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  1. <<Onafets>>

    New Home Server Drive

    Hi all, I'm looking to add to my home media server which is currently running an 80GB Hitachi Deskstar for the OS, 2TB WD Green and a 1TB WD Green (as a backup for important stuff)but all of which are on the way out 4-6 years old. The server is running Ubuntu 14.04, is on 24/7 and drives are...
  2. <<Onafets>>

    Ex WD MyBook shown as RAW

    Hey all, hope you had a good Christmas! :toast: I've migrated my friends WD MYBook 2TB out of its enclosure into his PC as an internal SATA drive and its data is now inacessable. It appears as a RAW file system in disk management and I have run TestDisk to see what I could gather. The results...
  3. <<Onafets>>

    Locked out of drive on Ubuntu Server

    Hey guys, I was trying to delete some torrents that I had downloaded with transmission-daemon and was unable to from my samba share on windows. I figured the best solution was to 'sudo chmod -R 0777 /media/Storage' (my drive with samba) but apparently not. This locked both my windows user and...
  4. <<Onafets>>

    Best cable sleeving kits / mobo wires.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good cable sleeving kit or a good brand of sleeve + heat shrink so I can do some cable cleaning. I've heard some sets are better than others and If I'm going to the trouble of sleeving I may aswell do it right! Also I'm not sure where to buy these: I need about 20...
  5. <<Onafets>>

    Torrents not working on new Netgear

    Hey all, Just upgraded my net to Telstra ultimate cable and got a Docsis3 modem (Netgrear CG3100D) with it. Needless to say I'm very happy with speeds but I'm having an issue with my torrent clients. Attempted to download and try out a few linux distros with Vuze and they wont download...
  6. <<Onafets>>

    Is 1155 a wise move?

    Hey all, Probably going to start collecting bits for my new pc this week. I'm going from 775 so anything is an improvement at this point. Is it wise to go for 1155 (GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 I'm thinking) or is there another socket I should hold out for? Product page is here because I love you guys...
  7. <<Onafets>>

    Putting standoffs into wood

    Hey all, I'm working on a wooden cabinet to mount some servers in and I was wondering If I could drill halfway down into the wood and if there was something I could glue into the wood that has a thread in it so I could screw standoffs in. Something like this where scraggly lines are the threads...
  8. <<Onafets>>

    Gigabit lan differences

    heya, I'm planning on getting a few gigabit pci cards for a home router build using linux and i had a few questions. a) Is cat 6 worth it over cat5/5e? b) are all gigabit cards built the same? (specifically: http://www.msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=4194 and...
  9. <<Onafets>>

    Replacing caps in a PSU? (Large Screenshots)

    Hey guys, I've used this psu for a couple of years in side projects that i have and im now wanting to use it in my htpc/server box. I cracked it open to make sure it was in a fit condition and i noticed some bulging caps. I was wondering how easy they would be to replace for someone with little...
  10. <<Onafets>>

    Brand escaped me :/

    Hey all :) I'm doing a m atx router and i need some sexy power switches for it. I remember there was a really good brand that made this switch here that is pretty much identical...
  11. <<Onafets>>

    New 2.1 Kit

    Hey guys, I'm looking at some new 2.1 speakers as my pioneers are lacking in the bass department. I was looking at these (Swan M50W) http://www.theaudioinsider.com/product_info.php?p=swan-m50w&products_id=167 or these (Logitech Z623)...
  12. <<Onafets>>

    Begining 3D Game Design

    Hey guise. I'm trying to write a 3D RPG game with a friend of mine but have no clue where to start. I looked at XNA but realised that there were no solid tutorials out there and so I'm pretty much stuck. *sadface* I was wondering if diving straight into C++ and designing my own game engine was a...
  13. <<Onafets>>

    Execute When system time changes?

    Is there any way to execute a command when a system time changes? IE (When 13.59 changes to 14.00) Label1.Text = RAWR! Pee break! haha Vb.net :toast:
  14. <<Onafets>>

    Hi-Fi needs an upgrade.

    Hey all, I'm really new to the whole audiophile market of sorts but I do know that my sound system needs an upgrade! I current ly am running a Pioneer XV HTD1 with origional amp and speakers in 2.1 but im getting no bass (well at least not much). I was thinkinhg of gettign a new sub or just a...
  15. <<Onafets>>

    CheckedListBox Problem

    Hey guys, this should be a simple solution but i can't find someone with the same problem on the net. I want to get the first checked item in my checked listbox in to a string. Apple Banana Orange So {Checked list box item 0} to string which would mean if i sent the string to a...
  16. <<Onafets>>

    CheckedListbox Items into array?

    Hey guys, I solved my problem earlier abour getting folder names into the list box using this code: Dim info As DirectoryInfo = New DirectoryInfo(saves) CheckedListBox1.DataSource = info.GetFileSystemInfos() But now I need help dumping only the checked items in the checked listbox into an...
  17. <<Onafets>>

    Getting folder names and not location in VB .Net

    Hey guys, I'm getting a problem with my line of code and can't seem to find a workaround that works (all I can find is VB 6) CheckedListBox1.Items.AddRange(IO.Directory.GetDirectories("my directory here")) This deposits all folders locations into a list box but I only need the actual...
  18. <<Onafets>>

    Cheap as chips gaming rig :)

    Hey guys :) About to do a rig for a friend and I have unfortunately slackened off since the release of i7 hardware wise so I have absolutely no clue of where to go :( Specs I need are: 6GB of ram (I was thinking corsair) An i7 cpu A ASUS or Gigabyte board as iI believe this is best bang...
  19. <<Onafets>>

    Whats in the future for us?

    I'm not sure if this belongs here but I'll try my luck :) I was curious on other peoples opinions about what is next in the tech world. Now that touch screens are everywhere what do you think the near future holds for us? 3D sound voids, motion controls on new gadgets such as phones? Share your...
  20. <<Onafets>>

    Microsoft To Acquire Skype!

    http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/aap/8247382/microsoft-to-acquire-skype Interesting bit of news, unsure about how it will turn out...:laugh:
  21. <<Onafets>>

    Online databases?

    Hola, I have created a fairly large program that i wish to sell for a fairly cheap price I personally think the best way to protect it (but im open to other ideas) is to link it with an nline database with activation codes and such but seeing as I only know vb i want to know how to host and...
  22. <<Onafets>>

    Is Java weird or is it me?

    Ok so I think i have finally digested all I need to know about VB .net and have started Java:) But i was wondering if i could have a user interface like i can in vb with buttons and such, i just started it and i don't really have any online use for it.
  23. <<Onafets>>

    Are these ping normal?

    From Sydney to Washington, is everyone in Aus getting similar speeds or is it just me? :cry:
  24. <<Onafets>>

    Apple may drop NVIDIA for Sandy Bridge's IGP next year

    Just found this article on the net. Seems very interesting that they're dropping full blown GPU's just when games are finally being supported on mac. :laugh: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2010/12/apple-may-drop-nvidia-for-sandy-bridges-igp-next-year.ars
  25. <<Onafets>>

    New language for me?

    Hey guys again, Ive been sorta nailed to this side of the boards:laugh::nutkick: As I sorta want to continue doing VB .net i think its time for a change and am looking to learn a new language. I was really looking for something that is fairly good with games as my next project will probably...