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  1. lyndonguitar

    old PSU for low power usage(APU)

    Okay so my brother has upgraded from his 7 years old FSP Epsilon 80plus 600W power supply to a better one(Seasonic Focus plus 750W) because it was occasionally restarting his PC (i7-4770 and GTX 1070), presumably due to old age it can't handle the i7 and gtx 1070 anymore. and now I have this...
  2. lyndonguitar

    [Solved] Xbox 360 wireless receiver software problems

    I have the latest version of Windows 10, I have a problem with the wireless receiver for xbox 360 controllers. it is a software is afaik, because the receiver and the controllers works fine with my laptop. I have 2 receivers and many controllers and they work fine with my laptop(windows 10...
  3. lyndonguitar

    coffeelake native ram vs xmp @2666mhz

    I have a corsair vengeance 16gb that says 2666mhz on the box... i've been running XMP for a few days now @2666mhz, anyway since coffeelake supports 2666mhz natively, is there a difference if i disable XMP and just the change clock to 2666mhz(multipler 26.66)?, is this what native means? and is...
  4. lyndonguitar

    [Solved] Need help in Overclocking, My cpu locks at stock freqs

    I have an Z370 Aorus gaming 5 and an intel core 8700k. I kinda followed this Guide in overclocking. and this the only difference is that I started from lower multipliers and voltages. However my problem is that once I try to overclock(set multiplier to 45, 46, 47, etc). it displays the correct...
  5. lyndonguitar

    Auto Voltage Regulator to PC?

    I've been using i7-2600k OC'ed to 4.5GHz for years now, paired with different GPUs until a GTX 1070, a local cheap AVR worked fine and did not pose ANY problems during the many years of usage. this is the link, it was powering a 650W PSU and a 2.1 Speaker with Good Subs. My brother also has an...
  6. lyndonguitar

    deepcool fan hub can you combine 3pin and 4pin

    It's been a while since I last built a PC from scratch and with a new case and I don't have experience yet with PWM fans. I tried googling but it's hard to find results.. so I have this Deepcool FAN HUB (4pins) that came with the Captain Cool 240EX...
  7. lyndonguitar

    Geforce Bundle question

    I just bought a GTX 1080 earlier and waiting for the other parts to come(8700k) before i open the box. theres this Geforce bundle where you get a free Destiny 2 up to November 29. However I'm not very interested in playing the game, instead of activating a game i do not want is it okay to wait...
  8. lyndonguitar

    Budget case with more than two 3.5 drive bays

    can anyone recommend me/help me find a budget case under $200 with more than two 3.5 HDD bays, I plan to build a PC once coffeelake releases(i7-8700k) and I am looking to replace my CM storm sniper. I use 3 HDDs + 2 SSDs and in my research, most cases I see supports just 2 HDDs with the rest...
  9. lyndonguitar

    System Specs minor revisions and suggestions

    Change: Hard Disk(s) to Storage Device(s) Change: LCD/CRT Model: to Display Device(s): add an Audio Device(s) = for headsets and speaker set ups. and as others have suggested before: The option to list more than one system spec
  10. lyndonguitar

    Games that 'hitch' the most based on your experience

    I just ordered two Samsung SSDs online to arrive by tuesday, one for my desktop and one for my laptop. I've been using a small one for my OS for years and it's really awesome. however I haven't used it that much in games outside my most played games which is CSGO, Dota 2, and PUBG. anyway I got...
  11. lyndonguitar

    Corrupted msiexec.exe (windows installer)

    I have a laptop that is experiencing some issues around windows installer~ so i cannot install anything that uses it. I tried every 'fix' i could find in the internet to no avail. I see msiexec.exe on both system32 and syswow64 folders. but the one in system32 shows a default 'unknown icon'...
  12. lyndonguitar

    Cascading 10/100 routers affect speed?

    I have a router setup at home and I have a question, because of the way our house is setup. I have three access points in the house for the Wifi to cover most of it. it goes like this. the Internet modem is connected to One main router(Let's call this router A), then one port on it goes to...
  13. lyndonguitar

    If you had $500, $1000, $2000, what would you spend it on?

    I'm just curious guys, If you were given $500, $1000, or $2000, what would you spend it on? Better if PC related ofcourse but I guess you can spend it whereever you want e.g. $500 I'll upgrade to GTX 1080 $1000 I'll save it and wait for more money $2000 Sell my PC and build a new one Buy...
  14. lyndonguitar

    IDENTITY First Gameplay (Open World RP game)

    Looks pretty cool, has anybody here played Garry's Mod RP game mode or Arma's Life game modes? looks similar to those games Although I'm a bit skeptical if they can really pull this off, what do you guys think? Website: https://www.identityrpg.com/ Game Description(from website) : IDENTITY IS...
  15. lyndonguitar

    144hz+GTX 1060 vs 60hz+GTX 1070

    So my Monitor broke off and I plan to buy a new one, as well as a new video card to replace my good 'ol HD7870. I'm currently limited by budget so I'd have to choose between the two options of monitor+videocard I'd have to pick between buying a new 1080p144Hz Monitor with a GTX 1060 in which...
  16. lyndonguitar

    Dying HDD gets read for a few seconds after booting up

    Last month I had a dying 1TB HDD which I already replaced with a new and bigger one recently I realized I have a few kinda important files in there so I checked the HDD again and tried to boot it up in the hopes of recovering the lost data It booted up with my PC, but it stays only for a few...
  17. lyndonguitar

    Rat peed on video card, is it possible to fix?

    Few days ago a small rat(correction: it's mouse) somehow got inside my brother's computer at night while he's asleep and peed on the GPU, of course he didn't know so in the morning when he turned it on it didn't. He let me check on it and I saw corrosive like markings on the GPU board, the PC...
  18. lyndonguitar

    Good things to do with laptop while at home?

    Just bought a new gaming laptop to use at campus and while going out, etc. I have a decent desktop at home in which I play games and do stuff, so the laptop mostly gets overshadowed by the desktop while i'm in my room at home. Any useful things to do with the laptop while I'm using my desktop...
  19. lyndonguitar

    HDD problem.. high latency and usage on specific files only

    Yesterday while doing some stuff on the computer I noticed a problem, one of my HDDs seems to be behaving unusual, I noticed it when I tried patching Star Citizen and it isn't moving, I checked task manager and it showed a 100% disk usage on that drive, with abnormally high latencies(reaching...
  20. lyndonguitar

    Internet useless when uploading

    I just had my main DSL modem replaced by the ISP because the old one was having problems, they replaced it with a new model(with wifi) and I connected it to my Wi-fi Router(ASUS brand, that uses a dd-wrt firmware) Everything works fine, I can browse and game as usual, except when I upload...
  21. lyndonguitar

    Mouse stops working seconds of minutes after plug in

    I have this mouse Madcatz Cyborg Rat 5 and It had a problem. the sensor totally stops working, the buttons and scroll wheel still works, only the sensor. I sent it to RMA and they repaired/returned it now, but not even 1 month after return, it's starting to do this again. This time I tried...
  22. lyndonguitar

    Remove an OS installation without removing files?

    Its been a while since I did this sort of thing and I need help, I bought an 120gb SSD(Crucial M500) and will install windows 8 on it to be my boot OS/Drive later, however I still have my very old Windows 7 installed on my 1TB drive(still currently my boot drive). I plan to keep most of the...
  23. lyndonguitar

    Free Left 4 Dead 2

    Free Left 4 Dead 2 for those who doesn't have it yet. just click play game or install game http://store.steampowered.com/app/550/
  24. lyndonguitar

    Steam Winter Sale 2013

    Daily Sales For those who are interested at crafting badges/trading cards... go here
  25. lyndonguitar

    Help me get good gaming mouse and keyboard

    Using a cheap keyboard and mouse since forever and I'm looking into buying my first gaming mouse and KB. Budget is around $200 and after looking into many reviews and sites I am leaning towards the Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red and Corsair M65 as my first choices. I play all types of games, but I...