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  1. Hardcore Games

    X570 SLI, NVLINK & CFX

    I was looking over various X570 offering and I was disgusted to see support for dual cards to be pretty much a non starter. My R5 3600 has 16 lanes so splitting them to 2 slots is standard but who is doing that with the BIOS? I own a pair of GTX 690 cards that still work so why not get greedy
  2. Hardcore Games

    Turkish Exchange Boss Missing

    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/04/26/turkish-exchange-boss-missing/ Looks like he took the money and ran for it.
  3. Hardcore Games


    I updated my review and posted a fix at the bottom for those who want to play the original Crysis on the PC with a working version https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2007/11/13/crysis/
  4. Hardcore Games


    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/04/03/regulating-digital-coins/ The tax man is already in court seeking details over some accounts over $20,000 from 2016 to 2020. It does look like the taxman is coming. This will really crimp the digital coing sector.
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    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/03/21/ransomware-digital-coins/ Ransomware is a growing problem. Digital coins are a vector to allow criminals to evade prosecution.
  6. Hardcore Games

    Earnings Down

    On some other forums I noticed some questions about earning less mining. I thought I would ask here how much change if any has been noticed lately?
  7. Hardcore Games


    RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 cards are generally all triple slot coolers. More concerning is the weight of the card. Back with my HD 6970 which was retrofitted and I got card for so cheap I was happier than a fly on fresh shit. HD 6970 gavel fell at $50...
  8. Hardcore Games

    black desert: online free

    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/03/07/black-desert-online-free/ there is a link to the original game review from 5 years ago, the developer has changed tactics
  9. Hardcore Games


    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/03/05/bitcoin-and-nerfed-video-cards/ Before the $99,999 video card, I was working on this post considering the steps NVIDIA has taken and may take down the road to steer miners away from video cards so far not a peep from AMD
  10. Hardcore Games

    RTX 3060 FOR $99,000

    https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2021/03/05/rtx-3060-for-99999/ this is not clickbait, i made screenshot as I am so cynical Triple MSRP does not look so bad anymore with recent pricing
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    Dunno if anyone here plays Halo: MCC https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2019/03/12/halo-the-master-chief-collection-on-steam/
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    https://hardcoregames.video.blog/2021/01/09/insane-gpu-prices/ I built a spreadsheet that draws data from several workbooks I have stored in the cloud. I studied economics at university so I have a good grip on capital assets and earning potential. The feature creature at university was a...
  13. Hardcore Games

    segotep psu

    I noticed on eBay a new brand of PSU called Segotep that are claiming 80 plus gold and are both modular and cable varieties. Anybody got one of these and if its any good?
  14. Hardcore Games

    SATA port expanders

    I was wondering if anyone besides me uses SATA port expanders. These can be run from one SATA port and fan out into 5 SATA drives. They can also be cascaded to 15 disks. This is now a low cost motherboard can handle 45-60 hard disks in a rack mounted server. The SATA III expanders I have cost...
  15. Hardcore Games

    Samsung C49RG90SSU

    Found this LCD on Overclock 3D across the pond https://www.overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/samsung_s_insane_crg9_5120x1440_freesync_2_hdr_display_is_now_available_to_order/ I was wondering how much video card will I need to play games at 5120x1440
  16. Hardcore Games


    http://www.hardcoregames.biz/golden-field-atx-s628-atx-psu/ I have had this power supply for quite some time. I have been using to run an old Acer ASE700 with a COre 2 Quad Q6600 CPU. Much of the time it has had a GT 630 in it but I have used a GTX 750 in it as well. I was wondering if anyone...
  17. Hardcore Games


    I have the MSI B350M Bazooka which has 4 DDR4 slots on it and MSI says it can see 64GB of memory. So who flogs Samsung b-die RAM chips as these seem to be the best chips around for stuffing a board with a lot of memory. Cheapest RAM is G-Skill which seems to work OK with everything but I wanted...
  18. Hardcore Games

    GTX 750 not in the relative performance

    I own a Gigabyte GTX 750 card that I use in an old Core 2 Quad box Mostly I play older games like Halo and Freelancer etc, anyway I check the database here for cards a lot and the GTX 750 Ti is in the list but not the GTX 750 Would be nice to see the GTX 750 in the comparison as there are...