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  1. J

    [FS][US] Cleaning out the Closet. Old PC/GPU/Home Theater Gear

    Hello all, Need the spare bed back as usable so clearing all my "I'll get to it soon" stuff outta here. This is also being sold to feed my insatiable GME appetite haha. Everything was tested and working as of 3 months ago when I took apart the old PC. If anything doesn't work on arrival I'll...
  2. J

    Help with network drive mapping

    Hey all, Beginner level question but I can't figure this out. I've got my sig rig as a 24/7 file storage computer (in addition to all the workhorse things I do with it...) and I'm trying to map my network drive out to my two Surface Pro 6s so I can have all the data centralized to this main PC...
  3. J

    New build not booting

    Hello all, System specs are the one in question. I had this up and running fine and dandy for 2 weeks then tried to adjust some pbo settings which didn't work and caused a post failure. I reverted back to previous which somehow caused yet another failure so I said screw it and reset to bios...
  4. J

    AMD Power Saving

    Hello all, Recently got my 5950 system up and running on an Asus b550 gaming E platform with a 3080 gpu. For simplicity sake in my life I got rid of my NAS and moved the harddrives into this and it will act as my server when not running normal programs. I've got the AI suite 3 running and see...
  5. J

    Steam link vs AMD link vs Nvidia

    Hello all, Building a Zen 3 pc once it releases and I am stumped on what card to go with for my purposes. I want to be able to remote play my pc on my surface Pro 6 laptop but also in my home theater basement (I have an nvidia shield tv pro for the hardware on that end) all games I have are on...
  6. J

    Ryzen 5950x build advice

    Hey all, My rig died 2 months ago and I've been patiently waiting for Zen 3 to drop. It's been a decade since my last build so wanted some other opinions on what I'd put together. This will be a dual use gaming and video editing rig. I have no idea what ram to go with since I'm not sure what...
  7. J

    [FS][US] Western Digital EasyStore 10TB external harddrives

    Had a gazillion points to use up at best buy and these were on super sale so picked up 5 of them. I have shucked 4 of these and all had the wd 10 tb 5400rpm 256MB cache white drives which are essentially relabeled 10tb red drives. They're running in my NAS setup and work amazingly well! Asking...
  8. J

    [FS][US] Sony VPL-HW45ES 1080p projector $1,000

    SOLD Up for sale is my recently retired projector. Replaced so I could jump up to an Epson 5050UB for the 4k hdr experience. I must say in the year I had it I was very impressed, much more so than I thought I would be. I'm a second owner (was installed for previous house owners by a Home...
  9. J

    [FS/FT] Acer Aspire 3830t Laptop with Neoprene Case SOLD

    Hey all, I've got a great condition laptop that I need to part with because I, for the life of me, cannot get my fresh install of windows 7 to allow any updates. I've tried various forums trying to get windows update to do anything, but I've never had any luck. It's got the windows home...
  10. J

    i7 upgrade from i5?

    Hey all, Long time no posting. My wife is looking to use my PC for working from home. PC is 7ish years old running an i5-750. Her work is very CPU intensive, and I'm wondering your thoughts on me simply tracking down an 1156 i7 processor to change out, or if I should just build a new system...
  11. J

    MP4 Repair

    Hey all, Just got back from a snowboarding trip in CO, and one of the files that has probably my favorite video that I took with my gopro is corrupted. No idea why only this one got corrupted. It seems like all the data is there, and this is the only 1 of the 30+videos that had the error...
  12. J

    Reinstalling Win7

    Hey all, Nub question, but need reassurance before I do this. I want to reinstall Win7 on my SSD and don't want to lose the data on my 2 other HDDs in the rig (2tb data drive is essential to not lose w/ the reinstall). If I pop the discs in and completely format the OS drive, reinstall, and...
  13. J

    Your Favorite Screen/Video Capture Program?

    Hey all, Starting to play MWO a bunch and wanted to get some full screen video captures of it for kicks and giggles. I use FRAPS usually, but it is cutting the recording at ~1 minute then stops recording and makes me press F9, which is not conducive to fighting well. What do you guys use for...
  14. J

    Password Protecting Sensitive Data

    Hey all, I am in need of some methods of protecting some sensitive data on both an external harddrive and my own pc. Free programs would be appreciated, but if there are paid ones that work better and more reliably, then I am fine with that too. Any recommendations?
  15. J

    New Build for Casual User

    I'm building a computer for my grandma here in the next week or so and wanted to run my choice by you guys. This will be overkill a bit, but she doesn't want to have to buy a new computer for quite a long time so I went a bit higher. She pretty much uses it for emails, facebook games and...
  16. J

    Router Recommendations

    Hey all, I'm in a 2 story home with a basement using a single antenna buffalo wireless G router (can't remember the model) and am having a hard time getting a reliable signal to the upper floor. Plus, I feel like even the LAN lines are giving me trouble as I feel like I've seen a decrease in...
  17. J

    Doa 7950?

    Bought an amd 7950 2gb off amazon for black Friday. Finally got windows to install a little while ago and there is massive screen tearing and continual graphics crashing with no recovery or bsod. Should I be rma ing this or is there something else I should be looking for. Each restart the...
  18. J

    From bad to worse to disaster

    This has not been a good 5 hours. Had a working copy of Windows 8 last night. This morning it says the installation failed so I need to reinstall. Reinstall failed saying the same thing. Was going to just put 7 back on. Gpu failed to post with the msi 790 fx board getting stuck on 2a...
  19. J

    GPU recommendation for MMO computer

    Hey all, Friend's building a computer largely to play MMOs and maybe dabble in an FPS here and there, and was looking for a solid GPU that won't go overboard. I was thinking something along the lines of a 5770 (or comparable newer model) but wanted to ask the forum at large. Budget is...
  20. J

    Kingston vs Samsung SSD upgrade question

    Hey all. With the deals on amazon and the egg I may jump up to an SSD today so here's what I'm comparing between. Kingston (240 gig at $170) or Samsung (128 gig at $90 w/ EMCYTZT1880 promo code) Which do you think would be the better buy? I've not seen many reviews on the Kingston and...
  21. J

    Gaming Eyewear? (Gunnars)

    http://www.gunnars.com/ Strolled across this today. What are your thoughts on them; anyone tried them out? At first glance it doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know lol.
  22. J

    Current System Appraisal??

    Hey all, The building itch is rapidly starting to take over and I would like to do a bulldozer build if and when it ever releases. But I would not be able to justify that unless I parted out my current rig. I'm just looking for some rough estimates on the things I list here (not selling yet...
  23. J

    New Sharp Elite TV not all that Elite

    I was invited to a "public unveiling" of Sharp's new Elite TV at a local A/V store last night, and I thought I would share my initial impressions with the community. For starters there should be some background on the TV: It is being manufactured by Sharp who hired on a lot of Pioneer's...
  24. J

    [US] Arkham City Preorder and Logitech G27 Sales @ the Egg

    Hey all, Just got a weekend special email from newegg and saw two things that stood out Batman: Arkham City is 12 bucks off + a free t-shirt w/ the below code EMCYTZT747 AND The legendary Logitech G27 is $95 off w/ the below code EMCYTZT743
  25. J

    Gmail suspicious activity alert?

    Hey all. I just got an alert from gmail saying that my account was accessed through an IP in Luxembourg. I do have a friend there, but didn't think she was capable of haxing my email. I took a screenie of the warning screen does anyone know what it could be? I punched in the IP and it took...