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  1. J

    Optimal Corsair PSU temp

    Does anyone know what temperature I should be trying to keep my PSU at? I searched on these forums but can't find a clear cut answer. My power supply doesn't seem to turn on the fan until about 45-50'C under load which seems really high. I forced a fan profile to bring it down to 30'C, but now...
  2. J

    ASUS ROG and 8350 dead. What caused it?

    My Asus Crosshair went up in smoke today and took my 8350 I just grabbed with it :(. It started smoking directly above the CPU. I believe that area is the VRM's or Mosfets, not 100% sure. I had just installed an H100 cooler and was getting an FF code and no post shortly after. Took the system...
  3. J

    Corsair Digital Link

    Hey guys just purchased an H100 Liquid cooler that I got an awesome deal on. I currently have an Hx750i with the digital link and was wondering how to connect the two. The coolers documentation doesn't cover the subject at all. I believe my power supply came with a header that connects to the...
  4. J

    R9 380 Throttling issue (Bad GPU?)

    I'm having a throttling issue with R9 380. I can't seem to pin point exactly what's going on because it almost seems arbitrary, which leads me to think it's a bad GPU. It goes like this- Settings are: XFX R9 380 4Gb Black edition (1030mhz core) overclocked with MSI Afterburner +85voltage +20%...
  5. J

    R9 Series Coil Whine

    Hello everyone. It looks like my XFX R9 380 has developed coil whine. At least I think it's coil whine. This noise is slightly lower pitch than a whine and begins when the card is under heavy load, and high FPS. I have tried a few things to cut the noise; Using a frame limiter, using V-sync...