life and a really old Macintosh Classic 2.
  18. Atomic77

    Question about having two cpu's

    Oh my gosh I didn't even know multiple CPU is possible. I heard of multiple cores and multiple hard drives.
  19. Atomic77

    How can I free up space on a 30GB laptop?

    A laptop that small is hardly worth trying to do anything with.
  20. Atomic77

    Chloe's RAM OC thread for everyone

    There are several kinds of ram. one is the animal and 2 is running into something and 3 is the ram you find in your computer or laptop. :laugh:
  21. Atomic77

    Your PC ATM

    Wow those are some pretty fancy computers. :eek:
  22. Atomic77

    Send Text Via Internet, Is It Safe?

    Hmm I believe not that it matters but DELL has a thing where you can connect your iphone or other phone to your pc.
  23. Atomic77

    Dell E6540 GPU Power throttling issue

    Wow so I see I'm not the only one with a Dell branded computer on here. :) I also have no idea why it would do what ever we are talking about here.
  24. Atomic77

    leaving powerstrip on all the time, is it safe?

    I always have my power strip on .
  25. Atomic77

    Mouse with holes

    Oh my freaking gosh what is that? That is so freakin wierd.