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    Suggestions for affordable office or gaming chair in the $150-200 range?

    Had a look at Ikea? test some of the chairs there, recently got a Järvfjället for my self, after the padding on my Markus stated to give a bit way after 12 years use and 1 year of work from home. The cloth versions are nicer in summer heat than the fake leather ones. The armrests can be removed...
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    China Gobbling Up Supply of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Machines

    Also remember that stuff like MCUs and simple logic chips absolutely do not need to be at the cutting edge. Just as an example, low chip availability is decreasing car manufacturing Not all of the controller chips in a car needs to be state of the art, and can probably be manufactured at a...
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    Intel's First Discrete Graphics Solution, Iris Xe MAX, Debuts in Acer's Swift 3X Featuring Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake

    Considering that 5000 yuan is a significant lower sum than the 900 Dollars or 850 Euro price there must be an extra shitty version for the Chinese market, or the rest of the world is getting shafted with those prices.
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    EnergyX Partners with Li-ion Battery Inventor Dr. Goodenough to Develop Solid State Battery: 10X Li-ion Power Density

    It is even better than that; according to Wikipedia, he has the middle name Bannister. So it is John B Goodenough (for a Nobel Prize). For electric car applications, the weight really is the killer in current battery tech. hope this helps with that.
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    Lian Li Launches New Fan Interlocking System with the UNI FAN SL120

    Reminds me of the PST fans form Arctic cooling, only the Lian li solution is proprietary without cables.
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    MonsterLabo The First

    An important distinction when it comes to acceptable noise levels are that they are individual. Unlike Chrispy_ I like passive cooled systems, but that is mostly for HTPC use. I currently have 2 HTPCs one in the combined living room/kitchen. ( A8-7600 APU) This is cooled with a single 120 MM...
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    Intel Core i7 "Rocket Lake" Chips to be 8-core/12-thread?

    With 12 threads 4 only 4 cores will have HT enabled, unless my maths is completely off (like HT for half the cores in the new i7)
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    YouTube and Netflix Begin Rationing Their Bandwidth as Lockdowns Surge Online Traffic

    The EU asked google and other streaming services to limit the quality of the streams to save bandwidth. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/03/netflix-and-youtube-cut-streaming-quality-in-europe-to-handle-pandemic/ In addition, EU ≠ Europe, as here in Norway at least google has not lowered...
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    CharaChorder Aims to Enable Typing at the Speed of Thought, Shows off Prototype at CES

    Well, for Scandinavian it appears to be some spare /duplicate buttons so that our æøå can fit. Note that most keyboard layouts outside the US substitutes the right "Alt" key for a "AltGr" (same function as "Alt" + "Ctrl") to get more characters on the same keyboard. as for normal letters in a...
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    Kingston Teases "Grandview," its Upcoming Mid-range PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD, and Current-Gen "Seccos"

    A PCI-e drive does not need to be NVMe. Just look at the Samsung XP941 it’s a ACHI drive capable of 1000 MB sequential speeds.
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    TechPowerUp and TerraMaster Present NAS Giveaway

    Are EEA also welcome?
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    Are manual fan controllers still in or outdated?

    Personally I still use one, the Laptron FC2. This is because with voltage control I can get my fans down to 500 rpm, or even completely stop them. Add to that that the controller can give 45 W per channel, and I can control all of my 22 fans (18 in push pull and 4 on the tower).
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    AMD Announces Ryzen 9 3950X, Details 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper, unlocked Athlon 3000G

    My 5820k probably is worthless, but I have no problems in the games I play so there is no immediate need for upgrade. However, if I were to the 3950X is high on my list. When I got the 5820k 6 years ago, the thinking was that 4C/4T was all you would need. Well, the 6C/12T 5820k still works well...
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    Streacom Outs the UM2 Universal CPU Mount for its Fanless Heatsink Cases

    Sure, that is nice and all with a universal mount. But the maunt that came with my FC8 did work on the AM4 socket for the R5 2400G. And for my personally, having a media PC that is actually silent is important, sure, place it in the same room as a refrigerator or something similar and it’s a...
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    Intel Mobility Xe GPUs to Feature Up to Twice the Performance of Previous iGPUs

    So Intel need to make a dedicated GPU to improve gaming performance from the UHD 620? I know userBenchmark are questionable, but this comparison does have a FPS number for CS:GO: UHD 620: 35 fps RX vega 11: 76 fps So the potential new intel mobile GPU will struggle to beat a 2 year old AMD...
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    Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7 iGPU Beats AMD RX Vega 10: Benchmarks

    So the new, best implementation from Intel is capable of beating the second best from AMD? That is before you use the horrible mess that is intel graphics drivers, in my experience at least. Remember that there is a Vega 11, even available in a laptop configuration, Ryzen 7 2800H that supports...
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    How many fans do you have on your PC case?

    Depends on the case really, 1st HTPC: none 2nd HTPC: one 120 mm for the tower cooler, that does protrude substantially from the case itself. the last daily used one has: 1 front intake 3 bottom intake 1 back exhaust 1 back exhaust in PSU All fans (except PSU) are arctic cooling F12 PWM It also...
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    Intel Sourgrapes AMD's Creator Performance Leadership with Laughably Dubious Data

    Looking at it positivly, it is good to see that AMD is so competitive that Intel starts panicking. Knowing that English is not my mother tongue, and I am dyslectic, so something could have been lost in translation, but where does connectivity equal to design wins? Unless they are bragging...
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    AMD "Renoir" APU to Support LPDDR4X Memory and New Display Engine

    Yes, but both the Xbox and PS4 are running a scaled back OS compared to a standard PC. Additionally, both of them have memory in the same ballpark as the HBM2 chip in the 8809g for the GPUs (Xbox one x 326 GB/s and PS4 is 176 GB/s) The Subor Z+ sits at 256 GB/s according to this. I still think...
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    AMD "Renoir" APU to Support LPDDR4X Memory and New Display Engine

    Well, AMD is capable of making a bigger GPU for an APU solution, just look at the Intel i7 8809g. Note that the Vega chip in those implementations has its own dedicated HBM2 framebuffer, removing the need to share bandwith with the CPU. If you compare the Vega 8 in the 2200g with the Vega 11...
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    AMD Readies Three HEDT Chipsets: TRX40, TRX80, and WRX80

    Differentiator for TR40 and TR80 is half a Rome (32 cores and 4 memory channels) Mabye WRX80 is mult socekt Threadripper? For when you absolutely, positively need 128 cores so you can crush Intel in cinebench, even with water chillers? The IO die from Rome already has all the hardware for a...
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    Cerebras Systems' Wafer Scale Engine is a Trillion Transistor Processor in a 12" Wafer

    Remember that the 9 petabyte is internally on the die. At the moment AI research may be done in a GPU with 8 GiB to 24 GiB Ram, the complete dataset might not fit in the GPU ram, so it will be done in batches. The same way the data sets might be loaded into the internal 18 GiB memory for the...
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    Need for Speed Heat Arrives on November 8th, Burning All Limits

    The voice over was stupid in that trailer, the only one that can pull a monologue like that off would be Vin Diesel. Yeah, Need for Speed World. Imagine a NFS game with extra grind and some pay to win mechanics… and rammers. Yeah, if I wanted burnout I would have gotten burnout. NFS is an...
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    Steam Introduces Steam Labs

    Nope, tried it on 4 computers, all working fine, and all have the same problem with steam and windows reboot. This is steam being a bit shitty.
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    Steam Introduces Steam Labs

    Not to mention the best (worst) bug of them all, if steam is not closed manually before windows is shut down the install of steam somehow damages a small file that subsequently steam need to download the next time steam is started. So if you don’t have internet access and forget to close steam...