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    New Headphones

    Hello, i am looking at new headphones, budget is not that specified but under 1000 USD would be nice. The bigger restriction is that i want to get them from a Norwegian shop (since i live in Norway) i therefore would be happy if anybody can suggest some cans. What are they going to be used for...
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    Suggestions for large 4K monitor

    Hello, i am looking for suggestions for a large 4K monitor, TVs are not an option as they require a yearly tax equivalent to 335 usd even if you don't use the tv part. The reason for wanting something bigger than my WFP3008 is so that i can watch movies/series from my couch, and the 30" gets a...
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    Skt 2011 v3 build

    Looking to upgrade the old workhorse, pretty much desired that i want a 5820k for the CPU (or a 5930k) since i want a Samsung xp941 for storage (no more S-ata cables) Am going to use the two 290X in CF as well. Question is, what is a good motherboard? have been looking at the MSI x99 Plus...
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    RAID controler and OS for storage++ server

    I am going to build myself a server for storing files, home network is 1 Gbit. I am also going to try to make it possible to access the files over the Internet since i currently have a ok fiber concretion (25/25) that, if needed, can be upgraded (60/60) for a small fee. In this server i was...
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    Need a Router, got some advice for one?

    I need a new router as my new apartment dos not come with one. I have some specifications i need: Gigabit wired network. capable of handling lots of connections and high speed to the wan (have 25/25 fiber now, maybe 60/60 or higher in the future) an good wireless part is nice. I am...
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    new watercoling setup for CPU + 2 GPU

    I am currently pondering the possibilities of watercooling my current computer. The problem i have is what parts to get i order to make sure that the new setup is as quiet or even quieter that what i already have while getting more cooling (lower temps or overclocking) first things first, my...