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  1. spearman914

    Tried Safari 4 = not happy.

    I decided to try the new Safari 4 so called "The Fastest Browser on the Planet". And I was not happy. First of all the Tab Bar is now on top and is making me confused. Also it takes up the whole bar no matter how many tabs are open so i can't double click to get a new tab. Secondly Apple fucked...
  2. spearman914

    A driver cleaner tool for IGP???

    I was wondering if there are some sort of driver cleaner for onboard graphics like driver sweeper.
  3. spearman914

    "EVERYTHING" set to default after bsod.

    So i've been having problems with my GPU (HD4870x2) It has been overheating so i decided to turn the fan speed up. As soon as i click apply i get bsod. Hmm, pretty normal since it has happened a lot of times. But this time when i booted up everything on my computer turns back to default. All...
  4. spearman914

    USB card reader problem

    So i got myself an R4 (if u know what;s that), and i need to use a micro sd card reader to store games. Well i plugged it in the usb port, it worked for 5 minutes. Then next thing you know, it doesn't work, windows doesn't recognize it. Tried rebooting no help...
  5. spearman914

    Buy.com PNY GTX 285 $378 + Free shipping.

    http://www.buy.com/prod/pny-geforce-gtx-285-1gb-gddr3-512-bit-648mhz-pci-e-2-0-video-card/q/loc/101/210634631.html Hope it's not a typo!!! Oops it's GTX 285.
  6. spearman914

    Hot!! Gtx295 £364.99 Uk Only

    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-114-XF&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=1324 This week only offer so hurry up and save up some money. £419.74 with tax sorry.
  7. spearman914

    4870X2 Proven to Be the Top Dog, Beats GTX295

    Unfortunately, 4870X2 has beaten the GTX295 (only Crysis Warhead lol) but they used different settings, even at 1920 x 1200. 1892MB (GTX295) is fairly enough for that res but still falls behind. http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTYwOCwxLCxoZW50aHVzaWFzdA== Dunno if this is already...
  8. spearman914

    Mobile CPU Temps.

    I know desktops cpu temp is good below 60c but how bout mobiles. I did a 2 hour stress test and the cpu temp was 74C!! Is that ok? Tried real temp, coretemp, speedfan, and all said something around 75C.
  9. spearman914

    Anyway to set a specific theme for diff. accs

    Is there any way to set specific themes for diff. accs. Like say, I want to put windows classic theme for Administrator but windows aero for Administrator 2.
  10. spearman914

    PC Silencer 750W $70!!!!!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341011 OMG!!
  11. spearman914

    Best FPS u played

    CoD 4. Gotta love it!!
  12. spearman914

    Soldier front or combat arms (less graphic intense)

    Which is less graphic intense? I can't really tell cuz they both look the dang same. The games is pretty much like Call of Duty 4. My brother's inspiron ran like crap for SF so would CA lag like crap too?? And can it play CS:S?
  13. spearman914

    2x1GB OCZ SLI-Ready $6.99 CAS4

  14. spearman914

    Upgrade for dad/mom

    So my dad is finally starting to like playing games like we do. You know like crysis etc. And I need some good upgrades, the rig he's using will be epic fail to play stuff like that. Price range 500. His rig: E2180 XMS2 2 GB 8600GT DFI LP DK P35-T2RS Acer 19"
  15. spearman914

    Water Cooling Build

    I haven't been watercooling since I was 12 so I kinda forgot how it works. :slap: So I just want suggestions of a setup that will cost below $150 (And I can't stretch a cent sorry). Cya back to sleep.
  16. spearman914

    Configure system locale language for specific applications

    So on my computer all my apps are English except 1 that mom uses which is Chinese. And the app doesn’t support Unicode so it has an assigned language as Chinese but some of my drivers are non-unicode too and I want them to be English. Of course I can just change it and restart. But it’s getting...
  17. spearman914

    driver language

    So I updated the Mobile Express 965 drivers today and it installs the driver in chinese language by default. Anyway to change it so it can install the drivers in English.
  18. spearman914

    Google not working

    google.com is not working for me now. Is it only me or all of u because i can go to other sites just that google.
  19. spearman914

    good idea!! (disable superfetch)

    Right now on my bros PC , he has a Inspiron 1525 that he plays some non-graphic-instensive games like Cabal Online, so should i disabl superfetch on it? Specs are here: T2390 1 GB 512 x 2 DDR2-667 Dual Channel Integrated 965 Chipset Graphics LCD 1280 x 800 Vista
  20. spearman914

    Error - User profile not loaded correctly

    Today I was trying to switch some ram on my bro's pc and when I logged in. There was an error- your user profile was not loaded correctly. And then it said it is logged in as the TEMP profile. Anyone know how to change it back?
  21. spearman914

    Regedit: Memory Management

    I accidently deleted the keys in the memory management sections which is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\ Session Manager\Memory Management Can someone please post the default keys in the memory management section so I can recreate them? Edit: Lucky the...
  22. spearman914

    Fun non graphic intensive game

    I'm looking for a non graphic intensive game for my bros lappy to play. Since its a lappy its a bad idea to play shooting games (obviously). Any suggestions?
  23. spearman914

    800-1500 USD Rig

    E8500 With S1283 Maximus Formula X48 G.Skill 2x2 GB 800Mhz 5-5-5-15 WD Velociraptor 150 GB 10,000 RPM Lite On Black CD/DVD Drive Creative Sound Blaster Fatat1ty Xtreme Gamer Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Watts Thermaltake Armor Full Tower Sapphire Radeon...
  24. spearman914

    r4ds replacement shell

    I'm looking for a site that sells r4ds replacement shells (black). Many of them seems to be out of stock. And it has to ship to US. Any price is fine. edit: I know, i know , its illegal...... so what?
  25. spearman914

    warcraft cd key changer

    For some reason my CD KEY is disabled. I need something to change my cd key.