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  1. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Single rank vs dual rank memory

    Whats the difference between them ? And do dual rank increase performance over single rank as shown is past LTT and Gamers nexus videos ? I have a singe rank ram in my laptop with 8 ICs, but i do have a spare dual rank module with 16 memory ICs, should i swap to that one ?
  2. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Even CDPR devs were laughing at the state of Cyberpunk 2077 before release...

    PRODUCER CALLS PRE-RELEASE VIDEOS “A FUN COMPOSITION” IN NOW-DELETED TWEET https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/leaked-cd-projekt-created-its-own-cyberpunk-comedy-bug-montage-before-release/
  3. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Requesting a Power Supplies form section on TPU!

    TPU has a large community that discuses all types of tech, for that i find it weird not to have a PSU section for PSU nerds to discuses power supply recommendations and analyze new power supply unites, platforms. LTT forms have a very sizable and active PSU section on their forms with some very...
  4. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    [US] EVGA superNOVA 650w G3 for 85$

    Quality 650w gold unit for much less than 120$ ! https://www.newegg.com/evga-supernova-g3-series-220-g3-0650-y1-650w/p/N82E16817438094?Description=650w&cm_re=650w-_-17-438-094-_-Product&quicklink=true
  5. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    [US] 48% off on Cooler MasterMK850 MX Red switches keyboard

  6. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    [EU] Up to 58% on Rosewill mechanical keyboards !

  7. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    How is this PSU still a best seller after everything ?

    The P750GM and the rest of its series are one of the most review bombed and catastrophically failing ticking time bomb PSUs, if the low user score dosnt catch a buyer's attention then most tech outlets and some youtubers have made videos regarding why this PSU should be avoided, its also a very...
  8. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    So this game exists...Crypto Mining Simulator

    "Realistic Mining simulator with custom builds mechanics! A lot of GPUs, CPUs, Motherboards, RAMs, SSDs, PSUs and more! Build your dream farm with 1000+ GPUs!" https://store.steampowered.com/app/1596310/Crypto_Mining_Simulator/ The mining craze has gone too mainstream, they are making games...
  9. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Am so tired of headphone sound imbalance issue.

    I'v owned many headphones and earbuds during the years and no matter how careful i am in using them almost all of them start to have imbalance sound after a while where one side has lower volume then the other, am just so freaking done with wired headphones and will seriously consider paying...
  10. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    i5-11400 single core performance 7% faster than i9 10900k

    "The single-core performance of the Core i5-11400 processor on Geekbench 5 looks promising, scoring 1500 in the 1T benchmark. This is around 35 percent higher than the Core i5-10400 and is roughly 7 percent higher than the Core i9-10900K" "In the multi-core benchmark, the processor scored 6664...
  11. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Cooler Master is designing its new PSU... In house!!!

    "Cooler Master has been talking about launching its first in-house designed PSUs since 2018. That's when the outfit opened its own power development lab and concocted a Thermal Enhanced Platform (TEP) to guide its efforts. It also showed off some early prototypes at Computex that same year"...
  12. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    WD Blue SN550 or Intel 665P ?

    Hi there, i'v been thinking about buying an new value NVMe storage and my research lead me to both the wd blue sn 550 and the intel 665p, both scored great reviews so i decided to share this with you guys to recommend which one to pick, am sure i'll be happy with either of them, but i wanted to...
  13. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Post your favorite video game box arts

  14. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    What other PlayStation exclusives would you like to see come to PC ?

    Since last year Sony have allowed their second party studios releasing some of their games on PC and today comes the confirmation that Horizon zero dawn, a first party Sony games is being ported to PC, with that said, am interested to hear from you guys what other Sony exclusives would you like...
  15. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    i5-1035g1 or i5-10210U

    Hi been interested in an i5 laptop and found the i5-1035g1 and i5-10210U to be the latest offerings from intel. am sure i'll be happy with either but am interested to hear which one would you recommend
  16. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Seasonic to launch a successor to its popular Focus Plus PSUs with the new Focus PX and GX

    " The newly upgraded FOCUS PX and GX series are the successor to the FOCUS PLUS Series, which became an instant the top seller in the power supply market after its launch in 2017. In 2019, Seasonic engineers have made improvements on the popular series, removing the inline capacitors on the...
  17. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Power supplies in-cable capacitors, why people dislike them ?

    When reading power supplies recommendations threads i often find people dislike PSUs with bulky cables that has capacitors in them but then they are there to further help with the ripple suppression for the power supply so clearly they have a legit function yet i often fine people dislike them...
  18. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Telltale Games has been revived as a new studio following asset buyout

    "A company known as LCG Entertainment has purchased Telltale’s assets and will be starting the studio up again with a new, smaller team led by a new CEO" Full article below : https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/telltale-games-has-been-revived-following-asset-buyout/
  19. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Realtek ALC 3861 ?

    While i was browsing the dell xps tower desktop drivers i noticed the audio driver description for it mentioning realtek ALC3861, however all high end boards are using ALC1220 so is there some high end audio codecs from realtek that are exclusive to corporate OEMs or dells marketing just being...
  20. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Asus controversial x570 marketing

    ASUS had a slew of marketing slides prepared to show enthusiasts why they should opt for its X570 motherboards instead of the competition’s, but they were removed after MSI and GIGABYTE complained to AMD about them. The slides have resurfaced for those who are curious about ASUS’s original...
  21. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Recent antivirus testing found Windows Defender to be a top performer

    " Microsoft's free AV software that comes with Windows scored high marks at AV-Test. Windows Defender detected all 307 zero-day malware samples, compared to an industry average of 97.1 percent. It also detected all 2,428 samples of "widespread malware discovered in the last week," though that is...
  22. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Failing RTX 2080 Ti cards caused by Micron GDDR6 memory ?

    repeated reports of RTX 2080 Ti failures and how those failures were piling up and making waves on Reddit and Nvidia’s own forums that nvidia had to put a public statement confirming the issue at question and promising to solve it. The statement however was pretty vague about what was the cause...
  23. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Positive air pressure case setup question.

    Hello and goodday :) am planning to build a PC using the fractal design Mechify C with super positive air pressure setup 3 front intakes - 3 top intakes - and one exhaust on the rear. Do you think that is fine for positive air pressure and good temps ? Any downsides about this ? The fans i...
  24. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Positive air pressure setup question

    am planning to build a Mechify C with super positive air pressure setup 3 front intakes - 3 top intakes - and one exhaust on the rear. Do you think that is fine for positive air pressure and good temps ? Any downsides about this ? The fans i will be using are the noctua S12A cause they push...
  25. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    A question to Seasonic prime PSU owners ...

    I have read that seasonic power supplies, the prime series to be more specific are having some fan quality defects. Like fans making unusual " Brrrrrrr " sound, and other sounds that indicates fan failing and quality issues. If you own a seasonic prime power supply please take a minuet to...