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    10 Gigabit Won't Work

    If you could plug those two computers together and run iperf, I think you will be able to tell for sure if your cables are the problem or it is something else. Like someone mention earlier, try working your way up to the problem. Direct connection then add other hardware once you confirm it...
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    Building Home Network

    I think if you can you should. If you can't then maybe plan which node will get a bit of interference. I.E I would avoid having interference on AP for an instance and will take a hit on a desktop, not always manageable but just a suggestion.
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    ASROCK X370/B350 ryzen 5000 series mod

    Pretty cool write up! I didn't even realize it was a possibility!
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    Microsoft gets approval to acquire Zenimax Media ( and Bethesda )

    I think the last EA I bought was Madden 1996. Like you I try to avoid them as much as possible. I didn't see any games that interest me from them for the past 5 years or any publisher really. I was aiming CP2077 but I don't think, I will even bother with that one. I will give them the benefit...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Memory-Modded with 16GB

    That's pretty neat. I wonder what NVidia thinks of the achievement.
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    Why I don't buy from Newegg anymore...

    To be honest, I feel like they make it hard to distinguish between a third-party seller and their own products. I shouldn't have to spend time to make sure I am buying from Amazon or whatever e-online company I am buying from. Just last week bought a few things from Best Buy and one products was...
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    Security as a Service: zscaler and carbon black

    I used carbon black a few years back. We had it on premise. Mainly, any change to a system has to be approved. I.E you want to update Java to a new version you, you need to approve the file. You can pre-approved change like windows update or any change you expect to happen to a system. In our...
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    Server Project

    Thank you!
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    Server Project

    Really cool! Do you mean, you change your domain name twice? If so did it breaks any relation with your clients? Curious, I am planning to rename my lab as well to a different domain but read that it's not wise to do so. I am about to rebuild a new one instead and jumping from 2016 to 2019.
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    Intel Apparently Discounting 10th-Gen CPUs in Bid to Claw Market from AMD

    How things have changed. Hope thing will be more competitive in term of price in the near future and new parts are not scarce. though, not interested in current gen. Waiting to see PCI5 and DDR5.
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    FlexeGRAPH Announces Go Chiller Premium Coolant for DIY Liquid Cooling Setups

    How often do you replace modmymods water based on your experience? Is the black fluid not coming out good in a build?
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    FlexeGRAPH Announces Go Chiller Premium Coolant for DIY Liquid Cooling Setups

    No, I don't know what a VCDS cable is and I am ok with that as well as my pointless hobby. To each their own.
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    FlexeGRAPH Announces Go Chiller Premium Coolant for DIY Liquid Cooling Setups

    For some of us, watercooling is a hobby. Just like some will modify a car, others will only drive it from A to B. In my case, I don't add watercooling for performance but just for the aesthetic part of it and I don't want fans running on high RPM.
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    just upgraded my internet to 1gbs

    Two weeks ago, I upgraded from 150mb to 1g. By the time I swapped my old modem for one that supports the required DOCSIS, the tech confirmed he changed the speed. About 10 minutes I would say. I would give them a call. Though I never reach full 1g but in general I can reach over 700Mbps. PC...
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    ASUSTOR Unveils AS-U2.5G2 Portable 2.5GbE Adapter

    cool, thank you for the explanation.
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    Why Altec Lansing is so great?

    thanks! Thanks for the information! I don't think my ears are refined enough...
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    Not a fan of gold color, but that's one mean looking NESputer!
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    ASUSTOR Unveils AS-U2.5G2 Portable 2.5GbE Adapter

    Gotcha, thanks for the clear up. 3.1 could though no? Adapters/cables are reasonably cheap. Thanks, I didn't think of the efficiency part. They are definitely milking it... I understand is overkill for home network, but it feels like we should have access to this kind of speed by now...
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    Why Altec Lansing is so great?

    It's Hardman Kardon really a good audio system? I am genuinely asking as I am looking at buying a car that comes with that audio system. However, the people on the car forum seem to think it is not a great system...
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    ASUSTOR Unveils AS-U2.5G2 Portable 2.5GbE Adapter

    Why not go to 10Gb instead. Would converting from USB 3.0/1 to USB-C to TCP/IP add overhead? I can't think of a situation that I would need it in a NAS environment.
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    ++ for Eneloops. Just got the new version as I can't find the old one. They are definitely worth it. Chargers plus 6 AA and 6 AAA for 80$ can't argue with that.
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    Yes, I been lurking on your thread for awhile now and hoping to learn from the project ;) It might be overkill but I want the power in case I need it. I wanted native 10Gb or at least 4 1Gb native and low power. It was quite troublesome to find something that meet those requirement with AMD or...
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    Ultimate ALIENWARE case mod (8 years old project reboot)

    Can't wait to see how it pans out!!! Really neat project:D
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    I don't have any experience with a Pi to really give you any insight on that end. I would think modern cpu should be able to handle it. The challenge might be with single NIC. Just to give you an idea, I have an old NUC and on average it consumes 20% cpu and about 14% memory(8GB), at the most...