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  1. ascstinger

    [WTB][US] nVidia GTX 275/285

    TTT for a friend
  2. ascstinger

    [FS][US] AMD Gamer Rig Althon X2

    bump for a friend
  3. ascstinger

    I guess its time for a new PSU.

    http://www.jonnyguru.com/ is an excellent source for power supply reviews if you still want to do some reading around cant really go wrong with corsair though
  4. ascstinger

    Pirate Party Elected to EU Parliament

    can I just point out that this argument has been going on for the past few years and will go on for as long as we have "protected media." I honestly believe the recording industry is heading the same way the american car industry was (and still is). Sales are dropping on CD's due to digital...
  5. ascstinger

    ASUS Preparing Atom-Based AT3GC-I Mini-ITX Motherboard

    i'd wager that anything more than a 9600gt would start to be very cpu limited, the 9400 is a good fit for the atom. in zotac's case, someone who was seeking a little more power could move up to the 9300wifi, which uses 775 cpu's and has a full x16 pci-e slot
  6. ascstinger

    Unofficial Oldest Rig on TPU

    I've got a mainboard from back when amd produced chips for intel boards damn thing's older than I am :p
  7. ascstinger

    ZOTAC Unleashes Blu-ray Ready ION Mini-ITX Platforms

    yeah, I agree it's rather idiotic to use the gaming in the same sentence as 9400m, but hey even an X4500 is super fast gaming these days according to intel.
  8. ascstinger

    Mini IIX all purpose rig (With a proper video card!)

    yeah exactly, I'm a bit of an AMD fanboy and I'd rather have the 9300 as well for that same reason
  9. ascstinger

    Mini IIX all purpose rig (With a proper video card!)

    yeah, but at the price point of that x4 minix and a fairly decent A64 X2, you could pretty much have the 9300 wifi and say and e5300 or smth. even a 4670 would have a bottleneck at 2.0 4x, and with the performance of either the 780g, 8200 or 9300 it isnt worth buying anything lower. (unless the...
  10. ascstinger

    Point of View Releases its First NVIDIA ION Mainboards

    http://www.mini-itx.com/2009/05/04/zotac-ion-itx-atom-mini-itx-board-unboxing-and-salivating zotac has an ion solution as well, minus the pci-e slot however
  11. ascstinger

    Mini IIX all purpose rig (With a proper video card!)

    oh? when is itx getting the 790x? I'm running the 8200 zotac board in my SG-05 and was planning to move up to the 9300 and a quad and just eliminate my tower alltogether
  12. ascstinger


    ah damn now you can really whip my mini-p180 build might just have to find me a 955 BE on the cheap somewhere :P
  13. ascstinger

    The Pirate Bay in Legal Soup, Owners Fined and Jailed

    I'd be more supportive of the proceedings if the money were to go to the people who created the content, not a few rich fatcat's in Publishing/Production HQ. Maybe they're just jealous of everyone else getting government handouts
  14. ascstinger

    MicroFly/Qpack MODernize

    cable management... who needs that silly nonsense when you have a soldering iron :p sweet build man
  15. ascstinger

    ASUS Formula Series VGA Coolers Detailed

    meh looks like a zalman with a shroud... and the fact air isnt directed outside the case doesnt interest me in the slightest
  16. ascstinger

    New On-Demand Gaming Platform Threatens to Kill Gaming PC Upgrades

    so instead of paying tons of cash for my rig (and making something unique), now you can buy one of these boxes and pay all that cash for a good enough ISP instead :p
  17. ascstinger

    ASC's Mini Phenom x3 Rig

    the vrm's aren't scorching hot on air :p yes yes, it is a prefab, for $60 I'm not complaining though, cash i saved is going into a better ITX box, maybe that zotac board with the x16-pcie
  18. ascstinger

    ASC's Mini Phenom x3 Rig

    Haha, here they finally are :p . Well I finally resolved my graphics issue (I hope...), all that's left to do is wait for my 90 degree sata cables so I can slap my ramsinks on im terrible at taking pictures lol :nutkick:
  19. ascstinger

    EVGA GTX260 Loose 6-Pin Socket?

    Title says it all... just built a new rig and decided to go back to the green camp, I was originally having boot problems due to the stupid way the pci-e slots work on my dfi 790gx, but after making sure it was seated well in the right slot, it still failed to boot or would eventually hard lock...
  20. ascstinger

    [FS][US] Antec P180 Mini White Computer

    and no one will get it cause its the white one muahahahaah :p free bump for a friend
  21. ascstinger

    Built Wifey a custom Rangers themed PC

    BOO Jets let's go buffalo :D <---- major bills fan
  22. ascstinger

    [FS] Gaming Laptop 9800M GTS/Core 2 Duo -1000$

    so damn tempting.. bump for you sir
  23. ascstinger

    ASC's Mini Phenom x3 Rig

    I never had the time to appreciate my x4 watercooled build, mostly due to time/laziness. So naturally I sold it and immediately have another setup lined up :slap: . However I do hope that since I finally have my car running well and pretty much got everything done that was preventing me from...
  24. ascstinger

    Galaxy Prepares GeForce GTX 260 1792 MB

    And poor spelling + knocking another member's stuff (much less a mod) = a great way to make a point :rolleyes: nice card, but overkill for my 1680x1050 res