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    Why is my C drive heating up when I'm copying files on my D and E drives?

    Hello all. It's summer in the tropics, right now about 35C in my room. I'm robocopying something from my HDD (D) to my SSD (E), but why is my SSD (C) OS drive heating up? Temps start off about ambient for all, then for C: it went up 47C, while the other drives reached 39C. Now I've read around...
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    Laptop's keyboard not allowing login

    Hey all. My bro-in-law's laptop would not let him login to windows. The only keys that seem to work is caps lock and enter. We tried pluggin in a keyboard via usb, same thing only caps and enter are working. Ease of access icon to show the onscreen keyboard doesn't work. Mousepad is working. The...
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    How come I can't see "The Lounge"?

    How come I can't see The Lounge? I think I saw it once, but never again. Why?
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    Any of you encountered a WD Black that's SMR?

    I'm looking to get a 6TB drive. Ruling out the Blue and Red of 6TB capacity since the ones being sold most often are SMR. There's still a smattering of Blues that used to be the Green drives (EZRZ), but if there's a problem most likely it'll be replaced by the shop with the SMR model (EZAZ)...
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    Would you still choose an MLC drive today versus 3DTLC?

    Hi, I've been a long time lurker and reader here on TPU. This is my first post. Given the price drop of today's SSDs, would you still choose an MLC drive over a 3D TLC drive? Here in my country I could get a WD SN750 at slightly less price than a Plextor M8PeG. I know the SN750 is better in...