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  1. J

    AMD Zen-based 8-core Desktop CPU Arrives in 2016, on Socket FM3

    No surprises here, just as previously reported. Eight core desktop CPUs with sixteen threads (not sixteen cores and thirty-two threads), will be very powerful desktop CPUs with a max TDP of 95w. That's right 95w max for the Zen core desktop CPUs. Zen based APUs obviously will have a range of...
  2. J

    GIGABYTE Enables Support for Upcoming 5th Gen Intel Core Processors

    Obviously if properly designed, engineered and produce from the get go, they should perform properly with the new Intel CPUs. This is just marketing hype for the technically challenged. Let's hope that Gigabyte has learned from their recent VRM design issues and has their act together again as...
  3. J

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 352.63 Beta Driver for Windows 10

    Ya gotta wonder how many hundreds of patches, updates will be required for Microsuck's Mistake # 10.
  4. J

    First AMD "Zen" Chips to be Quad-Core

    The Zen cores will be used across the entire AMD product line in both discrete CPUs and APUs for both consumer and enterprise. Zen was designed from the ground up to meet the performance and power consumption requirements of many segments. The max discrete CPU TDP is 95w for an 8-core. The Zen...
  5. J

    Reddit Discovers a Neat Performance Improving Trick for NVIDIA Users

    Not likely that a 3-5% change will make a game playable. Lets say we're at 10 FPS and you gain 5%. The net is 10.5 FPS. I doubt a half FPS is the diff in playability. If we're at 20 FPS then it's still only 1 FPS diff. It simply is not going to change a "no go" game into a playable game.
  6. J

    Intel "Skylake" to be 6th Generation Core Series, First i7-6700K Benchmarks

    It's nice to see some folks have finally figured out that there is no need to upgrade when a new CPU or DRAM series is released and offers no tangible system performance boost. If you're upgrading just because you want some new toys, that's perfectly fine. If you're updating because you didn't...
  7. J

    AMD Readying "Godavari" APUs for May Launch, 14 nm APUs in 2016

    It's funny to read the technical ignorance from people without a clue... It's easy to dupe the clueless.
  8. J

    AMD "Zen" CPU Core Block Diagram Surfaces

    Zen is a huge performance leap for AMD and also a very versatile core that will be applied across AMD's entire product line. Intel will be playing catch-u[p once again, especially in APUs. Hating on AMD products is a waste of energy. The current AMD products provide good performance and...
  9. J

    Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler Pictured

    Well it has lots of heat pipes but until we see how it performs and what it costs, it's hard to determine the value. At least it doesn't leak coolant... ;)
  10. J

    Cryorig Announces the H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler

    Depending on how well this HSF performs and it's price, will determine it's success. I'm thinking it's going to be mid-field in the tower crowd with only four heat pipes. As far as liquid cooling goes, technically astute PC enthusiasts are aware that AIO/CLCs are basically inferior cooling...
  11. J

    GeIL Announces Super Luce DDR4 Enthusiast Memory Series

    If your RAM is operating at 40C or higher, it's probably over-volted or defective. This stuff is for the technically challenged spending mommy's money on marketing hype.
  12. J

    AMD to Skip 20 nm, Jump Straight to 14 nm with "Arctic Islands" GPU Family

    Exactly. And GloFo will be delivering a variety of 13 Nm chips - CPU, APU and GPU for said customers.
  13. J

    G.SKILL Announces the World's Fastest DDR4 128GB (8x 16GB) Memory Kit

    ...except few people have any need for such quantity of DRAM let alone DDR4. <LOL> Most systems do fine with 8-16 GB and more does not produce better performance. In fact some OSs can't even use more than 16-64 GB of RAM. Once you understand that DDR3 running at 1600 MHz or higher is not s...
  14. J

    Alpenföhn Announces Matterhorn Black & White Edition CPU Coolers

    Depending on how well they cool, these might be viable coolers for many. I suggest checking reputable HSF review sites (Frosty Tech, Hardware Secrets, etc.) before spending on CPU coolers. Then you'll have accurate cooling performance data to make an informed decision. You simply can't tell how...
  15. J

    Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma Keyboard Now Available

    The sucker will buy these with Mommies money...
  16. J

    ASUS Announces TUF Trooper B85 Motherboard

    The "TUF series" is intended to fool technically challenged consumers into buying hype... as the PC industry is still in the tank and likely to have plateaued meaning the heyday's of glorious endless sales and windfall profits are over for many including mobo makers. Asus has been migrating to...
  17. J

    Arctic Announces M1 Series CPU Coolers for AMD Socket AM1

    Perhaps he's not familiar with changing the base clock speed or his mobo doesn't offer this option. Without actually testing an AM1 socketed CPU it's hard to tell how much performance gain is possible and if it's worth the effort.
  18. J

    NEC Introduces Two New AccuSync LED-backlit Monitors

    I gave up on NEC years ago when they refused to honor their warranties. Their quality was dropping at the time and I haven't seen it return. It's a pity as they were selling good products at one time IME. I had a variety of their monitors for years until they were finally replaced with Samsung...
  19. J

    Be Quiet! Announces Shadow Rock LP CPU Cooler

    For those who have room, a good tower cooler can provide almost noise-less cooling for the average 125W CPU almost like the good old days when there were no CPU fans, just heatsinks.
  20. J

    Arctic Announces M1 Series CPU Coolers for AMD Socket AM1

    While very little cooling is required for AM1 CPUs, at least enthusiasts will have some options.
  21. J

    HP Introduces WS Storage Advancement, Mobile WS and Professional Displays

    This new high performance PCIe SSD is just the beginning of the transition to all PCIe SSDs for most enthusiasts as PCIe offers a lot more performance than SATA can provide.
  22. J

    AMD "Zen" A Monolithic Core Design

    It's real and not based on rumors. The 16 core APUs are intended for enterprise, not consumers. Eight cores is more than enough for any consumer applications. SMT will help compensate for the poorly written code that exists.
  23. J

    AMD "Zen" A Monolithic Core Design

    Yeah, it's called Zen. Zen is the CPU and it's cores are so good they are going in the next AMD APU iterations. Zen was developed to be a discrete CPU first and then the cores added to the next gen APUs.
  24. J

    AMD Embedded R-Series APU Powers Samsung Electronics Digital Signage Systems

    Congrats to AMD on another successful revenue stream for their IP.
  25. J

    AMD Faces Securities Fraud Lawsuit

    Actually AMD did not make false claims to entice anyone. AMD like Intel and other PC hardware providers issued roadmap projections of new products that were in the pipeline. The roadmaps are often optimistic even in Intel's case. AMD's 10Q reports and discussions always state that the future is...