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    AMD Ryzen 3000 and Older Zen Chips Don't Support SAM Due to Hardware Limitation, Intel Chips Since Haswell Support it

    That's a bit embarrassing for AMD - introduce a new performance improving feature; limit it to new GPUs *and* new CPUs; watch the motherboard manufacturers introduce it for existing competitor CPUs.... Hopefully this will be another kick for AMD to "find a way" to introduce SAM on older AMD...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Tested on Z490 Platform With Resizable BAR (AMD's SAM) Enabled

    It'd be ironic if the feature were to be unlocked on Intel motherboards without the user having to own a 5000 series AMD CPU. Hopefully this will "encourage" AMD to unlock the feature on relevant motherboards, regardless of CPU installed.
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    ClockTuner for Ryzen Simplifies "Zen 2" Overclocking, Squeezes Out Double-digit Percent Performance

    Works absolutely fine (tested when CPU folding for over a month) on my RAM which uses Hynix chips. Which might suggest that the numbers are not "completly unusable".
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    Windows 10 Market Share Drops Between March and April

    I suspect that working from home has caused some to use PCs that were otherwise unused. I lent one of my retired PCs to a colleague of my wife - they had been trying to get a Windows XP PC working again to no avail.
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    AMD to Support DDR5, LPDDR5, and PCI-Express gen 5.0 by 2022, Intel First to Market with DDR5

    Remember SIPP packaged RAM? I remember - vividly - as the 4x 256kB SIPPs I bought only lasted one motherboard before SIMMs were victorious.
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    Intel 10th Generation Core "Comet Lake-S" Desktop Processor Boxed Retail SKUs Listed

    New Intel CPU; new socket; new motherboard required - why am I not surprised....
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    Intel files an Anti-trust Case Against SoftBank-owned Tech Firm

    .... and the time when the Intel C Compiler code dispatcher was found to be sending CPUs without "GenuineIntel" as the vendor string down deliberately sub-optimal code paths....
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    Future AMD GPU Architecture to Implement BFloat16 Hardware

    Makes sense if range is more important than resolution.
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    Intel 10th Gen Core X "Cascade Lake-X" Pricing and Specs Detailed

    .... don't forget to add on the price of the required new motherboard....
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    Getting Radeon RX Vega?

    Managed to secure a Sapphire RX Vega 64 reference model for £449 yesterday - it'll replace my RX 480.
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    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    Engaging damage limitation mode regarding the power-draw of over-clocked Skylake-X? http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/-intel-skylake-x-overclocking-thermal-issues,5117.html .... or just worried that Threadripper will let AMD further eat into Intel's profits....?