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  1. anticlutch

    Mouse issues

    Hm unfortunately it was such a long time ago that I don't really remember what I did to fix it... but I do know that I ended up reformatting and eventually buying a new mouse at some point ($15 Microsoft optical mouse ftw). Just out of curiosity though, have you tried disabling the "enhance...
  2. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] Q6600/q6700

    Was able to source a Q6600. Moderator PMed to close thread.
  3. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] Q6600/q6700

    PMs sent, still looking for offers.
  4. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] Q6600/q6700

    I believe that the page you posted is actually for the rev 3.3 version whereas I have the rev 1.3 board. Perhaps they added support for the 45nm in the later revisions but for my 1.3 board, they don't "officially" support it. And in any case, even if I were able use 45nm processors, I'm not...
  5. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] Q6600/q6700

    Unfortunately I have the rev 1.3 version of the board and according to Gigabyte's compatibility list, I am limited to processors up to the QX6800 only. I doubt people would be willing to let the extreme versions of the C2D/C2Q on the cheap, so I've artificially limited my search to the...
  6. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] Q6600/q6700

    As the title states, I am currently looking for a reasonably priced Q6600/Q6700 (any stepping, but G0 preferred) to hold me over until I can do a complete upgrade of my system. Though it is probably a given, the processor must be in good working condition. If no one has either of those up for...
  7. anticlutch

    4870 on 460W can it happen???

    lol hitting your head against a brick wall won't help much :laugh: Everyone has their own opinion, be it that maxing out your PSU's rated wattage is fine or that you should have a buffer zone. I personally think (and am more comfortable with) having more wattage is better as higher wattage...
  8. anticlutch

    4870 on 460W can it happen???

    While we're on the subject of cars... here's another analogy for those who swear that because their name-brand PSUs are rated for 380w and since their system draws 340w they're okay. If you have a car, wouldn't it almost certainly last longer with fewer problems driving it normally (i.e. if the...
  9. anticlutch

    How to kill a Q6600

    Hm... I guess you haven't read/seen about the C2D's having the IHS soldered on to the cores itself. I remember reading on TPU somewhere (or maybe it was [H]?) but people found out that they were soldered on the hard way just a few days after the C2D's were released.
  10. anticlutch

    AMD Dragon Logo Now Public

    I personally don't have a problem with "Dragon". Honestly, it's just a name. As long as it can perform as well as, or even better than, Intel's equivalent then I couldn't care less what it was named.
  11. anticlutch

    Spansion Sues Samsung Over Flash Memory Patents

    I thought these useless lawsuits stopped a while ago... I guess not.
  12. anticlutch

    Thermalright Ultra 120 Full-Copper On Sale this Month

    I think it's $100 MSRP... no doubt retailers and/or private resellers are going to jack up the price on this.
  13. anticlutch

    Thermalright Ultra 120 Full-Copper On Sale this Month

    You guys are talking like this will actually cost you just $100... (yes I said "just"). If they really are making only 2000 of these I'm sure there's going to be a hefty price premium on one of these... Seems "cool" though. :laugh:
  14. anticlutch

    NVIDIA and AMD to begin 40nm GPU Conquests in 2009

    It sure does! Might even push me to upgrade all of my parts and CF'ing two 4870's... :laugh:
  15. anticlutch

    Who'll be the better president?

    Hm, I have no idea whether someone has mentioned this already but just because we elect a certain president it doesn't mean that all of his projected policies will come into practice. Checks and balances... the Senate and Supreme Court will help to curb, or even entirely eliminate any radical...
  16. anticlutch

    Acer Introduces new Aspire Gemstone Notebooks

    I like the design of the laptop but I've heard horrible things about their laptop customer support so ASUS all the way for me.
  17. anticlutch

    GTX260 Tri SLI - anyone try?

    I meant a spelling checker (like the one that is included with FireFox), as it would make it easier for other people to read what you write.
  18. anticlutch

    GTX260 Tri SLI - anyone try?

    picturepush is probably where the images are hosted. Spell check would help a lot too :|
  19. anticlutch

    Silent Hill: Homecoming banned in Australia

    Australia is taking this too far IMO. It should be up to the parents, and up to each individual (provided that they are of legal age) to decide whether or not this game is "too violent". Instead of having responsible parents that can't screen for improper/unsuitable games for the children, the...
  20. anticlutch

    Is my video card too hot?

    I'd go for Arctic Silver Ceramique just in case you accidentally get some on the PCB (remember, AS5 is slightly conductive). If you have a steady hand though, AS5 is fine (I've always used Arctic Silver 5 with no problems).
  21. anticlutch

    Quick! Which new 24" Monitor to get?!?!?

    When there is a light source, yes there is glare. But if you're in a relatively dark area, glossy screens look MUCH better than matte screens (take a look at laptop screens... glossy screens make it impossible to work outdoors but if you're indoors and working on photoshop/gaming, you'll...
  22. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] nVidia stock heatsink screws

    yes! haha thanks for the picture :laugh:
  23. anticlutch

    [WTB][US] nVidia stock heatsink screws

    Still looking for some screws... anyone? Also added Crysis. I want the original, not Warhead. Bump.
  24. anticlutch

    GTX260 Tri SLI - anyone try?

    I still can't get over how beautiful Crysis is. On topic however, quite an interesting thread. Thanks for being one of the first to try this HeavyH20 :laugh: